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  1. Sorry my mistake, I just assumed when you mentioned 6 months out that the discount disappeared when we get within 6 months of the sail date. I probably should not post before 7 am!
  2. I didn't realize the balcony discount only applies on bookings 6 months out. Thanks for the clarification.
  3. We just got back from our first cruise on Anthem and enjoyed it so much we decided to book her again for October 2019, 5 nights to Bermuda. This will be our second cruise this year so we will be on a bit of a budget. For that reason we decided to go with the "we pick your room" balcony option as it saved a bit. I assumed we will get an obstructed view as that is the lowest priced balcony category however my wife asked what assignments that others have received on another site and of the 15 who replied only 1 had been given an obstructed view balcony. The rest received balcony cabins on various levels other than deck 6. I would be interested to hear if that has been the case with people here. It would be a nice bonus to get a balcony with a normal view. Any info about what balcony assignment you received and when you got the assignment would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. Getting back to the cruise in our second night we dined at Chops. The service and steaks were very good. After dinner I think we went to the show in the main theater which was The Gift. The production was good as were the sets and the performers were fine however I did look at my watch a couple of times. I guess I'm getting tired of this type of entertainment so I'm probably not a good judge. Most of the people there seemed to enjoy it but for me it was only so-so. After the show we fell into a pattern that we repeated throughout the cruise. We quickly discovered the great live music available in several venues. It seemed that on most nights there were two or three performances going on and we would simply move from one to another. In no particular order we would often check into Boleros and see a band called the Royal Swedes. They also appeared in the Music Hall and at pool side one day. They played a wide verity of older rock songs which everyone knows and they are funny as well. We also liked the performances in the Schooner Bar. Our favorite was Bob Wegner who is the guitarist from the We Will Rock you show. He is an amazing guitar player who manages to play very complicated songs with no singing. As a guitar player myself I was very impressed with his natural ability. He played several times in the Schooner Bar and most nights were theme nights. Our third regular stop was at the Brass and Brock pub to see Tommy Green Jr. He is from the Canadian east coast and brings with him the tradition of a one person party every night. He is funny and a great performer. The bar was packed every night waiting for him to appear. While this was not a regular show we really enjoyed the show in 270 call Spectra. I think it was presented 3 times throughout the cruise and it is excellent. It an amazing combination of recorded music through a great sound system, projections on multiple screens and performers dropping down and or popping up from the floor and ceiling. Very entertaining show.
  5. We had a fairly smooth sail down to Port Canaveral. We have been to this area many times so we did not do much other than get off the ship and wander around the port area. We did take a quick side trip to Walmart via the 888 shuttle which worked well. We got back on the ship and enjoyed the Solarium for much of the afternoon. We also had our North Star ride booked which we did first thing in the morning. It provided a nice view of the port. Unfortunately my camera was back in the room so no pictures however we did get on a second time later in the cruise so below is a picture from that trip. Also I wanted to include pictures of the outdoor part of Wind Jammer. This quickly became our favorite spot for lunch as the views were amazing.
  6. We also had the beverage package and never had to pay any additional amount for our drinks.
  7. Our first night we did Wonderland. We really enjoyed the food and the presentation however we allowed our server to select for us and she basically brought us everything from the menu. It was too much food for two people and we are not small eaters. I would suggest that you might specify your entrees and desserts. As it was we received a beef, pork and fish entrée. Desert included 3 separate items including the popular chocolate ball that melts. All were very good but as I mentioned way to much food. We did not do a show on the first night so we did some more exploring and ended up at 270 for a drink. It was an early night for us. More in a bit.
  8. As I mentioned we did some exploring as soon as we got onboard. Above are pictures of the ship and a view of NY habor as well as us going under the bridge. After we did our initial exploring we ended up having lunch in the Solarium Bistro. It was busy but not overly crowded and the food was fine. At 1 pm they announced that the rooms were ready early so we made our way to our room. The room we selected for this cruise was a spacious ocean view. We have always had a balcony before however I thought with the cool weather at the start and end of the cruise an ocean view might be a better choice. I was also intrigued by this room because it is forward facing and has a large sloping window. The room is basically a standard room with the space of a balcony added. We ended up moving the small table that normally lives under the mirror and placed it under the window. This made for a nice area to sit and watch the view. We ended up really liking the room as it has much more space and the view out the front is very nice. Did not miss the balcony.
  9. As for the questions - the weather was in the low 40's F at the port when we left on Saturday. By Sunday afternoon we were in the low 60's however it was a gray day and the wind made in worse than it really was. By Monday the sun was back and the temps were in the low 70's. As for the beverage package we watched and watched the price and just after Christmas it dropped to $57 Canadian which is around $48 US$ which is what we purchased it at. Thought I would share a couple of pictures from our embarkation day. Not done pictures before so bare with me.
  10. Hello, Just back from our first cruise on Anthem as well as our first cruise out of Bayonne NJ. Happy to answer any questions and over the next few days I will add some details and observations that we made during our cruise. Some background - we are from Kingston Ontario and are close to the border. We usually take 16 days and drive to Florida do a cruise and then spent time in Florida with friends. This year my holiday time was limited to just over a week so we decided to drive to Bayonne and take this cruise. The drive was 6 hours and we stayed at the Embassy Suite near the airport. We left on Friday Feb 22 at 6 am and were in our room by 1:30 pm. Very easy drive compare to 25 hours to Florida. The hotel and room were very nice and we took advantage of their stay and cruise program which allowed us to leave our car in their parking lot and be shuttled to and from the cruise port. Along with a managers reception and breakfast it was a very good experience. We woke up Saturday morning relaxed and ready to cruise. The first shuttle trip left at 10 am. The shuttle left on time and we were at the terminal by 10:30. Check in was straight forward however not getting the Sea Pass card at the counter was a little different. Instead we were given a piece of paper with a bar code and an official stamp which was our boarding pass. We were told time and time again not to fold this paper as it needed to be shown multiple times during the boarding process. We were directed to a large sitting area and were sat in the order that we arrived. As this was about 10:45 and there were lots of people ahead of us. This was slightly different for us since when we drive we usually park at the terminal and arrive earlier. Around 11 am they started boarding and after the Diamonds and Suite people were boarded general boarding starting shortly after. Boarding seemed to start and stop with only one or two rows going followed by a wait of a couple of minutes before the next batch was allowing to proceed. This resulted in us not boarding till after 12 pm. As I mentioned this was the first time we were this far back in the line so it may have been typical but I felt that the process was somewhat longer then our previous boarding out of PC in Florida. There seemed to be lots of delays with people not having their paper boarding passes out however these needed to be shown at least 3 different times as we got closer to the gang way. Once on the ship we started to explore. We post more later today. Thanks.
  11. Last October we cruised on EOS. Just before the cruise I downloaded a Royal App which allowed us to see our upcoming cruise and details such as main dinning room menus, excursions as well as the daily activity planner. The app is still working as I can check out most upcoming cruises on many different ships. On Saturday we sail on Anthem and when I pulled up the app to look at our cruise I was surprised to see that Anthem is not included in this app. Is there a different app for Anthem or is it necessary to be on the ship itself? It's to bad that Anthem is not covered by the app I downloaded because we found it quite useful. Any info would be appreciated.
  12. Forgot to mention in my opening post that we are on the February 23'rd 8 day cruise. We hadn't planned to do anything because of the short stay in Port Canaveral but now with the overnight stay it might be worth renting a car and driving around. We've been to the area many times and enjoy Coco Beach, Orlando etc. We also like going to Blue Springs state park to see the manatees that often show up there that time of year. That's about a 90 minute drive from the port as I recall. Starting to think the overnight stay is a good idea.
  13. We are booked on Anthem for the 8 Night Bahamas cruise. Our itinerary had us arriving at Port Canaveral on day 4 at 7 am and leaving at 7 pm. My wife found on a report on the Anthem FB page that a couple cruising on the Jan 18'th 8 day Anthem cruise had been sent an email indicating that they would be arriving in Port Canaveral on day 3 at 12 pm and not leaving till 8 pm on day 4. If you now go to the RC website and check the 8 day cruises in Jan and Feb of 2019 they now reflect this modified schedule. We have not received and email yet from RC and our cruise planner still shows us arriving at PC under the old schedule. This change does make sense as the 7 day cruise which has the same stops manages to get to PC on day 3, it appears that the extra that the 8 day cruise has is simply a slower cruise speed from NY to PC. This change should allow better options for trips to Disney but does mean spending less time at sea and more time at a port that many don't consider being a great excursion stop.
  14. Thanks for the review. We did the same cruise during the last week in October. Our first ever cruise was on EOS 5 years ago and we thought it would be interesting to go back. We enjoyed our cruise on her but I do agree with most of your observations. After Oasis class the entertainment was a disappointment. We weren't expecting a Boardway type show but when the main act is a comedy show you know you are not on Oasis or Allure. I also agree that she needs some TLC on it's outside public areas. Didn't see anyone out and about doing touchup painting. We have seen this many times on other RC ships. Food wise I didn't find it bad at all. Perhaps we are not that hard to please - we tend to avoid WJ anyway but did drop by once for a late lunch and it was fine. MD room service was fine and we liked our food. Didn't do Chops this time but 5 years ago we felt that it was not worth the upcharge. You are also absolutely correct about the under use of the Spotlight lounge. You would think that on a smaller ship all of the available spaces would be used to the max but this area was a dead zone most of the time however this was also the case on our previous cruise. Really don't understand why. It was nice to revisit EOS and the views of the ocean that you get were great however even if she wasn't moving we probably would not cruise on her again.
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