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  1. Oh, shame In extreme storm conditions I think I would just make my way to the medical centre for a jab. Shame to have your holiday ruined when a little ***** can save it 🙄 Others say acupuncture from the onboard practitioner will do the trick. Stugeron works for me, though, fortunately I rarely have to resort to medication All ginger products help mild seasickness - biscuits, toffees, pop, crystallised pieces
  2. eddie11


    Oh dear World Health Organisation advises over 60s to avoid crowds https://news.sky.com/story/coronavirus-who-warns-elderly-and-sick-to-avoid-crowds-as-louvre-shuts-doors-11947053
  3. There’s info - or at least a link - on the P&O website for would-be presenters. Good luck finding it - you’ll have to find the perfect word combination for your search
  4. Ah yes - I was thinking of in the last few days
  5. So P&O have denied boarding to some passengers???
  6. eddie11


    See Hollyjess post 243 in the “Cancelling” thread Sounds more hopeful for P&O being flexible I don’t suppose the phone staff are taking many bookings at the moment ...
  7. You can (or at least I can) appreciate the company’s dilemma. There must be a lot of lost sleep at Carnival House & in Florida and at every cruise company HQ How long do you think it would take for the companies to be in financial ruin should, for instance, all foreign travel was banned under emergency powers? All planes, trains & shipping. Eek Or, emergency legislation compelling the companies to allow 100% refunds for cancellations? Or to compel insurance companies to refund? Of course, if things came to that holidays would probably be well down our lists of worries ”May you live in interesting times” is reputed to be a Chinese curse. Seeing as this originated in China, it feels like we are living it.
  8. There’s a sliding scale between 90 days and departure day, I think See the T&Cs for details of numbers
  9. That worked Should have thought of it myself 🙄 Thanks!
  10. The technology is against us as well as the viruses! I’ve got the overlay using Safari on my iPad. Unusable. Chrome is fine. Weird, Eh? I do feel for anyone with difficult decisions to make, especially as it seems that the situation will become clear within a few weeks. The balance is due on our 7 night Iona cruise in the middle of next month. If it was due today I would forfeit the deposit of £85 without a second thought, just to lose weeks of worry. Looks like we should all book on board in future - losing £50pp deposit for every forfeited cruise is nowhere near as painful as 15 or 20%.
  11. Agree At some point both stocks and cruises will become bargains. As you say, *simply* a matter of timing
  12. eddie11


    A news item I heard earlier referred to 14% of Chinese ‘victims’ who had been declared free of the infection later tested positive again 😳 I’m no medical scientist or epidemiologist but if that trend is repeated everywhere it seems to me that what Harry wrote above is correct and that this variation of Coronavirus will now circulate forever, like the common cold, to which it is related, and will, in all but a tiny minority of people, cause similar minimal symptoms and inconvenience. At the moment, as the very young, the very old and the very unwell meet it for the first time they are in trouble, having had no opportunity to build natural immunity. So, if I am correct, a relative lot of deaths now, early in the outbreak, then the infection becomes no more dangerous than the common cold. What happens, worldwide and cruise-wide, in terms of quarantine etc, who knows?
  13. £24.70 at the moment All travel and leisure stocks are falling - no surprise
  14. Congratulations! 🎈 Have a lovely time
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