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  1. We've cruised several times in a full suite on 7-15 day cruises and am familiar with the suite benefits. I have a suite booked on a 3 night repo cruise. What suite benefits do we NOT get on a short trip? Sabatini breakfast? First night free specialty restaurant? Free laundry? We're both platinum.
  2. jc719

    Pre-pay OBC

    Here's an update with my experience on Diamond Princess... I bought $1000 USD in OBC. Went to the casino, linked my card and loaded $500 to the card. Immediately cashed out $500. No casino play. A couple days later, loaded another $500 and immediately cashed out again. A few days later, I tried to do it a 3rd time and the card had been disabled for loading cash from my on-board account. I had the same cage cashier both times. Had DW setup her card and download another $500 and immediately cash out. No problem and I didn't try again as I had all the cash I needed. So maybe I should have been more subtle. I also noted that there was no need to preload OBC from home. It would have worked the same, I think, just drawing down the on-board credit, still generating cash from a CC that pays more points for travel.
  3. Is it possible to pre-pay & buy On-board Credit and withdraw it in cash (USD) on board? We have some private tours and the guides want to be paid in cash (either local or USD). I'd prefer to do this rather than taking US currency to earn points on my credit card & I don't like carrying large amounts of cash. I assume that a purchased OBC is refundable in the event I don't use it all up. To withdraw it on-board, can I do this at Guest Services or do I need to use the casino?
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