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  1. Thank you so much for posting this, and now I know who is going to be speaking during our cruise from June 16th on Queen Victoria. Brilliant. Is there any way of finding out who they are having to entertain us - any guest performers?
  2. Thanks for your reply which has cleared up a bit of confusion and was reassuring.
  3. I was confused by this when we booked up recently for next year. We booked via P and O and were told that the charge had been removed, but when I asked if the cost of the holiday included a service charge, I was told "No". So that implied to me that tipping was still expected, but that we would have to give tips at the end of the holiday. Not that I begrudge giving tips, but the practice of adding them to the account was preferable to us because we could then forget about them. I am not sure I like the new arrangement.
  4. I like writing reviews, so I will post one when we get back!
  5. We have mainly sailed with Celebrity apart from a week on the Marella Dream, which we also enjoyed, but we have booked a 19 day cruise to the Med on the P & O Arcadia for June 2020. So we are interested to see how this thread progresses. We thought we would try a different line, although we love Celebrity. The one little gripe we have had about Celebrity is that there seemed to be no quiet corners apart from our cabin where we could go to relax and get away from it all. Last year we were on the Baltic cruise with Celeb which followed the Bravo cruise, (we were also on that) and apart from our niggle had a fabulous time. We would do it all over again if we could.
  6. Yes it is a shame that the steak had been taken off the daily menu, however, other steak dishes were on the other menu some nights. I had a chateaubriand one evening which was good, and we both had sirloin steak another evening, and one night there was beef wellington. Also in the OV you can usually get a very good minute steak, either as part of the buffet or cooked for you. I am sure you will have a good time regardless of the menu changes - there's always something to enjoy and Silhouette is every bit as good as the Eclipse in our opinion.
  7. Bearing in mind it is produced for so many people, we thought it was very acceptable. If anything is not to your taste they will bring you something else and the waiters try hard to please. We were on the cruise before the Baltic cruise and we noticed that the menu was the same from the first night onwards on both cruises. There was a reasonable choice (although this had decreased from previous years) and the vast majority of times the food arrived promptly, and hot. Usually the meat was tender and you can choose your preferred degree of done-ness. I noticed that on this ship the food was not so salty as it had been on previous cruises (on the Eclipse). In fact, we thought the food overall was an improvement on the Eclipse, which is saying something as we loved the Eclipse. On the last chic night one of the appetisers was a scallop in a shell which the people on the next table thought was small as they asked for more and were given it. They also ordered extra lobster. You can order more than one of each dish or more than one dish if you find the portions to be small. We thought they were on the small side but because we had eaten so well during the day we didn't mind. My husband likes being waited on in the dining room but I prefer to see the food before I choose. Also they don't serve a lot of veg in the MDR unless you ask for more veg to be brought. However because they serve a good variety of fruit and salad for breakfast and lunch in the OV, we don't find this to be an issue. Hope this helps and that you have a lovely cruise! Missing it already.
  8. I am sure it will be. I can't see them removing it at short notice. We have also just returned from the May 26th cruise and it was really good. We enjoyed the food in the OVC particularly, did not use any speciality restaurants. Captain George was at the end of his three month stint so there will be another captain for you. I am sure you will love the Silhouette, we had an excellent cruise on her.
  9. We never have the afternoon tea (perhaps we should!) so I can't comment on the cream, but I have to say that the milk tastes different on board. In the buffet on the Eclipse there were three choices: skimmed, "regular", which I think is the same as whole milk, and "half and half" which I think is more like cream to put in coffee. Anyone else, do correct me if I am wrong. We like a good cup of tea, but on board it is not quite the same as at home. For use in the stateroom we usually get one of the little cartons from the breakfast buffet and keep it in the fridge. Your mum would probably be wise to bring her own tea things and tea, because tea always tastes better out of a china cup and you get used to your own brand.
  10. We mostly sail on Celebrity (and are shortly to embark with that line again) but last Autumn we took a cruise on Marella Dream. We were very happy on the Marella Dream for that week. If you choose a cabin towards the back you experience vibrations as we did, but we could not fault the service and enjoyed the food. There were mainly Brits on the cruise so the food was geared to them. The entertainment was variable, but you get that wherever you go. All the staff, without exception, were lovely. We do prefer a balcony so next time we would probably look for a suitable itinerary in one of the newer ships like the Discoveries, but we have many happy memories of the Dream and Marella and would definitely sail with them again in future.
  11. Two years ago we went on the Ireland/Iceland cruise to celebrate my husband's 65th. I think we had "celebration" on the documents because I had telephoned Celebrity to see what was on offer as celebration packages you could buy. I can't remember what they were offering but it would have been expensive and supplying more food and drink when we already had paid for the cruise to celebrate the birthday. However on the first night which was his birthday, the waiter appeared with a little cake and sang Happy Birthday to my husband - he was quite chuffed with that. Also I had brought a happy birthday banner and his birthday cards which I attached to the stateroom wall with tape, magnets would have worked just as well, and later on in the cruise we had a special meal in the Tuscan Grille looking out over the back of the ship at Cobh as we sailed away.
  12. I am confused about this. Does it mean that if we booked up a year ago, like we did for our Baltic cruise in three weeks and the price has come down, Celebrity would either give us on board credit or upgrade us? We would not want to upgrade, but would not say no to some OBC!
  13. Thank you, Jazzbeau for researching that for me. I will have a read ... :)
  14. Thanks for your reply, Sue. The choirs are great fun and my husband loves to take part. We're going on two consecutive cruises on Silhouette next month, the first one is the charter Bravo and as Lottie said, there will be a choir on that one as it is part of the entertainment (even though it is only seven days). The next one is the Baltic and we have five sea days - so I am very hopeful that there will be a choir on that one too! The choir Norman was in on a previous cruise was on the Eclipse, so I have been trying to find out if they do the same on the Silhouette! It seems that they do so that is wonderful.
  15. That is a lovely post, EpochTraveller, thank you for sharing it with us. I am going to read it again later.
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