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  1. I was on the December 8th cruise and the Aqua 80s show was excellent. I saw it 3 times. I can confirm you can access the show from Deck 7. I watched done show from the Deck 7 port side and you could watch the technicians "suiting up" the aerial acrobats with their harnesses. One Sky was actually called One Sky Preview, and it was a disjointed work in progress.
  2. The situation in Puerto Rico is worse than you believe. There have been multiple aftershocks; one which knocked the 2 main power plants off line, shutting down power to the entire country. The airport remains open on generator power. They hope to restore power by noon today. Hopefully things will be back to normal, but I wouldn't be surprised if tomorrow's port call at San Juan is cancelled.
  3. E-mail your comments to: carlosjimenez@rccl.com, ayera-rodriguez@rccl.com, and RoyalGuestRelations@rccl.com I missed the deadline for my last cruise survey and wanted to give positive feedback on some cruise staff. Although it was a "form letter" type response, they said they'd forward the comments to the ship. Dec 23 at 6:34 PM
  4. An eCopy of the book can be downloaded at https://www.royalcaribbean.com/experience/taste-of-history In case CruiseCritic **** the link, the web address is royalcaribbean dot com/experience/taste-of-history
  5. That's great news. I'll be on Oasis on the December 8th cruise. I'll stop by and say Hi. I've been enjoying your CC posts and YouTube videos.
  6. Royal currently has Surf and Stream for my December Oasis cruise for $13.19/day (40% OFF). That's the cheapest I've seen it. I'm not sure if its a Labor Day sale or not. They'll probably have good deals around Black Friday and Cyber Monday too..
  7. I'm not sure if all Publix do this, but our St Pete Beach Publix has a bin outside their store to recycle the plastic bags. They also have a separate bin to recycle egg cartons.
  8. Here's a humorous story on Love Bugs from the Orlando Sentinel https://www.orlandosentinel.com/opinion/os-love-bug-season-florida-scott-maxwell-20180426-story.html If CC doesn't allow the web address to show, Google: Love bug season is back in Florida
  9. Is there a BOGO benefit available for a solo cruiser? My next cruise will be my first as a D+, but my wife won't be going along.
  10. Those look like grates for the bow thrusters and a couple of conex containers
  11. I believe that's a separate crane still standing on the starboard side.
  12. It's actually after the accident and at 0:18-0:25 you can see part of the crane hanging over the port side of Deck 6 just in front of the port LED screen
  13. Bahamas Press has a video from the side of the ship. You can see it listing to starboard. If my attached link doesn't work go to YouTube and search for Bahamas Press
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