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  1. Just got our time for a late October cruise on Meraviglia. 11am. I like it!😁 Steve
  2. Port of Miami had/has a YC tent right on the road for you to pull up and drop your bags off. If driving, park and walk right back to the tent and be escorted. Steve
  3. 1 hour 10 minutes would scare me at Heathrow. Hopefully you are in the same terminal with next gate nearby, and your seats are ticketed with boarding passes and bags checked thru. I personally would not be happy with that. I am surprised that they would book that little leeway. The shuttles are just as already pointed out. Steve
  4. Having been in over a dozen afts over the years I can understand the boring aspect. In the aft, all you see is back which is always ocean if your sitting. In a regular balcony you see left and right which can be land or an ever changing ocean. You get no wind and sometimes the ships smoke comes down the back somewhat. The vibration can be really bad. We did aft on MSC Meraviglia last year and it was terrible. Another thing to consider is the railing. Some are vertical, others angle inward giving you a large area of unusable deck. $1000 for a week? I wo
  5. I think it will be lousy for you. I expect that they will make it even more restrictive because in the coming weeks all it will take is one positive test to change the rules. Just think about a change after final payment. Steve
  6. I might guess your not sailing and they are doing a cash grab. I am on the Jade out of Athens to Capetown and only 2 weeks ago did half the ports show up including Capetown. I checked every countries port schedule. If you need airfare, make sure its refundble Steve
  7. Yes if your sailing from NY as that is the government approved proof in NY. Other states, no as it specifically states original. Steve
  8. The roadblock is the FL governor. NCL wants vax only cruises, FL won't let them ask for it. Steve
  9. Its been a week since I asked and as you can see, we don't have an answer. I also would like to know how that would apply if I used the 48 prior cancel offering. Steve
  10. I have requested on two separate cruise lines to early disembark and was denied. MSC UAE cruise and NCL Africa cruise. Both stated covid as the reason. They want to control and or contact trace in the event things go south again. Steve
  11. I would not risk it...yet. Wait to see how things shake out especially when final payment is due and they change the rules. You don't want to be denied boarding, charged for a bunch of covid tests and have to purchase expensive insurance for covid. You would not be able to buy just for the child. You would need to buy a family policy. Steve
  12. Actually no, If you needed the back up copies, the color ones actually will scan just like your actual passport. I have actually used my copy at an immigration kiosk. Steve
  13. 100% agree but to add to that, make it a color copy. Steve
  14. My confirmation had the same thing, actually on a few I have booked. I question its validity if they did try and invoke it as it states what our penalty is if we cancel prior to 120 days, but does not address what theirs is if they cancel. Steve
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