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  1. As noone can forecast the rainfalls in three weeks time, it is hard to give any "news". So far this year the Elbe has had low waterlevels, but mostly enough to have the cruises sailing. There had been no-sailings earlier in the year. For the time being the water levels are low but sufficient to allow sailings. With more rainfalls expected the next days there is a good chance that things wont change in the next say ten days. But if the Viking Astrild will be leaving Wittenberg on Sept 9th upriver (the first three days of your trip will be on land anyway), it is too early to say.


    Many thanks for your comments. My friend at 17 years old having spent his life in Wittenberg escaped to the West in 1960. When I visit Luther's church I will pray for rain :) (well just enough rain to sail)



  2. Good afternoon Ian.


    You can always check out my review though it was on the reverse course, Prague to Berlin...







    One excursion I would definitely recommend is to the Jewish cemetery at Terazin...



    Hi Richard,

    You review is one of the best I have read on CruiseCritic. Thanks for the link.

    Last year there was one review of Prague to Berlin where the Viking ship never sailed and everyone was bussed every day.

    Having previously sailed with Viking River we have no fear about the service on board or quality of the ship or quality of the excursions. Our only concern is being docked in an out of the way location and being bussed for what can be more than two hours each way every day.

    Viking's notification of fail to sail has in the past been variable with some not learning about it until embarcation day. In hindsight we should have Googled about the Elbe water levels before booking. We would still have gone with Viking but perhaps gone on the Portugal cruise instead.

    I'll post about our September cruise.

    BTW - We have a big framed print of Jack Vetriano's. "The Dancers" on our lounge wall.



  3. I have looked at a couple of threads mentioning Viking Elbe cruises. We travel 6th September Berlin to Prague but I have read nothing about earlier or current cruises for this route. As everyone knows low water can kill this cruise and I wish that there had been similar responses to those we got last year on our Rhine cruise which conversely suffered from high water.


    So come on folks, whats the news?



  4. Wonderful it only gets better, I think we had better ask a Scots man about the under kilt wear. Although going commando might upset a previous contributor with the towels etc. CA


    To answer your question I'll use a very old saying......


    "There's nothing worn under a Scotsman's kilt, it's all in perfect working order" :)



  5. Yes, we are on Viking for th Berlin to Prague trip and I am going to keep my fingers crossed that the trip won't be problematic due to the river level. I'm wondering what one does when one day is supposed to be cruising--does that mean a whole day on a bus--oh no!!




    What Viking ship will you be on? The two new 90 passenger ships Astrild and Beyla are much lighter than the longships because they have one deck less and use lighter materials. This means they can sail in 18" shallower water.


    We are sailing on the Alsrild in September 2017



  6. Its all about being educated about image file sizes. There are many free apps that will convert high MB image files to a perfectly screen viewable 100kB file that will avoid clogging up the available wi-fi bandwidth.


    I am just off the Viking Eistla and in one of the rearmost cabin. I had no problems with Wi-Fi



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