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  1. Already did what you suggest. Under this new promotion that would include the 3 for Free and Specialty dinner fare is up $100 per person.
  2. In our case, our cruise fare would go up $100 per person under this new promotion (N9J).
  3. On our recent Canada/New England (9/14) cruise the bottled water was Costco's Kirkland brand.
  4. According to the Hotel Director, Peter Hollister, they wanted to make sure the theater was filled claiming the “demographics “ of the population dictated the need to adjust the showtimes. problem is the theater would be filled no matter what because it will not accommodate the population with two shows. Those that have dinner at 5 don’t like waiting until 8:30 for a show so they are not happy either. The 7:15 dinner seating was fully booked long before the sailing so that should have been a clue to the “demographics “ onboard.
  5. We are currently on the Caribbean Princess and the situation is the same other than second seating is at 7:30.qq it is totally awful. The hotel director claims it is because of the demographics and wanting to fill both shows. It is really untenable. The theater is not large enough to accommodate all passengers in two shows so the theater is guaranteed to be filled; a late show needs to be added. And you are correct that when you get out of the dining room at 9 there are no seats in any entertainment venue. This is not the first time we are on this ship but it is the first time shows have been scheduled this way. Captain’s Circle Parties tonight are at 4:45 and 7 pm. Utterly ridiculous!
  6. We will be on the Caribbean Princess with a scheduled stop in Halifax on September 20th. Do you know the status of PEI and Sydney? We were stressed for 5 days in southeast Florida not knowing if we were going to take a direct hit, which thankfully we didn't. Our thoughts are with you wishing you a speedy recovery. Please update us when you have an opportunity. Thank you.
  7. Groups can reserve meeting rooms in advance at no charge based on availability; been there done that. You can also arrange group dining arrangements as well as a lunch together in the dining room using the regular menu.
  8. Our charges have always been processed through Princess or any cruise line we have booked. Hopefully the agency has errors and omission insurance because it is obvious it is the result of agency error. NEVER deal with an agency that does not process payments directly with the cruise line.
  9. There was a gap in the schedule until yesterday when the 12/1-12/4 cruise was announced.
  10. When the Royal was introduced to the "trade" it was a 2 day cruise to nowhere. Everything was free including gratuities and alcohol. The only extra charges were for specialty restaurants. So by adding the 12/1 cruise it looks like Princess has decided to skip the free cruise for agencies.
  11. The 12/1 sailing will not be leaving until 10PM. Boarding will be between 5pm-9pm due to the fact that it will be arriving from Europe and there are additional hoops to jump. What is amazing is how sold out the 12/4 cruise was for so long and now there is a great deal of availability. Princess might have decided against a 3 day preview cruise for agents and other invited guests.
  12. In addition to the December 4th Inaugural Sky Princess Getaway just added is a December 1st-4th sailing. In addition the previously "standing room only" December 4th date has many cabins available.
  13. If you get free bags on American when you book direct you will nit be charged when booking through eZ air.
  14. We weathered Wilma well. The worst part was not having power after the hurricane was over. Fast forward to Irma two years ago where we only lost power for a few hours late one night. A Tropical Storm watch has just been issued until 5:30.
  15. You are correct that hurricanes are not always as predictable as we would like. We live in southeast Florida and we were here when Wilma was supposed to come across the state as a category 1 storm. It it turned out to be a category 4 or 5. We obviously are hoping the new tracking information is correct.
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