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  1. My neighbor is a big cruiser. Her tips were very helpful - take post it notes to leave notes in the cabin or doors. Bring a highlighter to highlight your daily for which items you want to do and bring a shoe carrier (over the door) to hang small things, like your hair brush etc. My own list includes now: Bring paper copies of your trip reservations and plans, systems can be down, not work right etc and I have corrected a rental car error based on my paper history. Bring your own medicines aspirin, etc. as buying any on board or in port can be difficult and pricey.
  2. .2 loss it was a close one! Ha .. lots of stresses this week with my baby graduating and trying to figure out what's next. Long story about that so I won't go into it today but am reminded how graduations means so many different things. great job everyone and I hope when I cruise next to only gain5 pounds.
  3. 3 hrs ago I was just getting up. So I might not be a night owl but looks like I can catch up with you just before sunrise!
  4. Thanks! We are planting our garden this weekend. Lots of things to do outside to get the huge yard cleaned up after a hard winter.
  5. Hello glad to have had a good week - one day at a time! Last night went to the movies and shockingly didn't buy anything but a diet soda. I'm not missing the junk! I haven't weighed myself since Tuesday. Next week I'll be on this schedule. Using a new app where I track my goals to assist me in this journey. peace!
  6. New here do y'all weigh in once a week? I am cruising in November down 2 pounds. 😁
  7. I recently booked a trip that included air. The cruise consultant advised me to let them know if we would like to book a few days early into port to let them know. It is a 15 day cruise and I'm pretty sure we will boom one night ahead of the cruise to see the port (Rome).
  8. Thanks for the review we will be in some of those ports soon!
  9. The last NCL Cruise I was on was over Easter and there wasn't a service provided because they did not get a volunteer to lead it. It sounds like either visit a church in port or find a retired priest to join you. Peace!
  10. Harvest Caye lists a catch and release fishing excursion with NCL. I am wondering what other excursions are available?
  11. I've learn something -a) there is a vibe pass (I had no idea) b) I'm too cheap to buy one.
  12. Thanks for the suggestions this week I decided to see if there are dance lessons out there we might take.
  13. Probably true but mainly we meaning my spouse and I learn ahead so we can enjoy the time more. It extends our cruise into fun pre cruise activities...and as our adult children will confess we have no qualms with how we look doing it! Lol
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