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  1. Great - thank you all! My (discount) TA was unsure if they just removed the divider (doesn't work) or had an interior door (will work). It sounds like connecting cabins in HAL have the interior door feature. Time to book :)
  2. We are booking an Alaskan cruise for 2021 for two adults and two kids (8 and 10), using two/connected staterooms, and wanted to ask how the HAL ships in Alaska (Koningsdam, Oosterdam, Volendam, Eurodam) set up connecting rooms. I Does anyone know how these HAL ships set up connecting rooms? Is it only removing the balcony divider? Is it by an interior door between the two rooms like you might see in a hotel? It is by a custom/shared entryway like Celebrity S-Class ships? Interested in your thoughts on all of these ships - though I'll confess that Koningsdam is probably our preferred ship.
  3. Sorry for being dense, but does this mean that we would get the Shareholder Credit if we purchased through a travel agent that gives us a rate lower than what is publicly posted?
  4. Do we know for sure if Chef's table is offered multiple nights? Like the OP, I'm happy to pay the fee, but I'm not open to doing it night one (which is the only option listed online). If there's a risk of not being able to pick a different night, we may opt to risk it, and just book on board.
  5. Seems like a valid, but minor and fixable issue. Glad you caught it. I'm sure that it will get resolved. I encourage you to not fret about it too much.
  6. For a seven day cruise, the amount I tip (and how I tip) vary based on the service provided. But: We never have gotten close to removing the automatic gratuity, but would do so in an extreeme case. We view this as part of the fare, and not part of the tipping. We set aside around $100 for extra tips. We have been close to $300 on some cruises and been close to $0 on other cruises. This is based exclusivley on service provided. Even though tips may be pooled, we always tip individuals based on service received in that area. Some cruises we leave $5 at the buffet table when we leave. Some cruises we tip at speciality resteraunts. Some cruises, we don't tip our room stewart or wait staff. It all varies based on service provided. When we tip, we always tip with money. I have no issues with people tipping using gifts, but have never felt drawn to do so. Tipping (beyond automatic gratuities) should never be a status symbol or stressor or source of judgement for us as guests. I don't think you should view tipping as an obligation or expectation. Tipping is a way that I get to show gratutitde and appreciation for how the service treated us, and as such, is something we always try and view as a positive rather than a negative. Once I start to view tips as something that I'm obligated to do, it is no longer an expression of my gratitude, but rather an act to avoid feeling negative - and that defeats the prupose for us.
  7. Ship Crown Princess Class Grand Deck Dolphin Stateroom # D417 Category M1 Port/Starboard/Bow/Stern Connects With Cabin # Accessible Right next to mid-ship elevators. Quiet Minor noise due to elevators dinging. It was never disruptive, but was noticeable if you listen for it. Thin walls also means that sound from neighboring cabins could occasionally be heard (things like coughing). Balcony Size Large. I don't know if the size is standard on the Crown, but it was one of the bigger balconies I've ever had. View Unobstructed. Privacy Issues The balcony is not at all private. The balcony sticks out relative to the decks above, meaning when we were sitting on the balcony, we could be viewed by around 100 other cabins. Wind Soot Problems Comments A very large cabin with plenty of storage and space. The room was fully functional without real issue, but was also a bit dated with lots of marks, carpet needing to be stretched, stained tiles/grout, etc (as of August '19). Bed was amazingly comfortable.
  8. You're on a cruise. Every hour is happy hour!
  9. I really enjoyed HAL, but specialty dining is the one area (for me) where Princess wipes the floor with HAL. The Pinnacle Grill (HAL steakhouse) was outstanding, but was also the only viable fee option in my opinion, and didn't have great revisitability due to the nature of their menu. The specialty restaurant that you're referring to on HAL is Canaletto where they barricade off a section of the buffet seating. In my view, Canaletto missed the mark on many levels. The ambiance is virtually non-existent, as you're just sitting in a section at the buffet. The service was attentive to the point of hovering, but that's probably because it's a fairly small space, with very few guests, and is not designed with server-flow in mind. Overall, in a word, I would describe eating there as awkward. We found the food in Canaletto to be fine, but nothing special... maybe slightly better than the MDR, but not in the same class as Sabatini's (or any other fee dining). We plan to cruise with HAL again, but even if it were offered for free, we would skip Canaletto.
  10. We have done a handful of cruises, but our first cruise with our kids (six and eight) is coming up in a few weeks for an Alaskan Cruise on the Eclipse - and we are running into a lot of questions but not a lot of information about cruising with kids. We plan to strongly encourage the Fun Factory early in the cruise, and then let them dictate where to go after that. I welcome any thoughts you have on these questions: 1 - What do we need to do in advance to get the kids enrolled in Fun Factory? Is that automatically done based on age? 2 - I'm pretty confused on Kids VIP pass. Is that basically a pass that lets you use the kids club without worrying about the hourly rate? Does it cover things like the slumber party? Is that purchased on board? 3 - Will the kids club facilitate the kids 6 and 8 going to the basketball court? The arcade? Shows? Pools? 4 - The X website cites "family events" such as archery tournaments, cupcake decorating, etc. Are these family events included in the patter? If so, does the patter call them out as a family event? Does the Fun Factory have their own schedule that is available? 5 - With the VIP pass and signing up in advance (or with additional charges), my read is that the Kids club is open 9:00 AM to 1:00 AM and is only closed 12-2 on sea days. Is this correct? 6- Our kids are social, but occasionally need some quiet time to draw or watch TV. Does the Fun Factory facilitate this, or should we pack drawing supplies/movies/etc? 7- Does the kids space have access to a balcony or railing? 8- Do you find any of the production shows inappropriate for young kids (6-8)? 9- What's the etiquette in the MDR? Our kids are normally good in restaurants, but we also pick kid-friendly restaurants at home. I don't think of MDRs as especially kid-friendly and it's very important to me that we not disrupt other passengers. If they start to get riled up, is leaving early and having the ordered food delivered to our room an option? 10 - Does the ship offer pool toys such as kick boards or anything like that? If not, is it common or accepted for us to bring them? On a related note, does Celebrity offer lifeguards at any of the pools? 11 - What else should I know, or can I do to help our kids have an awesome time? I've heard the first night is vital as an icebreaker, but anything else that we can do to help our kids have the time of their lives? Thanks in advance,
  11. Well, I meant swapping to a different Princess AK cruise that either did go E of Vancouver Island, but looking at the options, the Royal itinerary is 14 days meaning there aren't a ton of options to switch to.
  12. While expecting a lot of compensation for the re-routing is probably not reasonable, I think the OP has a legit gripe. The E side of Vancouver Island is one of the highlights of the cruise for us. It's incredibly scenic, calm, and probably the best chances to see orca anywhere on the cruise. I know that Princess is within their rights to take a route that is different from what was posted, and the info in the links/threads above makes me think it's not entirely their call and based largely on safety. But if I were booked on a Royal AK cruise this year (and I'm not), I'd be a bit grumpy - and would probably be asking to change to different option.
  13. The first few hours out of Seattle are actually pretty cool, and pretty underrated. But, by late that evening, you'll be in the open sea, and will remain there until early Monday. I expect for Sunday to be open ocean.
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