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  1. You are correct. Princess hotel prices are per person. We always book independently.
  2. You will get a mini-bar set up which includes two bottles each of still and sparkling water. In addition you will get two bottles of still water each day as a suite perk.. If you are Elite and in a suite you will get two mini-bar set ups.
  3. There is a discounted rate for Medallion Net on the first day; at least that was our experience.
  4. No reason for an agent to call Princess it can be handled on Polar Online.
  5. I called as well. No issue changing cabins and not losing the perks from original promo.
  6. Two days ago a roll call member made a cabin change. The promotion under which it was booked is long expired. Final payment deadline is tomorrow. Booking was through a big box agent. If the agent goes to the correct page on your booking putting in the cabin you prefer as long as it is the same category it should work.
  7. A member of roll call just switched a cabin on the Caribbean Princess just prior to final payment without an issue.
  8. The fact of the matter is that your agent should be able to make that switch, since it is the same category, his/herself. It is done all the time.
  9. When we boarded in Southampton in August there was a table and two crew on the ramp heading into the ship (way past security). My husband and I looked at each other and kept walking sorry that we did not bring more than our two bottles. We did take advantage of the Wine Package once onboard.
  10. It is to the benefit of the passenger and travel agent for the offer to be past along. I am not sure why a TA would not. The passenger wins and the TA has a client forever!
  11. The cost of Princess insurance is based on your fare not your age. As the third person in the cabin her fare would probably be considerably lower than the first two in the cabin.
  12. Has anyone had experience taking the ferry with luggage after a cruise from Red Hook to Manhattan? Is the ferry dock near the cruise ship dock?
  13. You can book tickets online for Sagrada Familia which is easy to do. No time wasted standing in line.
  14. If you have Marriott points I would recommend the Cotton House.
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