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  1. Thanks for the info, Bob. Just wanted a vague idea of what time we had to spend in Barcelona before boarding. It's a balancing act between seeing a bit of the city and my kids chomping at the bit to get on the ship. I'll aim for early afternoon then and (hopefully) keep everybody happy.
  2. Thanks a lot for that, Tenpin. You're a real encyclopaedia, cruisically speaking!
  3. Would anyone have an idea of what time we're likely to be able to board the Smeralda in Barcelona (I'm assuming they're using Terminal E, right?). More importantly, what time are we likely to be able to disembark at the earliest (carrying own luggage)? TIA for any info.
  4. Would anybody have an idea of how much the Costa airport transfer in Barcelona costs (so I can compare to taxi prices)? Thx
  5. Thanks for that, Janet & Carl!
  6. We're a group of four (2 adults, two kids) travelling on the Smeralda next year in two cabins. If one of us buys the photo package, would photos of all four of us be included or only the two in the cabin that bought the package? I've never bought any photos on board before so I don't know how it works. Any info would be appreciated. TIA
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