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  1. Thanks. I'll check both sites for airpot info. My wife and I are both Star Alliance Gold but I just assumed that the lounges would not be open that early. I imagine that we will start boarding by 6:00AM. We do have a 4 hour layover in Zurich and will hit the lounge there for sure. Jack
  2. Good information, thank you both. We are planning a cab to the airport. Maybe schedule for 4:00AM which would allow for an arrival of closer to 2 hours before flight time. We are staying at the Athens Hilton. Not sure where that is in relationship to the airport but I'm sure the Concierge can advise us and arrange for a cab at the appropriate time. Hopefully there will be some good Greek coffee to get us going that early! We normally steer clear of early morning flights, especially International one's, but this was one of the few saver-points options that had only one connection, a comfortable layover time and still got us back to Chicago at a decent hour. Jack
  3. My wife and I are on the Empires of the Mediterranean - Viking Sea voyage in April of next year that disembarks in Athens. We have arranged our own flights (using points) back to Chicago on Swiss Air with a change of planes in Zurich. Unfortunately the first flight (ATH-ZRH) departs at 6:30AM. Can anyone tell me what time Athens security and/or Swiss Air open in the morning. Ideally, we would like to check in and drop off our bags at 5:00AM, 90 minutes before flight time. Thanks Jack
  4. Thank you Giustot for a very interesting review. I was particularly interested in your details regarding the QG product. My wife and I have made two crossings on the QM2, one in a sheltered balcony and one in Britannia Club, which also offers anytime dining. I have a 70th birthday coming up next year and we are considering both PG and QG. Your review has provided excellent insights. The Q6 suite looks very well laid out. Your pictures are great. It looked like you had nice warm weather. Thanks again for taking the time to share your experience. I think there are a lot of us on this Board who need a "fix" between voyages on the QM2. Jack
  5. The good news is that the flight from PR is a long flight and the airlines are building in extra time into their flight schedules these days in order to improve their on-time performance ratings. So, you will likely arrive early, maybe as much as 30 minutes. If you are connecting to another Delta flight its their responsibility to get you to YYZ if you miss your connection due to late arrival. However, Cocopico is correct that if you call Delta about this schedule change they will probably allow you to change flights without a penalty fee. You might even have the option go going through Laguardia or Newark airports. On the down side, I believe 41 minutes is a "legal" connection which means that they technically don't actually have to do anything for you. The big factor is if they have seats available on other flights in your fare code. My experience with the airlines is that being nice really helps. If you don't get the results you want, politely finish the call and then call back until you get a sympathetic agent.
  6. Great review Thorsten. We enjoyed your impressions as a first time on QM2. Jack
  7. I was a charter member of CLEAR and, for the 13 years that I lived near Orlando, found it very useful. Great staff. You still had to take your shoes off and laptop out but it typically only 2-5 minutes to clear TSA. I moved to Chicago 4 years ago and it is not available here so I let my membership drop. Four years ago the cost was about $125/year and $10 per person for each family member. They are always running promotions to join for $50-$90 the first year. I found it especially useful when I took business trips to the Asia/Pacific Rim. When returning through SFO where after clearing Customs I had to re-enter through security. If I had a tight connection back to Orlando, CLEAR was a lifesaver. Jack
  8. I agree completely Peregrina651, and on occasion I have been successful in reporting it but generally it is difficult to pinpoint which balcony the smell is coming from. As Haworth said, such occurrences are rare but when you take just one cruise a year, and there is an inconsiderate smoker 2-5 cabins up-wind, that's all it takes to restrict using your own balcony for the 7-10 days of that cruise.
  9. Although my wife and I are both nonsmokers, I have no problem with the designated smoking area on Deck 8. However, what tends to happen is that those smokers either don't realize smoking on their balcony is prohibited or choose to ignore that restriction. It is so discouraging to set up to enjoy a meal or a glass of wine on one's balcony only to have cigarette or cigar smoke come wafting in. Jack
  10. My wife renewed her GE back in April and received her new card in the mail in approximately 4 weeks.
  11. Would certainly enjoy hearing back from David rut (OP) as to his experience. Did he get seasick? Were any of the suggested remedies put to use? If so, successfully? How was his first QM2 TA?
  12. siforest65, I was in the same boat (literally) a few years ago and found many good YouTube how-to videos. Even so, it was a challenge for me and still remains so. Typically it will take me 4-6 tries and 15-20 minutes to get a really good result. But oh the satisfaction that comes from it. I'm afraid I'm a bit smug the rest of the evening, The piece de resistance is to be sitting in the Commodore's Club, at 12:01AM, and with a single motion untie that tie, ah la Frank Sinatra. So stick with it and enjoy. Jack
  13. Thanks flashfearless, kind of like the Viking Jupiter recently on its maiden arrival at Piraeus Port and as was the ship in Venice? Jack
  14. Nice photos/videos. Thanks for sharing. Great job by your son putting it al together. Jack
  15. Great advice VintageCCG. Unfortunately, I believe David has already completed his crossing. Hopefully we will hear from David as to how things went. As to your last point, I once heard the great America's Cup skipper Dennis Conners say in an interview, that despite a lifelong career on boats, on very rare occasion certain boats and/or wave harmonics have caused him to become seasick. Jack
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