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  1. We will be going to Bermuda for the first time in September on the Anthem. I've done a search for water front restaurants and found many. Can anyone recommend a place for dinner that they've been to before? Doesn't have to be fancy, just great food and a nice atmosphere. Thanks!

  2. Yes, they will reimburse the $200 change fee pp.




    Send documentation to -




    Guests that did not purchase air through Royal may receive air change fees up to $200 per person reimbursed by submitting receipts to: Fax: 305-603-0044 Attn: Re-accommodation Desk – SHIP DATE or email to RoyalGuestRelations@rccl.com



    I just received $400 in change fees back on my credit card yesterday from RCI from the 1st cruise (3/30) they canceled. Although they told me I'd be receiving a check in 6-8 weeks. Now I have to submit again for the 2nd cruise (4/30) that they cancelled.

  3. My TA had called RCI twice in the last 3 days asking if these sailings would be cancelled and was flat out lied to by them both times. If the ship was in as bad shape as they stated in the letter I received today, surely they had to have known it wasn't going to be sailing anytime soon. This is now the second time we have been royally screwed by them in the past 30 days (was booked on 3/30 and then rebooked on 4/30) I guarantee they won't be getting the chance to screw us again. I don't think I have ever been so pissed off in my life.

  4. I called my TA and they called Royal...of course they said they do not know of any cancellations. We shall see...



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    don't believe them, our TA called before our 3/30 cruise when we saw the 1st 6 showing sold out, and they told her they didn't know anything about it...

  5. I was able to log into my 4/30 sailing without an issue. I did see this on our roll call:




    I became concerned and called, but the rep said she didn't think it was likely at this point we would be canceled, and if so they'd notify us over two weeks in advance.


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    Our 3/30 cruise was cancelled 11 days prior to sailing......

  6. monarch142........a poster who is so important he "knows everything" but can't say what he knows. So in effect, that makes him even more important in his own eyes. The important thing is that this "astronomical" issue is fixed and we can move forward and take our cruises on the Empress.


    If you are not going to tell the whole story, why put the carrot out there in front of everyone?? What is your motivation??



    My thoughts exactly.

  7. We purchased whatever insurance Delta offered/has. The insurance company is Allianz.


    What airline were you going with?


    It was American Airlines. We bought the insurance thru our travel agent that covered the cost of cruise, air and pre-cruise hotel.

    Ours was thru Allianz also. I filed the claim last week as soon as i cancelled the air and had those documents. They said it could take up to 10 business days to review.


    Did they give you a reasons to why the denied your claim?

    What is the point of purchasing travel insurance if they won't cover things like this?

  8. We sent everything over to the insurance company and they are the ones who denied giving us a refund.


    And we did purchase the insurance for our airline tickets.


    uhoh, sorry to hear that!

    we purchased the cancel any reason policy...it that what you had? what insurance company did you use?

    I'm going to be very upset if our claim is denied and we lose $500!

  9. Has anyone had any luck with getting their airline tickets refunded?? We couldn't go on the Majesty cruise they were offering nor could we do an empress cruise at a later date. We did purchase insurance for our airline tickets and we just got a letter stating that our refund was denied.



    Did you get the letter from the airline or the insurance company? We purchased non refundable air and the airline won't refund our money on the cancelled tix, but I've filed a claim with insurance company. Still waiting to hear from them.

  10. I had an aft facing JS on the 5 day Empress 3/30. I now have a forward D3 on the 4 day Indy which only goes to 1 port, my least favorite which is Cozumel. I am 10 points away from D+ and would have earned that on the Empress. Now I will only earn 4 points on the Indy. I'll have to book another cruise now to get to D+.

    All RCI was offering is $200 change fee to change flights. That wouldn't even cover change fees let alone the airfare changes. Plus now I have the added expense of another night in a hotel and transportation costs to and from Miami to FLL prior to the cruise because Indy leaves one day later than the Empress was supposed to.

    My TA did an amazing job getting us on Indy. I'm not looking for a free cruise or anything unreasonable. It's just that their cancellation will cost me more than the $200 they offered. Also, I can't just change my vacation at work to suit RCI. I paid for 5 nights in a JS going to Key West and Grand Cayman and now have a D3 forward going to Cozumel where we will just stay on the ship.

    I too was very loyal to Royal and usually always have at least 1 cruise booked with them at all times. I currently have the Radiance to Alaska booked for next June and I may cancel and book with another cruise line.

    I don't care the reason Empress was cancelled. Stuff happens. But the way RCI is handling this is ridiculous. Offering the Majesty is a joke. Shame on RCI!

  11. Anyone use them? https://www.floridasunshineshuttle.com/


    Since RCI canceled my 3/30 Empress cruise last minute, we quickly booked a cruise that leaves from FLL instead of MIA, but have kept our air into MIA. It was too expensive to change the air since RCI was only offering $200 per ticket, so now I need to book a shuttle service for after the cruise from Port Everglades to MIA airport. I'm looking for a private car service as we don't have the time to wait for a bus to fill up prior to leaving for the airport. Any feedback or suggestions would be appreciated.

  12. I'm completely understanding of unforeseen events coming up that would force them to cancel, and I think it was communicated well.




    However, this is costing them reputation as their proposed accommodation (shorter cruise on a ship that hasn't recently been refurbished, in a smaller stateroom) at the "protected" fare was just hard to take. And their reimbursement policy for air changes comes up lacking too.




    I'm flexible enough that I could change sail dates (and I understand many cannot), but they should make a real effort to compensate their passengers not because they have to, but because it is best for the business in the long term.




    It's not my fault they didn't have their ship together.



    Very well said, exactly how I feel. Although I couldn't change my travel dates, I am booked on the Indy on a 4 night leaving March 30 to my least favorite port of Cozumel. But I don't mind staying on the ship. However, it will cost me more than the $100 "inconvenience" OBC they offered.

  13. Just off B2B on the Adventure of the Seas. We had the Ultimate package and cocktail waiters were very sparse on the pool decks. We ended up walking over to the bar to get our own drinks. Also, noticed the same lack of service in the dining room. I never even saw a waiter coming around after dinner hawking the after dinner shots like they used too. (i i used to get one every night!)

    Was very disappointed in RCI this time around.

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