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  1. Odd question I know.. but, here goes... Since the restart to cruising, has anyone ever scheduled a walmart order delivery to the hotel? We are cruising out of Miami in a few weeks. we are flying in this trip instead of driving.. we normally take sodas and wine onboard, which is easy since we normally drive. Thinking of doing a walmart deliver order for our wine and sodas and have it delivered to the hotel after we check in.. Think that is possible? .
  2. I thought that we only needed the card given when we got the vaccine? Has that changed? We sail week from Saturday..
  3. Anyone sailing this week on the Mardi Gras in a Premium Extended forward facing Balcony? If so please share your thoughts and some pics if possible. Currently booked in one leaving in 2 weeks, curious of your thoughts on it!
  4. Don't laugh.. Asking for a friend. On our September cruise, one person in our party is a die hard pokemon addict.. If they purchase the premium internet package, will pokemon still work at sea? Or does it not work at all?
  5. Hi everyone. Any Suite/Platinum/Diamond status folks that have already sailed? I know that Suite/Platinum/Diamond are not getting priority boarding at this time, but does anyone know if the cabins are still ready when you board? We are Platinum and usually go to room soon as we board and drop off our carry-ons. If this is not an option right now, I will need to rethink my carry-on packing. 🙂 Thanks in advance!
  6. Thanks everyone! I think we decided to save our points and book a suite next time we book!
  7. Hi everyone! This may be a crazy question but here goes... We have a cruise booked already.. but just realized that we have over 100,000 points on the carnival credit card that will cover $1500 on a cruise.. Our cruise did not cost us but less than $700 and that charge has already posted to the CC account. IF I change cabins to one that the total is $1500 will they pull back the $700 charge for the initial booking and do another charge for the full $1500 or will they just add the additional information $800? to use the 100K in points on the CC, it has to be one charge of 1500 or more and not a total of two charges.. from what we see and have read? anyone have any experiences with this?
  8. what does the current voyage type Restricted mean?
  9. Thanks! Same with us.. I am the gambler.. he is not 🙂. But does that start the minute we are on the ship? is it just in the system or do I need some kind of card or something?
  10. How does the drinks everywhere work? anyone know? This is the first time I have had this offer available (always only have the drinks while playing in casino). Do I have to wait until the casino opens to get a card or something? Also, is this for both of us in the cabin? or only me?
  11. Hi All, we are seasoned cruisers but first time with NCL. We are at 70 days out and I have just gotten a new job. I am not sure that I am going to be able to get the time off work to go. We did purchase the standard insurance when we booked. reduced air was a perk when we booked and flights have been scheduled. IF I have to cancel or postpone this trip, will we get our $$ back? we are paid in full and have a couple excursions already booked. Thanks in advance!
  12. We are new to Norwegian but not new to cruising. We booked the take all offers package, which includes the adult beverage package. Looking online at our summary, there are options to upgrade to premium beverage package and a couple others. Now I am confused. What exactly is included in the PROMO adult beverage package? Thanks in advance!
  13. Thanks, the transfer shuttle has already been purchased so its a go.. What does this mean? This is ONLY to Miami. Is there not a shuttle to the port in Ft Lauderdale from the ft Lauderdale airport?
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