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  1. A jacket/tie is never required and if you want to eat by the pool in the new dining option you don't even have to wear long pants or a collared shirt.
  2. Just remember, if they are my friends they are probably not too good at following rules either...
  3. I spoke to a friend on Splendor yesterday and the bar was open and they were sitting at it...
  4. Absolutely! And I finds it interesting to compare our guesses to the actual actions by Regent - it provides a lot of insight into their decision making process.
  5. They do not release that info to TA's either...don't feel bad.
  6. I read it as getting tested 72 hours before your first flight (suggested) and mandatory testing at the port....but as I have posted many times, I would email Regent and carry their written reply with you. Or just get tested along the way...it is much cheaper than borking your cruise.
  7. Regent has you tested on board. If you stay for additional post-cruise vacation you are on your own.
  8. You are REQUIRED to be tested immediately before boarding. You are suggested to be tested 72 hours before your trip...to establish baseline of not being sick before your trip begins.
  9. I will give my standard advice for important issues. Email Regent directly and keep the written reply with you.
  10. It is 72 hours prior to leaving on your trip....personally, I will base it off the time the first flight leaves. They want to know you are NOT sick before leaving on your trip.
  11. https://www.rssc.com/voyage-health This will show restrictions by voyage AND by port - it is a wonderful tool that Regent has provided and should be very helpful.
  12. A lot to read but based on your SSS level, you get certain things in your cabin. Based on your cabin level you may also qualify. When you are upgraded, you typically just get the room, not the extras. Exception would be PH and a butler. The Regent ground people are not Regent employees, they are subcontractors and they are not allowed to put people on the bus unless pre-authorized. I think they should have let you on but that is a discussion to have with Corporate about a policy change.
  13. If you loaded your own fridge with bottled water, that would explain it. They won't take out anything you put in it. And yes, they are exceptional...their jobs depend on it.
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