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  1. The advantage to the cruise lines is that they get to advertise lower cruise fares since the wages are lower. But since they advertise the fare, there must be a way to only pay that amount. If gratuities were a mandatory expense over and above the advertised fare the cruise lines would face lawsuits over false advertising claims. What's the disadvantage to us? We are deceived into thinking the price of the cruise is one thing, when it's really something else. But as consumers in the US we are more accustomed to this, since it happens every time we dine at a restaurant, get in a taxi cab, etc.
  2. So you get 4 3oz pours of wine and if you purchased the drink package you only get 25% off? Sorry, but that sounds like a total rip off.
  3. Thank you so much! That did the trick! I was trying to get my new reservations entered before cancelling the old ones. You know, in case something went wrong... Which it did.... 🙄 Anyway, I'm all set now. Thank you!
  4. So entertainment is now available to book for my cruise on Harmony, and I have several shows booked already. But I wanted to move some things around. I hadn't booked the ice show, so I wanted to book that, and I want to book the comedy show on a different night than I have it now. But every time I try to add a show to my cart I get an error message. Anyone ever come across this and know how to get around it?
  5. Our Harmony cruise January 12 opened show reservations last week, somewhere between 70 and 80 days. I know we're all excited about our next cruise. but don't stress about getting everything booked the very first day things open. The shows don't seem to fill up THAT fast.
  6. I accidentally took my XS in with me (along with my wallet) while in St. Kitts and it didn't skip a beat, but I totally understand. The water proof phone cases work well too as long as you aren't going scuba diving.
  7. The crazy thing is, the 11 pros are thicker than the 6s. The added slipperyness is due to the glass back and the polished metal sides. I’ve heard people refer to them as bars of soap more than once. Apple’s silicon and leather cases add much needed gripiness.
  8. You’ll have a blast, Symphony is a great ship! At least I think so. Though according to some you’ll be slumming it with food worse than McDonald’s. 🤣🤣🤣
  9. I really like the idea of this thing, but it looks so bulky. Not sure I would want to pack such a giant thing in my luggage. I wonder if TSA ever has issues with these in checked luggage too.
  10. I think you’ll get more finger wagging on these forums than you will onboard if you don’t dress for formal night.
  11. Messaging was not supported when I was on Symphony in January, but the RCI app does seem to have been updated to support messaging now. At least that’s what it says for my upcoming cruise on Harmony. You can check now. Just download the app to your phone and login. If you see the chat bubble in the top right corner then it sounds like it will work. Only requirement is that others in your party connect to the sip’s WiFi.
  12. You've already gotten lots of options so far, so I won't repeat what others have already suggested. I'll just add that my wife has some very specific dietary needs and the staff bend over backwards to accommodate her. They did way more than any restaurant at home has ever done. And do bring food with you. Even if you never use it, it will serve as a security blanket that you know you will have something to fallback on. Sometimes eliminating stress in ways like that can be just as useful. As long as it's prepackaged you won't have any problems.
  13. Are you expecting an actual answer? I don’t think anyone here can possibly know. The only way to know for sure would be to ask that representative directly. If you want speculation then it could be any number of things: lack of experience, poor training, poor IT systems, you called during the wrong phase of the moon, etc. Yep, I’ve pre-booked 7:00 for each night on Harmony in January.
  14. Since the OP was talking about negative reviews I realized it might be helpful to link to a positive review. Here’s one I wrote earlier this year:
  15. We were on her in January and this was our experience as well. We loved absolutely everything about the ship, and the food was great. I've seen you posting negative experiences with Symphony several times now, and I just don't know how to explain how you had such a bad experience when lots of others, including myself, have reported the opposite. I almost wonder if the OP is reacting to your posts. Are you perhaps being hyperbolic? Not ONCE did we have a meal, in ANY venue, that was as bad as McDonalds. Maybe the pre-cooked hamburgers in WJ, but those are easily avoided and there were plenty of other good options to choose from.
  16. Royal really needs to step up their game in this area. I was at Great American Beer Fest two weeks ago and Carnival had a pretty decently sized end-cap booth, all of the beers they brew themselves, as well as several of their brew masters talking to attendees. I've never been on Carnival before, so it was the first chance I've had to sample what they offer. They were all pretty good to my taste. Not quite as good as Stone IPA perhaps, but still quite tasty and a good variety of styles. Royal needs to do more to offer a larger variety of beers in more areas of their ships. Obviously the Funky Buddha partnership is evidence of them testing the waters and looking for a partner that can meet their needs. Hopefully it proves to be successful and expands.
  17. Honestly we had the exact opposite experience on Symphony in January. Food was good everywhere we went, but it wasn't the best food I've ever had. I think some people go to the MDR expecting fine dining and high class everything. Is your steak going to beat something at Ruth's Chris? No. Is it going to be as good or better than Outback? Yes. Is the WJ going to be better than the buffet at the Aria in Las Vegas? No. Is it going to be better than Golden Corral? Yes. Go in with the proper expectations (which you will since you were on Allure) and you won't be disappointed.
  18. This. All it takes is a missed connection and/or a customs agent who decides it’s your day for some “special treatment” and your trip is ruined.
  19. I think we all understand what the policy IS. We’re suggesting that it should be amended.
  20. See, situations like this are why all of this is so sticky in my mind. For me I think it depends on WHICH chair you are taking up. Is your chair one of the clam-shell day beds, one of the ones in the water by the beach pool, or right in front of the glass in the Solarium? Or is it one toward the back or even the deck above the pools (deck 16 on Oasis class)? On Symphony in January you could usually find one or two chairs SOMEWHERE, just not in prime locations. If you're using your chair mainly for storage while you enjoy the pool then I think the courteous thing to do would be to use a chair in a non-prime location. The problem is, how the hell would Royal enforce a policy like that? I agree that having some sort of storage cubbies would be great, ideally by the towel stations. Otherwise, I would like to see them at least be more strict with the day beds. There shouldn't be a 30 minute rule for those at all. There should always be a butt in them or they're free for the taking, stuff or not. Do you have one, by yourself, and you need to go to the bathroom? Too bad.
  21. I priced an extended balcony and it was nearly double what I paid for a regular balcony.
  22. Sadly, all the balconies are sold out on my Harmony cruise in January. So no way to tell if there was a drop or not.
  23. The feedback I got last year was that VOOM will work just great for keeping in touch, including WiFi calling. I went ahead and got the stream option as well though. Everything worked great. The only reason I regretted getting it was because it meant that I was reachable by other people as well. I was hoping to unplug during the trip, and having the phone on me prevented that from happening. Still there are other ways around that, and I'm going to be much more diligent on my next cruise.
  24. I'll echo this. We were on deck 8 on Symphony and we loved being just around the corner from Central Park. We would typically end our night by finding a chair and listening to the relaxing piano or classical guitar music they have. It was a great way to unwind at the end of each exciting and packed day. We have the exact same room on Harmony in January. As for the balcony size, you're basically talking about whether you are able to fit a lounger which can lay flat, or just a regular lounge chair with footstool. We found that the regular chair was plenty and if we wanted to lay down we went to the Solarium.
  25. People didn't just answer the question. They mocked the OP, called her question a joke, called into question her morality for even asking it, and made statements along the lines of how they would never want to be on a cruise with someone like her. If you don't see that as an attack then I don't know what to tell you.
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