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  1. I cleared my history and cookies, the TA is still listed what vanished was cruise right before us the Bahamas/Bermuda one which is 04/09, I got confused the TA is 04/19 still let us know what you find out Will check again later
  2. That is NCL's method of operation, I have 10 more days where I can cancel my TA in April and get a full refund as I don't know if this boat will make it across the Atlantic lol
  3. Im on this sailing as well, if you hear keep us posted because there is like only 10 more days where I could cancel and get a full refund as Im paid in full
  4. Yes the deposit is that high because it's a Haven, that amount of deposit is what you would also pay here in the US, but we are able to cancel and rebook before final payment without losing the deposit
  5. Not good to read as I'm on her TA in April then again for Greece and Turkey in November. Still plenty of watching time for November but final pmt on TA is 12/21, what to do what to do
  6. Keeping a close eye on the Star as I have a scheduled TA in April, keep us posted
  7. When it comes to free or reduced air maybe worth the drive to Jacksonville. I know Savannah is very pricey and usually I just suck it up unless the savings by driving to Jacksonville are worth it
  8. It leaves Brooklyn on 04/19 for a TA that I am booked on,. I believe when it gets to NY it sails to the Bahamas I think then heads back to Brooklyn for the TA. I do get concerned reading the posts and going on a TA.
  9. I will keep a look out as it was great to have this for my TA in April as one way air from Europe is insanely expensive
  10. My TA is all paid for for April. Sooooooo Now looking at other cruises for the fall of 2020, just curious how often NCL runs the air promo? Is it several times a year?
  11. Have a TA booked for April, then 2 cruise next certs to use. I'll see how it goes 🙂Might be time to try a different line. I do wish they would eliminate all these "free perks" and lower the cruise fare, let people decide which to buy, because as we all know, nothing is free, those perks are bundled into the cruise fare for all whether you take them or not. Sorry your cruise was not what you are used to o/p, I can understand the frustration as cruising when you factor in all costs is not cheap. I avoid the mega ships as there are too many people, just as I avoid causing in the summer or when school is out. Last summer cruise was in 2018 to the Baltics on the Breakaway, yikes, was lucky to win a bid to Haven on that one, so did have quiet space
  12. I am on a trans Atlantic in April, I got the free air one way from London to Newark NJ, which for me is fabulous as one way air from Europe is insanely expensive, so I would think you can
  13. It's a perk not like you are changing cabin so I would think they would just remove the air. Why don't you give them a call and ask? I wouldn't give my reservation number just say before I book I want to know how this works if I want to cancel only the free air
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