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  1. We were in a regular balcony cabin on Serenity in July and there were sandwiches available (grilled and cold) on the room service menu. Also, the room service menu was much larger then what you have posted. Maybe this is new or different based on the ship. In the regular balcony room you can order from the main dining room during open hours, in fact I wrote items from the main dining room on my breakfast door tag for the next morning (eggs benedict, and crab omelette) and they arrived each time with no problems.
  2. Happy Birthday. Looks like you are enjoying your BTB cruise as much as we did a couple weeks ago.
  3. Never saw a pillow menu either.
  4. Not sure if this pillow menu is just for higher class cabins but I asked to have firmer pillows on my recent Serenity Bahamas cruise and was told they only had the feather type pillows. Luckily I have gone through this before on Seabourn so I packed my own memory foam pillow this time.
  5. Here is a picture of Gordons beach.
  6. Take the shuttle to Gordons beach, one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever been to. Also, they have a small beach bar and a food stand selling awesome fish , lobster kabobs, and conch fritters. Make sure you go a little on the early side as the tender takes 20-30 min and then the shuttle is another 40 min each way. 3:30 is the last shuttle back to to the boat.
  7. I totally agree with you. We just got off the ship on the 24th after a BTB and there were no children on board. If there had been I would also be really mad as I took this cruise based on everyone having to be fully vaccinated. That means children are not allowed on the cruise. This is a bait and switch and really not right.
  8. Really glad you enjoyed. We did not. We did not feel like it was luxury, no servers to take drink orders from the beach area, very loud music that was horrible played by the resort and then many large boats anchoring on the beach playing different loud music. Not enjoyable. The beach was very beautiful. Beach club 360 restaurant was very good (we had curried grouper and jerk chicken wings with a couple of great cocktails) but the pool bar area had a menu I would expect to see at a water park.
  9. I am also on leg two. I have been able to get menus in every venue. Don't worry at all.
  10. For all my fellow BTBrs, I was just informed by my Crystal Cruise rep that he just got info that we will now have to take another rapid covid test on turn around day. He is trying to double check this info as he was told last week that this was not the case. He suggested we ask when we board and guest services. I hope this is not the case as it will put a big dent in our plans for that day.
  11. Thank you for all the updates. It is very appreciated. Did the people that went on the swim with the pigs mention if they had to wear masks on the boat?
  12. Do you happen to have those menus? If so please post at your convenience. Also, do you have the reflections for the July 5th?
  13. Did they have a special menu in the Waterside on either the 2nd or 3rd night? I don't think the menus were posted. I am curious if they had lobster, etc and which night.
  14. Keith, thanks for all the food pics, etc. The food looks amazing so far and these pics will help us to decide what to try. Hopefully it tastes as good as it looks. At some point once excursions start could you try to find out whether people have had to to wear masks on the boat excursions . I am supposed to go on the swimming with pigs in exuma and the lobster beach lunch on san salvador. These are both fairly long excursions and while I have no problem wearing masks on the shuttles, etc I don't think I will be able to take it out in the hot sun for hours. Thanks again. Have a great time.
  15. Great reports, keep them coming. We really appreciate pictures of food so we can decide what to try ahead of time. Thank you.
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