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  1. Exactly and with Fauci back at the helm I don't hold much hope for cruising from a US port until late Fall, like November for cruises to be up and running.
  2. Has anyone done a trans Atlantic on Getaway? My April 2021 TA is going to be cancelled so I am looking at two for April 2022, The Getaway and The Dawn. I love the Jewel class so was leaning towards Dawn as it is a smaller ship BUT The Getaway is about 1k cheaper for the 2 of us. If you have done a TA on Getaway my question is just how crowded is it? Not meaning to still your thread but since it's about Getaway thought it would be ok
  3. I did a trans Atlantic on The Jade in 2018, we very rarely used the balcony as it was too chilly. I think I would miss being able to open the sliders for a bit to hear the sound of the ocean though. If that isn't important I'd go with the family suite
  4. Only 2 cruises come up for April, Hawaii and I'm sure they will also vanish soon
  5. RCCL just cancelled through April so it's coming
  6. No sympathy for these people, they took the bait of 25% extra and didn't read the fine print, which really isn't that fine. Every cruise of mine cancelled I took the cash, no FCC, no extra 25% and I don't regret it.
  7. I feel your pain. My TA on the Jade 4/22/2021 won't be sailing, have not received official notification yet, but I anticipate the next round of cancellations for April is coming. Yes, a year of no sailing, I feel so bad for the crew who have no jobs currently 😞
  8. I can't compare as I've never sailed Oceania, that said The Jade is my favorite ship, it's smaller, the staff is superb. Never once felt crowded or rushed. I also noticed the kid count seems to be less as The Jade doesn't have all the bells and whistles for kids, like go carts, rock climbing etc that NCL's mega ships have. For me it would be a no brainer as that 4K could pay for or be a significant chunk of cash for another cruise.
  9. I'm right there with you, having to wear a mask on board and social distance just doesn't sound like much fun. 2021 will be land vacations for me
  10. What was said above. Just so you know book your Anne Frank tix in advance as there is very little chance you would get in day off without advance tix. Look online for window of advance ordering
  11. I sure hope by then we are back to normal. I have a Trans Atlantic booked for April 2022 departing from NY
  12. What about those booked for later 2021? What about those sitting on thousands in FCC, will they offer refunds to those who don't vaccinate
  13. I would think people who have cruises booked far out, like 2022 & 2023 would be totally refunded no BS if they require a vaccine after the date one booked if one was not getting vaccine, I guess those sitting on thousands in FCC will have to vaccinate if they want to use them. There is more to the equation in NCL making a vaccine decision.
  14. I'll wait and see what happens.I remember during the Gulf War, the anthrax vaccine service members were forced to take and some of the not so nice side effects that DOD claims there was no evidence of
  15. Your only option is to sell the FCC, of course you will not get face value of it, but if you know you won't be able to cruise getting even 75% back through selling is better then a total loss
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