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  1. We have also had the good fortune of sailing on your "other" Cunard ships, although not yet in QG. How fortunate we are. Perhaps QG on our 50th. Regardless of when that happens, I will call upon you BigMac for proper Butler protocol. Until then, we are booked on a May 2022 crossing and will be sure to take your lead and order a late night snack of Champagne, cheese and biscuits. Unless it's snowing, we will partake of it on the balcony (yes, we had snow this May in Chicago). Jack
  2. WELL DONE CAGEFREEWILL!!!! You won't be disappointed. And by scheduling the voyage not until 2023, you will negate a lot of the concerns you had about being too young for Cunard. My only suggestion would be to try and switch to a Port side cabin. This will put your balcony on the sunny side of the ship and give you a view of the Statue of Liberty from your cabin, when you arrive NYC. In the words of Cole Porter, "I love Paris in the Spring Time." Congratulations, Jack
  3. Wow, great trip! Not sure when to start packing but, if I may, I would like to share a tip for packing. A few weeks before departure Dee gathers up all of her potential evening cloths and I bring home a bottle(s) of Champagne. After dinner we open up the chilled Champagne and pour a couple of glasses. I put on my tux. Then Dee begins trying on the outfits. By the end of the evening, or the end of the Champagne, the final selections have been made and the magic of a QM2 Crossing has already begun.
  4. Ah yes, a discussion about formal wear on a QM2 Crossing, we are returning to normalcy, and as usual, Bell Boy is dead-on.
  5. When Dee and I got our 2 COVID-19 vaccine shots in Jan/Feb it was a great relief but it also seemed like a turning point. Now we have booked a tran-Atlantic crossing on the QM2 departing SH next year on May 8th. Another step towards normalcy. We feel very confident that this cruise will sail and that life onboard will be very close to the old normal, perhaps even better. Dee is already worrying about what to wear and I've started selecting wines to bring on board. Wonder who our Captain will be? Who will be speaking in the Insights Program? Will we know any of the crew? Just 356 days to g
  6. We have sailed in both Glass Front Unobstructed and Sheltered. We enjoyed both but overall we prefer the glass front but each have their advantages. When it rains, there really is no going out on the glass front balcony (or the Promenade Deck) for us but a Sheltered balcony might still be used. The larger size of the Sheltered Balcony was noticeable to us. There was also a rush, for us, being closer to the water (deck 4) and watching the waves break away from the ship. On the other hand, we found the Unobstructed Glass Front cabins much lighter and brighter. Also, being able to see the water,
  7. I was just wondering if a replacement has been named for Captain Wells? I suppose that at this time, there is no rush for Cunard to do so. Jack
  8. Tom504, The title of your post is "Would You Choose Cunard Now" but when I read the body of your post it seems like you are asking "should I (Tom504) choose Cunard now", a very subjective question. My wife and I love Cunard. It suites our style and interest at this point in our unique lives. I took a look at your profile and saw that you list your interest as "Nuanced discussions, religion, photography, psychology." I'm not exactly sure what a nuanced discussion is but some the most enjoyable conversations I have ever had have been on the QM2. As a group, the passengers we have met
  9. Smokeyham, You have chosen well. We did a westbound crossing in 2017 in cabin 12022 (next door) and loved the location. If I remember correctly, there are no interior cabins across the hall form 12022 or 12024, just a blank wall. I'm pretty sure that interior space is crew operational space but for what, I don't specifically know. However, and perhaps most importantly, there was never any noise coming from that space. We found our cabin, 12022, to be very quiet. You are also correct that it provides a great view of the Statue of Liberty when arriving into NYC. Have a great voy
  10. Glass Front Balcony Sheltered Balcony
  11. Yes, it was definitely Viking. Spoke to the reporter today. Jack
  12. Our local NBC news station reported tonight that Viking Ocean Cruises will begin stoping here in Panama City Beach Florida beginning in April of this year. It will be a tender port call. It is being reported as a cruise starting in Tampa going to PCB, Mobile, Key West, Nassau and back to Tampa. I Googled this story in found a number of corroborating stories. The weird thing is that there is nothing about it on the Viking web site. I also spoke to 2 agents and they knew anything about it. Is this for real? Jack
  13. steve4031, I would agree with Port Royal, that if you are going to spend the eve of sailing in Southampton, the Hilton Ageas Bowl is the place to stay. However, if you do stay in London, and take the Cunard bus, The Hilton DT Victoria station is very convenient. There is a great place right behind the hotel to get fish and chips, called Hardcore Lobster and More. One other point to consider, if you fly over from Chicago on United in Business/First, you will have access to the Polaris Lounge at ORD. This is a huge step-up from the United Club and includes a complimentary
  14. Steve4031, A couple of thoughts that haven't been mentioned in the excellent responses above. TAKE THE THE CUNARD BUS FROM LONDON TO SOUTHAMPTON We have made 2 crossings on the QM2, both westbound. In both cases we arrived a week early and spent some time in Europe. In 2017 it was Spain and in 2018 it was Scotland (by train - marvelous). By the time we boarded the QM2 the jet lag had worn off and we had adjusted to local time. Arriving London, after our touring, we stayed at the Hilton Double Tree at Victoria Station. This hotel is just 4 blocks from the bus station where the C
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