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  1. Thanks for the responses. Time to join the club!
  2. I'm thinking about buying CCL and have a couple of questions. The current benefit is only valid for cruises booked by the end of this week. I know this benefit has been around for years, but when might I expect an announcement that it has been renewed? Also, it is not applicable to "reduced-rate" bookings. Can I assume this means things like interline rates vs. promotions or sales? Thanks for any help with this.
  3. Elaborating on David, Mississauga's point about G32, while the last set in the Queen's Room ends at 12:30, the last set in G32 STARTS at 12:30 and goes "until late", whatever that means. If you are on 4 in one of the aft-most cabins, you might be unhappy. Moral: If cabin location is important, never book a guarantee and always specify no upgrades. I hope this works out for you.
  4. What makes Cunard different from other lines? No one has mentioned the extensive range of live music or the unparalleled dance facilities.
  5. I am totally confused by this thread. First, regardless of what the FAQs may say, the actual FCD certificate says no such thing. Or, at least, they didn't when I bought mine. "The Future Cruise Deposit is not combinable with Last Minute Deals, Sailing Soon Savings and other fares offered inside final payment." Period. Second, what ISN'T a promotional fare? Finally, the OP states "Our intent was to at least try to use the prepaid $600 as part of final payment". Could this be the root of the problem? I thought they are called Future Cruise Deposits because they have to be used for the deposit.
  6. Underwatr, I have to disagree with you across the board. It's a much quicker trip to the dock from LGA than EWR. Also, while the costs you cite may be correct, the OP has a party of six, which tilts the conclusion in the opposite direction. As a last point, I would take Uber or Lyft vs. a taxi from EWR. I have done that ride multiple times (having driven to EWR from home and parked) and it has never cost me close to $90, including tolls.
  7. Another option would be to rent a van to and from the Newark airport and take a car service from there to the dock and back, but perhaps the savings wouldn't be worth the extra step for you.
  8. Princess' Royal class buffet is superior to Cunard's, but that's no knock on Cunard.
  9. My wife and I use traditional dining. Occasionally, we don’t make it to dinner for one reason or another. When we know the evening before, we always inform our dinner companions and/or the wait staff so they know not to look for us the next night. However, more often we do not know we’re going to miss until later. What are our options for notifying the dining room? I know we could get our tablemates’ cabin numbers and leave messages, but this would not be my preference. Or am I overthinking this? Thanks.
  10. 57eric

    Save the Date

    So, will there be an announcement Tuesday or not? Was the OP's information ever corroborated?
  11. Cunard does, except for February and March.
  12. I'm not sure what Carnival switching to Pepsi has to do with Princess. Carnival also owns Cunard, which has carried Pepsi for years. Aren't these decisions made by the individual cruise lines?
  13. I thought the dress code in the specialty restaurants, at least Crown Grill and Sabatini's, was the same as for the MDR. Am I mistaken? Thanks.
  14. I took this cruise last year and am considering going again. The port I most look forward to returning to is Quebec City. Two and a half days was not enough.
  15. Hmm, the voyage I might be interested in, shown starting at $998 in the promotion I received, is quoted at $685 on my TA's website. But I'm still interested in the "not available to book online" aspect of this.
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