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  1. All premium beers cost more than the Classic package limit. Hence their inclusion in Premium list.
  2. I'm sure you did. Odd that so many other people didn't and constantly asked on here where the library was. It caused a huge outcry that the Edge didn't have one
  3. A library was never isted in the website information.
  4. Heineken is within the Classic package but not Peroni.
  5. What people seem to forget is that the Activities team spent many weeks in Miami prior to joining the Edge in France being trained on the new activities HQ wanted to introduce. Those initial Edge sailings proved to be their undoing. The demographics were totally at odds with the innovative activities designed specifically the Edge. To improve the Edge ratings Celebrity took a backward step IMHO.
  6. I hope Lewis has since got back all his gear that he purposely left on the Edge back in December!
  7. Actually he did get on the Edge for a week in December, whilst Maarten was CD
  8. Thank you C-Dragons. I'll pass your message on to her, as she is here in the UK visiting us during her contract break. The wine glasses were actually a gift from Valentina btw.
  9. Not just suite guests. Us lowly IV cabin dwellers got them too. I ended bringing 4 back plus two Edge wine glasses.
  10. Such a shame the Edge is sliding backwards under pressure to get higher ratings. Scraping the barrel if Bingo is introduced after all the hard work the entertainment team put in prior to its first revenue sailings; not to mention the thousands of dollars spent to be innovative.
  11. There was a Normandie restaurant when I was on the Edge in December! along with Tuscan , Cyprus and Cosmopolitan.
  12. Yes, it's next door to the covered pool (solarium), and right underneath the smokers designated area!
  13. Mast Grill is predominately covered on the Edge so rain wont be an issue
  14. We'll attempt it October aboard Allure. Our party of 10 Brits will love the challenge!
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