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  1. I’ve only briefly looked at the new cp for a future cruise (as we have a January trip which is taking most of my cruise attention, and because the future cruise is one where I don’t anticipate using P&Os excursions anyway) However, I must agree with the last few posts - it looks utterly bizarre and by no means intuitive or user friendly. P&O IT eh? Who’s making these crazy business decisions?
  2. Sorry I hadn’t cottoned on to the fact that you’re not boarding in Southampton. Do you use Mumsnet? Do you think there might be someone on there with experience to help and advise? Or try another cruising forum specifically aimed at young families? Think I’ve seen something but can’t remember a name. Google search might come up trumps Left field - might there be a case for thinking about modern reusable nappies & inserts? Just a suggestion. Good luck anyway. Hope the cruise goes well
  3. Would you not have the opportunity to pop to Boots at West Quay before boarding? Whatever - hope you can sort something out. I’ve no idea about your parcel idea but it doesn’t sound very likely to me
  4. Thanks for trying to help my memory! No, it wasn’t them Somebody mentioned Bass Tones earlier - Bass Boys maybe? Two single syllable words. Very much Jersey Boys influenced with the smallest one doing a good Frankie Valli Whatever their name they were very enjoyable!
  5. Possibly a mixture of the two; probably a function of being a *multiple cruiser* If you cruised once a year, or less, chances of a “repeat” would be much slimmer than if you took three. I’ve seen, or had the opportunity to see, Mickey Zany, several times. Adele never. Used to always have Freddie Mercury - no longer. Loved Annie Lennox - haven’t seen her for ages. Etc etc. Seen some new ones. Ukebox were fun (though I suspect would get repetitive. Last time a 3 man ‘Jersey Boys-alike’ Boom Boys or something like that? Very good its all down to personal taste though. Whether you like an act or not; whether you’re happy to see an act for a second or third (or more) time Generally, I think the choice of entertainment is pretty good. You’re never going to please everybody
  6. You have the other alternative of paying “by the minute” but that is very expensive. I suppose you could use it for eg twice daily download and upload of emails on sea days, whilst relying on free wifi when ashore imo the WiFi is way too expensive and I never cease from telling P&O on questionnaires
  7. On Ventura, 3 weeks ago, Ariel capsules were on sale in the ‘bits & pieces’ shop @ 20p each. Better than having to pack that sort of thing ... but a total pain if you rely on purchase but there are none available on your cruise. Perhaps we can ask people travelling now/in the next few weeks to do a *Detergent Watch*?
  8. *sigh* If only the most recent of P&Os “website improvements” hadn’t resulted in so many useful pages, like in mrbluesea’s link above, now being so very difficult to find
  9. Generally I find the Costa outlets on P&O to be unsatisfactory I’m sure the bean-counters have an answer but, IMO, P&O could do much better with their own coffee places, operating under entirely their own rules.
  10. eddie11


    Not requiring pax to take lifejackets now blows that one out of the water (poor pun noted but unintentional)
  11. eddie11


    That might well be the case. If it is, they could do it better eg by not being explicit about the time in the Horizon; by asking people not to arrive early, etc By the same token, would pax be asked to return to their cabin on hearing the general emergency signal, to collect their medication and a head covering, before going to their muster station? Its obviously not an easy thing to perfect. Perhaps what we have is as good as is possible? Crew organising the lifts would help the less mobile get away more easily after muster... but lift etiquette is a whole new topic, worthy of its own thread! I’m not brave enough today
  12. I’ve had the email too Not clear, is it?
  13. eddie11


    We enjoyed Cherbourg but it has fond memories as it was our arrival port for x-channel ferries to go camping with the children. We tend to just wander and lunch. Excursion to eg the landing beaches, Mont St Michel or Bayeux May suit others more Back to muster I am reminded of our incredibly delayed flight to Barbados to join Azura. We arrived at the airport at what felt like 4am to us, having been up since 6 the previous morning. As they worked really well at the airport to get us on coaches& away, OH & I looked at each other & said - oh no. Check in & then muster. Aaargh Well, check in was smooth as smooth, with almost more desks than pax seeking attention and muster was a breeze. Senior officers were on hand to deal with us bleary eyed folk, basically in bus loads as we arrived, 30 or so at a time. So slick! Made me wonder if it might be better to do this every time? Early, middling and late folk could be instructed, would probably take in what was being said better than in hoardes of hundreds and the whole thing might be over sooner. i expect there’s a reason why not but ...
  14. eddie11


    It’s a little better sans lifejackets. People move more freely etc I think you’re right about size. I’ve experienced worse on other lines btw. It’s never going to be fun but I still think it could be tweaked to make it easier all round and give everyone a better start to their cruise
  15. eddie11


    This was Ventura, half term week. I think the size doesn’t help However, we were on Azura or Ventura immediately after the Costa Concordia disaster. Our muster station was Sindhu, everyone had a seat, with seats to spare, and it was the quietest, most attentive muster I’ve ever attended. It can be done.
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