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  1. Many/all (?)December cruises to SA waitlisted as well... Don't hold your breath for SA or Africa anytime some. I think the Caribbean will have a shot as going in December.
  2. Personal opinion - I don't think so but I will know soon.
  3. If you have travel insurance it should cover bankruptcy (if needed). Allianz covers it on their WWTP programs....I am sure others do as well.
  4. I doubt a cruise ship will be in South America or Africa anytime soon.
  5. Call Regent. Also - with all of July, August and September cancelled it will be interesting to see the turn times on these. The second half of June was taking about 60 days which was, according the data, faster than earlier cancellations. I have a party with a 8/28 cancellation by Regent on June 16. I'd like to see the trend continue and see this credited on or about August 1.
  6. Call. The people you will talk to are not the ones who process the refunds. You should have gotten yours by now and out of thousands processes by hand there are bound to be a few issues. If you are over 90 call.
  7. I like the Voyager because she was my first. I like the Navigator because she is smallest and has the rear deck behind Galileo's Lounge. I like the Mariner because of where she has taken me. I like the Explorer because of the mini-bar outside Prime 7 and because she is the only ship I was on the Maiden Voyage for.
  8. I also like the older ships...for a number of reasons.
  9. As a side note...If you book cruise A and regent cancels it and you get FCC here are some interesting facts. 1. The 100% credit can be used for anything. The 25% can only be used for cruise costs, not airfare, etc. 2. If the second cruise cancels, new FCC are issued with new expiration dates....but you don't get 125% again.
  10. You need to call...you should have gotten it. They were caught up on deposits weeks ago.
  11. Refunds have nothing to do with TA's and your friend got his in the proper time frame. I suspect yours was a one-off and dropped through the crack unfortunately. I am glad it worked out well in the end.
  12. Not a clue...but the data is holding true for everyone else. Maybe you cancelled at the last minute after making full payment and they processed it like it was their cancellation?
  13. He/she knows who the money belongs to and I am certain his/her honor is worth more than the funds in question.
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