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  1. Good morning. Thank you Rich and Roy, and all who contribute to this Daily dose of positivity and comradeship. Things we can never get enough of. Hope everyone has a safe and satisfying day. Lori & George
  2. Thank you for maintaining this list through these trying times, Jacqui. To us, it represents hope in a world where hope seems to be becoming more elusive. We have no expectations for booking until things are more settled and safe, but we certainly hope to someday make it onto your list again. Lori & George
  3. Our appreciation to those who shared info about and pictures of the transit. Our last two cruises were on the Oosterdam and it was good to see her out and about again..... hopefully soon with people onboard and enjoying like we did. Lori & George
  4. Good morning, and thank you for the Daily. Hope everyone has a safe, satisfying day. Our prayers and congrats to those on the lists. Hopefully we can soon utter the quote once again on our way to safely enjoy a new adventure onboard. Lori & George
  5. We found Sitka to be a lovely, charming town. But for us the attraction was in the setting. Sitka's surroundings are beautiful. We did the Whales and Wildlife excursion and spent a fair amount of time with several humpbacks, got quite close to a group of otters, and saw several bald eagles along with other wildlife. We honestly would have been happy just cruising among all of the small islands viewing the scenery even if we had seen no animals at all. Either is a good choice and we're sure you will enjoy whichever you pick. Lori & George
  6. Agreed. The sail-in to Sitka Sound is gorgeous.
  7. Withdrawals? What's to miss? Who needs all that? Lori & George
  8. Don't know where you are there, but I'll drop an easy one in... Lori & George
  9. The pictures look like you had a lovely visit, thanks for sharing them. Not very far from where we saw your ship we saw the first whale of our cruise, so hopefully the other group had some good luck as well. Glad you also enjoyed your cruise. It was nice to (almost) bump into you. Lori & George
  10. Thank you Rich, for the Daily, and Roy, for the thoughtful contributions. Have a great, safe day everyone.
  11. Thanks, Rich. It was June 11th, not the 10th, so it was the Maasdam we saw. Other than encroaching age, cabin fever, lack of sleep, and general from-the-neck-up numbness, I can't think of a single reason to have messed up the date.....
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