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  1. Well I reckon they will keep the OBC available to shareholders.
  2. I've done exactly the same thing. Booked last December the brand new Enchanted Princess for August 1st sailing out of Italy. Booked the flight to Rome too. Got a great deal with drinks, gratuities and Wifi included. As much as I want this cruise to happen, realistically I now doubt it will. Full payment is due later this month so I will cancel then. I may not tell the wife I ever booked it.
  3. Looks like I will not be spending the kids' inheritance. At least the capital loss on the shares if they don't rise can be offset against IHT on death!
  4. Carnival Corporation would not have successfully merged with P&O Princess Cruises PLC if they did not agree to the insistence of the FTSE listing by the P&O Princess board.
  5. Thanks for this. We paid £150 as a future cruise deposit aboard Emerald three years ago and have applied it to Enchanted Princess sailing 1st August 2020. Am I right to think we will get the £150 back as FCC but lose the $200 OBC if we cancel before the final payment due date on 26 April 2020.
  6. Thank you for your kind words. I will pass on your best wishes to Valentina.
  7. So long as I’m still a CCL shareholder in years to come I will be a happy bunny.
  8. Thanks for asking C-Dragons. She isn’t working for Celebrity anymore. Doing the Edge inaugural took its toll. The bad reviews slated her and many others that worked so hard in Miami and France before the TA to Miami and the grand opening. She is very well whilst living in locked down Madrid. Keeps in touch with her old ship mates including one aboard Apex.
  9. Some lucky crew members on Apex are in the brand new guest staterooms apparently. Those using the top bunk in their crew quarters were allowed to move into guest staterooms to help with self isolation. Same applied to crew sharing toilet/bathroom facilities. If this has been reported already please don't tell me off again!
  10. Or have an empathy with, like cruise line companies
  11. Well, that was me being properly told off.
  12. We booked Enchanted for 1st August. If cruises don’t resume in June I’m fearful I may have to cancel. I can’t go at another time of year and don’t want to take the FCC. As someone else said, it no big deal in the scheme of things. I’m so lucky I can keep working in this difficult times.
  13. So New York has the highest Corona death toll in the US, but no cruise ships can be blamed surely?
  14. Apex was formally handed over to Celebrity today apparently. I’m doubting we will see it debut in Southampton though.
  15. Encouraging. We need plenty of positive news not just about cruise lines. Getting fed up with so much negativity from the media. They never want to tell good stories. Where's the balance in reporting anymore!
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