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  1. My DD works for Celebrity. She recently returned for a cruise aboard the Edge as a passenger. Her status gained from cruising with us as a kid does apply and she did go down into the crew bar one evening but only with permission (hotel director).
  2. I shall miss that when we fly to Miami this October for our Allure cruise!
  3. For us here in the UK the current price for our October Allure B2B is £52.91 (inc grat's) per day. I got it at £41.25 (inc grat's) a few months back. Makes quite a difference over 14 nights for two people!
  4. I managed to lock into the best low price I've ever seen for the delux package two months ago. We are on Allure B2B this October and the price quoted now has indeed skyrocketed up in the last week. There will be some serious drinking as there are 11 us and lots of silliness!
  5. There will be 11 of us on a B2B aboard Allure this October. We all have the delux drinks package and I know for certain we'll get our money's worth without working out our daily consumption even on port days. I dread to think what my liver will be like at the end! Hopefully all the dancing we'll do every night will help but it can be thirsty work too! I reckon the bar tenders will come to know us all quite well before the cruise ends !
  6. Another positive Allure review. Thank you. There will be 11 of us on board for a B2B in October. My last experience of RCCL ten years ago wasn't great so I'm apprehensive.
  7. I simply dress up nicely to compliment my wufe who loves dressing up. We don't care what others choose to wear and never really notice either. Last night in a nearby restaurant ( no dress code btw) the manager complimented us on our smart attire. No need for him to say it but a drink on the house and "hope to see you again" was well received by us.
  8. Personally I'd wait for a celebrity tender just for the experience
  9. We really liked our IV cabin. I prefer the wall between us and the adjacent cabins over the balcony partitions. With the IV being an extension of our room it gave it a much airier feel. I guess the IV's will polarise opinion, just like dressing formally and those who don't bother!
  10. I'd say definitely "yes". The Club is one of the best night club venues aboard any ship I've been on. Having four restaurants to choose from without even thinking out the speciality ones is great too.
  11. Is that the check out price including the 18% gratuity. If it is then £41 is good.
  12. We were on the Edge the week before Christmas and it was tastefully decorated. There were chic nights according to my DD and SIL who were working on board but no Gala dinners any different from other chic nights. You almost get the impression it's not PC to celebrate Christmas overtly. It's all "Happy holidays". There is a Catholic priest on board celebrating Mass on Christmas Eve and Christmas day.
  13. Thank you for that. Very reassuring as we are on Allure for a B2B this October and my first time on a mega ship!
  14. On both my behind the scene tours of Celebrity's Reflection and Edge the lobsters were defrosted aboard as too were the shrimps. The meats stored in the fridges for the 7 day cruises were mostly not.
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