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  1. I personally like to go to the Steakhouse on the first night. I like to get a free bottle of wine to go with my dinner. I've never found that the first night is crazy. Also on the first night I'm not missing out on anything that special, it's also not one for the Elegant Cruise Nights either so I still have that to look forward to when me and the DH are dressed up and take pictures. At least doing the Steakhouse on the first night gives me the rest of the week to dine in the MDR if I wish.
  2. You will definitely see a mix
  3. I would like to see the Eggs (Powder, Etc.) Carnival currently uses for Scrambled Eggs at the Buffet go Bye-Bye!! If Carnival would use Real Eggs instead to make Scrambled Eggs, that would be Awesome!! And yes, I can get Scrambled Eggs from the Omelet Station but the lines can be Cra-Cra to say the least.
  4. I would pick Option Number 1, Hands Down. You cannot go wrong with HMC and Aruba!! I think the young ladies would agree. You can get some good shopping in Aruba as well.
  5. This! Besides who wants to take photo's on Elegant Night with a Mask on?? Not Me!
  6. I have so many cruise memories! 1. First cruise on the Holiday back in 2001, 7 nights for my Birthday. The ship blew me away be the size of it. 2. Winning $450 the very first time I played Craps in the Casino on the Legend, Ladies Luck! 3. Going on an 8 night on the Magic for my Honeymoon and Husband saying, "I love cruising, Honey let's go on ALL the cruises". (Win - Win) 4. DH and I have magical moments under the stars at night! 5. Enjoying the calm crystal clear water and views at Megan's Bay in St. Thomas. 6. Enjoying 2 of the best excursions of a lifetime. a. Rhythm of the Nights in Puerto Vallarta. b. Kukoo Kunuku Party Bus & Nightlife with Dinner in Aruba!! The list goes on and on but those were my top Fond Memories 😄
  7. Not sure if relocating is on your Radar but we need Nurses like 90 going South. I'm in Cleveland, Ohio and there is a shortage of Nurses, here in particular at the VA Medical Center. I'm a Social Worker not a nurse but everyday we have Nursing Staff calling off work. I work in the Comprehensive Homeless Center, 129 beds for veterans. We handle substance abuse, hard to place in housing, severe mental illness, and several Co-horts: PTSD, Women's Treatment Program, Gambling Treatment Program and IOP. Just thought I would mention it for what's it worth!
  8. My Sea Day looks like this: Sleep in late, Go grab breakfast, Find a relaxing lounger somewhere with a drink in my hand and watch the waves crash up on the side of the ship. For Lunch, Find a Guy's Burger and Fries! After Dinner, I make my way to the Comedy Club with yet another drink in my hand!
  9. My last cruise was my Honeymoon Cruise in September 2019, 8 nights on the Carnival Magic! DH and I Loved It!!! Lovely Doubley!
  10. I'm sure you said that in your "Sweet Brown" Voice. It gave me a good laugh this morning while sitting at work! LOL
  11. It has been a good number of years ago that I was last in Cozumel. So I did not know they were no longer there. But I do have a cruise this year in September, if we are still sailing by then, and I will see if it is still there or not.
  12. I personally like Carlos & Charlies. I eat there every time I visit Cozumel. I've been about 5 or 6 times so far. I've never had bad food and service has been really good. It's also a fun place if you like music, Congo lines etc.
  13. Here's Another Few. I'm bringing my child's friend along with us on our cruise, what documents do I need to bring with me? Do I need a Birth Certificate to cruise or do I need a Passport? My Passport is expiring in a few weeks, can I still cruise or do I need to get another one? Or do I have enough time to get another one before the cruise? How long does it take to get a Passport? Etc. for all the Passport questions?? Has anyone been on the ____ lately? Tell me all about ____ Cruise Ship? Has anyone stayed in # __ Cabin? Do you have any pictures??
  14. This is a very creative idea, doing this type of review. I'm loving it and following along!
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