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  1. Sorry that this picture is so cluttered but I hope it helps. Jack
  2. Jack E Dawson


    MCC retired, Thanks for the excellent information. I did not realize that I had choices. Last Friday I called Cunard directly (in California) and spoke to an agent. She explained that I had 3 options in requesting an upgrade. 1. Take anything that is offered, 2. Specify only accept an upgrade to the next major category and 3. Specify that you will only take an upgrade if you stay on the same side of the ship (port or starboard). Of course the Cunard Upgrade Fairy is one of the most mysterious and elusive creatures in the world but we will see what happens. Regardless, we have booked a great cabin that I know we will be happy in. Thanks again MCC retired. Jack
  3. Babs135, It was split pretty evenly, 1/3 never evers, 1/3 I've done a little and 1/3 very accomplished. I wish I had taken some pictures of the art show so you could see the range of talent. I was clearly the worst but enjoyed every minute of it and learned much more then I thought I would. Our instructor was amazing at pulling the creativity out of each student. The whole atmosphere of the class was very encouraging and supportive. But it is a commitment and there is a lot of work involved. It was probably day 3 before all of the techniques and lessons started to come together to be able to create a satisfying painting. Hope this is helpful. Jack
  4. Here is what the kit includes. It's my understanding that the brushes were of very good quality.
  5. I hope you will be able to post your assessment of how well the ship was repaired. Thanks, Jack
  6. VintageCCG, I think we are both saying the same thing, the QM2 is an incredibly stable ship. On the day we hit the gale force winds and rough seas, I estimate that the seas were 20'-30' high but it's hard for me to tell since the QM2 and the North Atlantic are both so larger than life but in any case, the motion was insignificant. If you check out HGQM2-2017 on YouTube you can judge for yourself. Getting back to Just2guys original posting, I would strongly recommend an East to West crossing in Club with a port side cabin. Cabin 12033 is a starboard side cabin and is somewhat close to the pool area and the afternoon live music. We sailed in 12022 and the location was excellent. A port side cabin on a west bound crossing ensures balcony sun and a great view of he Statue of Liberty upon entrance to New York harbor. Jack
  7. I took the water color classes on our last crossing, this past September, and throughly enjoyed them. On our trip, there was no actual sign-up. You just showed up for the first class but would recommend showing up at least 15 min early so you can gather your materials, get settled and organized. The classes are held in the Britannia main dining room on the top level, port side. The option of morning classes and afternoon classes are offered. The classes are an hour long and are every day. The first 20 minutes was usually devoted to a specific technique or two and the last 40 minutes to a project involving that day's technique(s). There is usually about 30 minutes of homework which I did before class each morning. We started with about 30 people in our class but lost about 1/3 of the class after the first day when they found out what the commitment was. Over the week we lost a couple of more people. The last day is actually an art show combining both morning and afternoon classes. The skill level of the participants varied from complete novice (like me) to extremely skilled artist. Our instructor was amazing. After the technique lesson, she would spend the rest of the class working individually with each student. I always felt that I received plenty of individual attention. All materials are provided but there is a small charge. MY DAY ONE PROJECT - Blending colors MY DAY FIVE PROJECT ONE OF THE MORE ACCOMPLISHED STUDENT'S PROJECT It was all great fun, very satisfying and made many new friends.
  8. Thanks MT, exactly the information I was looking for.
  9. We will be taking the Empires of the Mediterranean cruise departing out of Venice. This will be our first time on Viking. The schedule shows an 11:00PM (23:00) departure. I was wondering if we will be able to check-in around 11:00AM, drop our bags (I know our room won't be ready till mid afternoon) and then depart for some additional Venice sightseeing. Our plan would be to return to the ship around 5:00PM (17:00). Is that something Viking will allow us to do? Is the dock location such that we could easily get back to the sight seeing areas? Thanks, Jack
  10. Bluemarble is correct, that is the old Veranda menu on a poorly updated Cunard web site. Jack
  11. Deimos, I can't imagine anyone not enjoying a crossing on the QM2, even if on the three formal nights you eat at one of the four alternate smart casual dining venues. On the other four non-formal nights of the crossing, a sports coat is all that is required in the main dining room. (tie optional but no jeans). If you do decide on Cunard, I would encourage you to consider bringing a tux and giving formal nights a try. Putting on a jacket and bow tie really isn't all that bad. Who knows, you might even like the atmosphere and people you find yourself with. If you don't own a tux, you can buy one from a reputable rental shop for under 250 pounds. On the other hand, Cunard may not be for you (e.g. I'll never eat Brussel sprouts). There are many great cruise lines out there doing crossings where smart casual is the dress code. Traveling on the QM2 is a unique experience in many different ways, best enjoyed if you are open to embracing new experiences and stepping a little bit out of your comfort zone. Jack The
  12. I might be able to shed a little light on this, based on our own recent experience. The Auckland to Brisbane trip is a segment on the QV Around the World Voyage. When these World Voyages were put on the market last month, Cunard (or their computer algorithms) first allocated cabins for passengers making the entire voyage, then cabins were allocated by segment. In this way it would avoid a situation where someone wanted to book the entire World Voyage but couldn't get on because all of he cabins were taken on the Auckland to Brisbane segment. So far, my wife and I have only made crossings on the QM2. On our last one, this past September, we set out a goal(dream) to try and sail completely around the world east to west), in annual continuous segments, and to experience all three (four?) Cunard ships. When we tried to get on the Ft. Lauderdale to San Francisco for January 2019 it was already sold out. Unfortunately that segment, sailing east to west, is only offered every other year. So when they had the 2021 World Club pre-sale a few weeks ago, I was on the phone with Cunard 30 minutes after their California offices opened at 5:00AM their time, 7:00AM my time. The booking was quickly made but there were only 4 cabins to choose from. Fortunately we were able to get a good cabin location. That afternoon I called Cunard back with a minor question and happened to get he same agent. After answering my question she also mentioned that that segment was now sold out. Sure enough, when I checked on line, that segment wasn't even shown. Then the next day it was shown but all categories were marked as sold out. My guess is that when it gets closer to final payment time, there will be cancellations and cabins will become available, but who knows. Hope this helps. Jack
  13. Here is some quick math based on estimated deck heights above the waterline showing the amount of motion (side to side) one would experience for various degrees of roll on the QM2. 1 degree of roll* 3 degrees of roll* 5 degrees of roll* Deck 4 1.5' (.46m) 4.5' (1.38m) 7.4' (2.28m) Deck 8 2.9' (.89m) 8.7' (2.62m) 14.5' (4.45m) Deck 12 4.0' (1.23m) 12.0' (3.69m) 20.0' (6.15m) *each way, e.g. 1 degree of roll to port followed by 1 degree of roll to starboard Please allow a wide degree of margin for errors in my math. With that said, when we stayed on Deck 12 and experienced gale force winds and rough seas, the motion in our cabin still allowed for the pouring of a properly filled glass of champagne. In my mind, this is probably the best way to measure the stability of this great ship. Jack
  14. We have two favorites in London. The first is the Trafalgar St. James. As the name indicates, it is located right on Trafalgar Square. This hotel is part of the new Hilton Curio Collection. Hilton has been buying up classic hotels around the world and restoring them to their original grandeur. The St James is more of a boutique hotel and the location is excellent. The second hotel is the Marriott London County Hall. This grand hotel is located in the old London City Hall building behind the London Eye and is a 3 minute walk to Parliament and Westminster Abby. The law library has been preserved and is used for a grand afternoon tea. Should you stay at either hotel, we highly recommend enjoying a pint of two at the Lord of the Half Moon pub on Whitehall, 1/2 block from Trafalgar Square. Jack
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