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  1. Quite simply nothing is booked for Haven guests. We changed our minds many times and they just seem to find a spot. Same day, same night no problem. The coincerge makes it all happen. They are not included in normal tips so we take care of him separate. They literally spoil you. Also note you can order anything and the butler will bring it to your room or balcony from the specialty restaraunts . Finally each night the Haven restaraunt has a special from a various restaraunt on its menu. Check with them each night to find out but might also be an option.
  2. Actually no, we were fully booked Haven and never had an issue period. Way more chairs than people using them. The cabanas were full one day but if you really want one go early or have your butler put an out of order sign on it for you. 🙂. There is one smoking area of the sun deck that was full. I hate smoke so I just stayed away from there. Other than that it is pretty sparse. Enjoy!
  3. There is not a bar in the Haven Observation lounge, but there is one in the public lounge. It’s about 47 paces for Haven guests to the bar( only an estimate, I did not count) but the staff will just bring you what you want so really the bar follows you in The Haven. I reposted a photo of the non Haven Observation area. Bar is just to the right.
  4. No bar in the Haven Observation. just coffee and snacks. Honestly there were servers around all the time. We tipped as we went so that probably did not hurt.. couple bucks each time and you will have no problem. The bar staff is not included in gratuities so we just tipped as we used them. There were never enough people to use up 1/2 the seats so I could have just went to the Haven bar if I wanted. Hope that helps..
  5. We had a wonderful captain named Jolene and made it enjoyable. It’s only about 45 minutes snorkel(kind of short) but some people were gassed in 15 min so they have to keep it short for the cruise peeps. Had 55 people on boat and I was worried about sardine effect but honestly it was not bad. It’s also right at pier so it’s very convienient.
  6. It’s sad because they have a specify no bare feet on all the paperwork. Basically you could bring towels with you I suppose. Haven changes the lounge covers when a guest finishes so they are always pretty clean. The observatory is just as susceptible to the foot grime but just less people. Maybe they will just start Washy Washy on feet. 🙂
  7. Haven is less people on each Hotspot so it was definitely faster but yes I got my money’s worth . It stopped one day(had problems). I asked the concierge if they had data cap(figured I was getting throttled). He said no it’s unlimited A d they figured it out by next morning I was good again. I watched a few periscope streams as well and can attest it’s the best I have ever had sailing. It was not bad wherever I went on the ship.
  8. Only if you get the Haven Spa suite. We had 5 ppl so we just bought it separate. It used to be $189 on Escape. Was 249 online or you can just do one day for $60. We used it everyday so it was our treat.
  9. We checked out the owner suite just to see what it was like. Front of the boat so it would be windy!!
  10. Night makes it more exciting but we rode both day and night and temperature was never an issue. The breeze can affect your track times though.. 🙂. If you don’t have the pass go right when it opens or at 10pm. Slows down late at night.
  11. One last thing the Drop slide is back out of operation. They work on it everyday so I am not sure if the next crew in will get to make any wagers...
  12. Back to Land! Have to say I was a little concerned about some of the so-so reviews on Bliss but honestly its a great ship. Getaway Haven was always crowded and this one was really enjoyable and the expanded balcony and Observation areas are wonderful. The Escapeis larger has its own sauna so its Haven rates slightly higher on my rating scale but this ship is right there. Time to go tag the next cruisers in!
  13. Best of luck on the upgrade! Good thing it is not Christmas or New Years would say you have no chance as this is booked full!
  14. So final thought on go carts. If your in haven just pay for each one. It’s not reallly feasible to do 10 runs to get your moneys worth. We did 6 time but unless you want to spend a lot of time in lines or have Dale Jr Jr training it probably is not worth it. Even if you walk right in you have a minimum 30 minutes unless you are first when it opens. I got the drifting down and will post a challenge for somebody to take down the old king.. C’mon Dale jr jr!!
  15. NCL Encore is the new ship for next year. It’s the last Breakaway Plus ship. Then NCL goes back to smaller ships in the new Leonardo class. They will be built in Italy and not Germany. I was kind of hoping NCL would make one or two in the Oasis Class but it looks like they have had enough of the big ships... Encore will sail Carribean starting in November and Bliss heads back to Alaska. Would love to do this boat in Alaska. One day...
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