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  1. May I ask what excursion you did in Roatan, or why it is your favorite?
  2. We loved the solarium area on Royal. Nothing like it on NCL unless you pay extra for it. The buffet food was better with Royal - way better in our opinion. Main dining room food about the same. We have a couple of months we can vacation during. So we choose our cruises first by month, then itinerary then cost. Lately NCL has been winning our business because of the Free at Sea promo. If we didn't purchase alcohol packages we'd probably stay with Royal. Even though NCL hikes their prices to include "free" stuff, they beat Royal on price for the sailings we look at.
  3. Is the liquor only available if you get the booze package?
  4. The Hub is super excited about this port because we're staying on the ship lol. There is just nothing about this port that makes it sound like its worth fighting off pushy locals or impoverished children. I'm hoping to get in on a good spa deal while in port.
  5. I love this Michael! For us it depends on the airline as to which bags we take. If we get a free checked bag we each take one of those plus a personal item (backpack) each. If no free checked bag then we each take a personal item and carry on. Then it will depend on where we're going. I pack much differently for Greek Isles than I do the Caribbean. I must admit though, we are over packers. I've been in both camps - where I've had too much and not enough - and I much prefer to have too much stuff.
  6. No worries. I've never bought anything except Retin A but thought the hub might want to check out his prescription meds. We enjoy booze enough that we don't need any other stimulants or substances
  7. Great review! I too like rmurray847 am a bit disappointed to not hear how much underwear can fit in a packing cube, but I guess I'll live. Thanks for including the itinerary at the top. Thanks for the thoughts on the Haven. I think the hub and I travel much like you and your spouse. We like to be out and about hearing live music etc. I just don't think we'd get our money's worth from a Haven room. Or I'd feel like I need to take advantage of it and then miss out on everything else. Now if they made the pool area adults only, it might be worth it to us just for that. That's one thing we find that RCI has over NCL and that is adult only areas. Super exciting about you getting to play the drums on stage - drunk and all!!! We LOVE Cozumel and feel bad for folks that never leave the port area or just go to a beach club. No wonder they hate it there. Mega is great. You'll have to go to Chedraui next time. Even more "local" than Mega. Was your medicine prescription? If so, did you have a script or just ask the pharmacy? We were already excited about the Breakaway (even though it seems to get some bad reviews) and after your review I'm even more excited! I just love the idea of all the live music. Super cool review. Thanks a bunch!
  8. I have to agree that both lines are similar enough that we'll sail on either. I did miss the solarium adult area that RCI offers that you have to pay for on NCL. Besides paying for the thermal suite I didn't like having to go into the spa area to use the pool. The solarium has a bar and when they open the roof it is heaven. NCL has more food choices but RCI food was better IMO. At this point we sail for itineraries but I can see a time when we would said for a particular ship. Great read, thanks for writing it.
  9. Thanks Lizabu! Sounds delish!
  10. Portugal and Spain. While parts of Greece were great, I have no desire to return there or to Italy.
  11. Our first on the last cruise was a Bahama Mama and it was so good it became my go to when I couldn't decide on anything. Since we had the beverage package I think I tried almost one of everything in that 9 days! Oh! the perfect margarita was delightful as well. My go to in everyday life is vodka and lemonade. I never thought there would be no lemonade on the Dawn so I was stuck drinking all kind of other stuff. I will make sure to take some Crystal Lite packs with me on the Breakaway in case they have no lemonade.
  12. No they don't have swim up bars, just saying when they are available I'm not getting in.
  13. I was reading through reviews and I always giggle when people complain about how many people are in the pool or hot tubs. I've been on only four cruises but I have never gotten in the main pool or hot tubs. I don't get in pools where there are swim up bars. On Royal we went to the adults only pool and on our Norwegian we went in the thermal suite areas, but not the drunk pools. I look at it like this - where there are drunks, pools/hot tubs are one huge urinal. Am I the only one that won't get in those?
  14. I went straight to the reservation desk after boarding and had no trouble changing all of my dining times.
  15. We really want to snorkel in Belize and know that there won't be good snorkeling in HC. I also realize there is a ferry to Placencia (?) where you can catch your own excursion. We are too far out for NCL excursions to show up on the website, but I'm curious if anyone did a snorkel trip with NCL? How was it? Price? Any info would be great.
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