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  1. Hi Val Welcome to the forum Would it help if you look at the Roll Call for your cruise? You’ll probably find people on the same cruise as you asking, and answering, the same questions. We’re docked in St Vincent & taking the trip to Bequia but I have read the warnings about choppy seas. Stugeron is my anti-emetic of choice. I’ll be taking some
  2. Me too Only been there once but, on that snapshot, preferred it to Gibraltar
  3. Don’t know if we’re talking about the same terminal/dock but on our Hamburg port call there was a local ferry/“water bus” dock immediately behind our MSC ship. Very easy access to the city. Dr Google could no doubt help, or Trip Advisor or the port pages on this site?
  4. ? Check P&O website prices for lowest grade - vs - an online cruise website price for similar? Check P&O without identifying self as past passenger Check P&O with Peninsular Club identifier. Good luck. I don’t think I have the energy but I’ll be interested if anyone does it
  5. Surely 2020 cruises are on sale with prices readily available? Am I missing something? here’s cruisecritic offers so as not to offend moderation https://www.cruisecritic.co.uk/cruiseto/cruiseitineraries.cfm?cl=81&startDate=2020-08&shipID=759&length=10-14 but you could look at P&Os own website, or any cruise website or even ask a High St travel agent for a price
  6. It might even be worth P&O sending this as a “tick to confirm you have read and understood” with bookings, like they do now with ?fancy dress or smoking? Would help onboard staff say “Sorry, but No” to those failing the step test
  7. Haven’t travelled with children either, I’m afraid. They have children’s clubs, of course, and from the brief glimpses I saw, all looked good. Multilingual, which must be great for the kids? We saw the ‘kids club’ being taken to the theatre by the kids club staff to watch the early shows and they (kids) were all very good, older keeping an eye on younger etc One aspect I didn’t cover before is how much better the ‘buffet’ is on MSC. Infinite choice, it seems, wonderful pizza (of course; it’s Italian) not overcrowded, not clattery, great fruit and salad bars, bell-push on each table to summon bar staff etc. And a big minus - no fruit juice at breakfast (unless you pay). Just squash-type watery stuff. The grapefruit is ok Have a look at the MSC boards here but make sure you only look at Brits talking about their experiences, not the US folk on Seaside etc, sailing ex US , who have different expectations and probably different experiences? You may pick up more there
  8. 4 MSC 2 ex Soton 1 fly cruise ex Tenerife 1 ‘grand voyage’ ex Durban (23? days onboard, back to Venice) P&O - lots + TUI/Marella Cunard NCL Princess “We’ve been around” 🙄 Oh, an extra thought. The only time, in all our cruising career, that we have needed the medical facilities was me, on an MSC cruise with a dental abscess (ouch). Can vouch for good treatment, sufficient to get me home, and ‘sensible’ prices, picked up by insurance, of course.
  9. More bling on MSC. More public space. More entertainment, though lots of it is music duos etc. Theatre shows based on music/acrobatics/dance/opera. 30ish minutes only Usually a bit cheaper than P&O Multinational crew and passengers Incredibly clean and sparkly. Always amazes me - cleaning, tidying going on all day From Southampton it’s likely you’ll be on a ‘bus route’ with a %age of pax joining/leaving at most ports Food ‘different’. Some great; some not so. Waiting staff not to same standard as P&O (in my experience) Fixed dining only - unless you book a costly upgrade. Look at the various beverage etc packages - some give good value Can book direct - have found their IT etc just as/more frustrating than P&O (can you believe it?) Their shoreside and onboard organisation is much as you would expect an Italian company 🙄 There’s lots I like, lots that’s annoying - probably like the majority of cruise lines at the same price point Ive no doubt forgotten lots - happy to try to answer any specific questions and I’ll come back if I think of anything important
  10. Thank you for taking the time to write that comprehensive account and for pointing us to it. I hope that you have “recovered” from your holiday now and are keeping well. I will use your experience to help me weigh up future cruises with tender ports
  11. They’ll be out from P&O in a weeks time With prices, offers etc I think there may have been some itineraries posted previously but, it seems to me that, without prices, you’re really only getting half a story.
  12. Just to (hopefully) put your mind at rest. Formal is formal, with B&W theme night being a (mostly) monochrome formal. Don’t worry if you don’t have a black, white or b&w dress-up dress though - you wouldn’t be the only person wearing colours. As amajaa says, the only other (non-formal) theme night which receives much traction is Tropical. It’s easy. Hawaiian shirt for the men; as much colour as you can muster for the ladies. Grass skirts and coconut-half tops have been seen!!! Not necessary though For 60s, 70s, 80s - well, the ents staff seem to enjoy the dress-up but I haven’t seen very many pax who join in. Also, I think the emphasis for this is at the late night discos? I don’t go to these, so perhaps someone can confirm? Please don’t stress over clothes. You’ll be fine. Relax and enjoy your cruise.
  13. Interesting Regional airports would probably require TUI flights - or EasyJet or Ryanair. Eek TUI would be good for me. I’d quite like that, much as I loathe flying. Local airport 35 minutes away helps the pain
  14. The £50 deposit is good for me Makes it feel more like paying for an option to decide later, rather than a firm commitment. I like that when we’re talking over 12 months ahead
  15. There is Roast of the Day and “From the Grill” - every day https://carnivaluk.metafaq.com/resources/carnivaluk/life-on-board/PO_MDR_DinnerMenus.pdf There is no problem requesting a bowl of chips with your meal. It seems a shame, to me, to go cruising but eat in ‘the caff’. You must be very patient. Moreso than me.
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