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  1. Oh dear. Big questions: On the national rail website, which Waterloo and which Southampton stations to I inquire regarding? Thanks for assisting ignorant tourists.
  2. Actually, very helpful info. At least I have an idea where my hotel is in relationship to the train stations. Your suggestion re the SouthWest trains from Waterloo appears to be the better option for us. I did read somewhere, however, that your coaches are far superior to the US buses. For viewing the countryside enroute to Southampton, is the train the better idea? Thanks so much.
  3. Such wonderful information. Too bad we only have the one day for the visit. My thought had been to at least hit Brighton before enjoying Dover, the castle and cathedral. It appears, however, we may have to cut the trip down as, unfortunately, I don't "have a week." Since it's only about 2 hours to take the boring route to Dover, that may be our best option, giving us plenty of time to explore that area. Your comment regarding Birling Gap and the other coastal towns entice me to change the plan; but, as stated, I kinda want to see the White Cliffs in honor of my father. So, it appears a direct route to Dover thence the 2 hours back to LHR on the motorway may be our best option. Your insight and practical information is truly appreciated and, oh, so helpful. Thank you, again.
  4. Thank so much for your very good information. I do believe we will opt for the last suggestion of simply taking a train from London out to Windsor. I appreciate the train scheduling information. Once we depart the train in Windsor, is the castle within walking distance of the train station? Again, very appreciative of your information.
  5. The suggestion to stop by Windsor Castle enroute to central London hotel is super but I have two questions. We will have luggage, so would it be impossible to find a method of storing them while visiting the Castle? Also, what method could we use to get to our London hotel from Windsor? It seems apparent that it would be best to go straight to the hotel and discover Windsor another day. Whatdayathink?
  6. One more request for transport information. My husband and I will be departing St. Ermins Hotel, 2 Caxton Street on a Saturday, in May, traveling to Southampton to board a Celebrity ship. I have read this entire post (and my head is spinning), however, not knowing which train station or bus station is nearest my hotel, I'm at a loss. Could you aid me with a suggested itinerary to the port? It seems a crime to take advantage of your largess. The knowledge and generosity you experts display is amazing!!
  7. When our cruise ship returns to Southampton in June, 2020, we would like to rent a car, drive to Dover, stopping along the way at some beautiful coastal towns. In Dover, visit the White Cliffs (which I remember my father talking about their beauty when he as in WWII), the Castle and perhaps the town. Then head back to LHR for a flight out the following morning. Can anyone help me with this itinerary: ie. Timing; duration; ability to get a car at the cruise port (I believe their is a Hertz agency there); sites to see going and returning? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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