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  1. 57eric

    Christmas decor?

    Last year there was not one iota of decoration on the same cruise, but that may have been due to the movie premier that was held in New York the evening the ship returned.
  2. 57eric

    Shore Excursions When Ship is not Docking

    Yes, well aware that some ships do anchor, hence asking above whether you would be anchoring for PI, Rodney Bay or Soufriere.. Also, some ships that formerly anchored now dock due to the pier improvements at Pointe Seraphine. Hence asking what ship, so I could help with better suggestions, for instance if you were anchoring in Soufriere, I'd have different companies than anchoring in Rodney Bay, etc. No worries, for whatever reason you're keeping that a secret. That's cool, glad you found a company to work with. And no, it's not 19 ships anchoring, it's the same couple ships anchoring multiple different times over the course of the season... FWIW... FWIW, "the same couple ships anchoring multiple different times" in December are Club Med 2, Queen Mary 2, SeaDream 1, Star Pride, Wind Surf, Royal Clipper, Serenissima, and Celebrity Silhouette.
  3. 57eric

    Shore Excursions When Ship is not Docking

    I'm perplexed by the consistent reaction that there is something novel or unusual about anchoring in St. Lucia. Go to http://www.slaspa.com/contentPages/view/cruise-schedules and click on October (which includes future months). In December alone there are 19 ships scheduled to anchor.
  4. 57eric

    cruise segment sold out

    Really? My last day to pay is Oct. 25. Why would there be such a discrepancy?
  5. 57eric

    Shore Excursions When Ship is not Docking

    I finally did find a tour company that seems to comprehend the situation and plan to book with them.
  6. Our upcoming cruise is calling on St. Lucia and the cruiseline’s shore excursions are not appealing. We would like to book an excursion independently and have been in touchwith three companies so far. Two werenot able to comprehend that not all ships dock in St. Lucia and the third said “We’rescheduled to leave at 8:30 but don’t worry”. I looked at the port authority ship schedule. While most ships dock, it is not at alluncommon for larger ships to anchor. Ifind it hard to have any confidence in an operation that lacks this basicawareness. We anchored in St. Lucia last year with the same ship andthe tendering process took forever, despite our ‘priority’ in that we hadbooked an excursion through the cruise line. I would hesitate to commit to being on the dock any earlier than9:30. What would you do? Book an excursion in advance and trust that theywill wait or us? Make arrangements once we get to the dock? Give up and take what our cruise line isoffering? We’re interested in inland activities/attractions south ofCastries. Thanks.
  7. 57eric

    St John tour or St John on your own

    Never mind. I figured it out - through your cruise line. My cruise line unfortunately only offers an excursion that provides 2 hours on St. John, with no tour. I've written to the company running the tour you refer to to ask about booking independently, but I am not optimistic.
  8. 57eric

    St John tour or St John on your own

    I've been searching in vain for exactly this kind of excursion. Can you share where you found it? Thanks.
  9. 57eric

    Aboard QM2 now (9-23 Sept)

    Thanks, and to Underwatr also.
  10. 57eric

    Aboard QM2 now (9-23 Sept)

    Can someone help me out with what the unpublished always available items are? Thanks.
  11. 57eric

    Drink Prices

    Your diligence in pursuit of truth and justice is truly commendable!
  12. 57eric

    US Labor Day Sale

    What is a bidding service? Is that like the company William Shatner does commercials for? Thanks
  13. 57eric

    US Labor Day Sale

  14. 57eric

    Cab or Uber to LaGuardia

    When you order a Uber, it tells you what kind of vehicle is coming. If you don't like it, you can cancel and order another. It just takes a minute.
  15. 57eric

    Rockland Estate

    Sorry, not understanding your response. My original post is based on my having already checked the website. I have checked again. Where do you see any of these things mentioned?