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  1. Update.................contacted the loyalty desk last week and explained my situation. Rep put me on hold and came back and told me that the FCC would be extended until 10/31/22 so I could use on my 10/15/22 repo cruise that I had booked. Tried to apply the FCC a few days later and kept getting an error message. After several tries, I called the loyalty number again and explained once again what was going on. Her response, after discussing with her supervisor, was that the first rep was wrong and they are not extending the FCC. My best bet would be to wait and see if Celebrity does exten
  2. Got my response.......not surprising but disappointed. Next step, who knows? Thank you for contacting Celebrity Cruises.We’re eager to have you on board and understand you are wanting to extend the expiration date of your Future Cruise Credit. Regretfully, the April 30, 2022 application date and September 30, 2022 sail-by date are firm deadlines that are not able to be adjusted. Since the sail-by expiration date is more than a year in the future and we’ll be making more return-to-service announcements in the weeks ahead, we’re hopeful you’ll be able to find a sailing within the ti
  3. emailed Celebrity (suggested by rep at Celebrity) to ask for exception as I want to use it on my recently booked Summit next October (2 weeks after FCC expires). fingers crossed they will either honor it or extend it for everyone.
  4. celebrityengagementcenter@celebrity.com and in the subject put FCC exception. still waiting for reply and will post when/if they do. good luck
  5. Made the decision, after talking to a rep at Celebrity and reading the above, to go ahead and book. I was told by the rep to send an email to the FCC exception desk explaining why I would like/need to have my FCC extended. At best, they will ok my exception and I will apply the FCC to my new booking. Second best is they deny the exception and I will wait to make the decision to cancel until the last possible moment in hopes that Celebrity changes their minds and extend all the FCCs to whatever. Third best is they deny the exception, don't extend the deadl
  6. Booked, canceled, booked again, canceled again............................hubby and I have future cruise credits that need to be used by 4/2022 for cruises by 9/30/2022. I've already lifted and shifted two other cruises, to take place in January and May of 2022. I would like to book the 10/15/2022 Summit, which goes from Boston to Miami and will hit the ABC islands that I was supposed to see on the canceled cruises above. Has anyone had any luck getting Celebrity to extend the deadline for the FCC? We're talking 2 weeks. I spoke to a Celebrity rep on-line who basical
  7. my heart breaks for you, Ride-the-Waves........agree that this global pandemic is crazy right now, with not real end in sight. I hope and pray that someday soon you will be able to visit your homelands. Our next European cruise is scheduled for May, 2022 - such a long time away and so many things need to change before then. But our first cruise is a Caribbean one in April, 2021 - not sure if we will be comfortable enough to enjoy that one. Time will tell
  8. Mommy........if you have never been to Venice, then stay there for at least 2 nights. It is such an incredible city and worth exploring. I can't wait to go back in 2022.
  9. 1. Celebrity Equinox - 4/23/2021: not sure if this one will be a go for us, not because of any on-board regulations such as mask wearing or social distancing, but will not sail if we have to go only on ship's excursions. We like to get off and walk around the ports or do private excursions. Not likely to happen by April, 2021. 2. Odyssey of the Seas - 1/23/22: did a lift and shift from 1/23/21 due to being cancelled due to virus and ship building delays. Hopefully, this will be ready to go as scheduled (now). Ports not an issue; ship will be the destination. 3.
  10. I would book the SV always. Agree that the concierge perks are not really worth it, though I did enjoy the quiet embarkation luncheon. Love sitting on the aft balcony and looking at the wake - perfect, for me
  11. All ships have to have a minimum number of crew on board at all times. Basic maintenance and upkeep, even it is completely shut down. To have a ship without anyone on board would be crazy.
  12. Tigrou.................I'm in the same boat, so to speak. Waiting for the October 17th cruise to be cancelled as I would like to take the 125% FCC and apply it to my April 2021 Equinox (fingers crossed). The price of the April cruise (9 nights) is more than October (12 nights) so I was waiting for them to cancel. I'm ready to close the book on this cruise!!!!!
  13. Where2next10.......................are you able to lift & shift to next year? We did this for our Odyssey cruise that was scheduled for 1/23/21 - now it is 1/23/22. Was super easy to do, and I got a better room and saved a whopping $20pp.
  14. I'm not stressed - already paid in full, final payment was due last week, but I had paid it long before that. Already had one TA cancelled in April, Odyssey of the Seas cancelled for January 2021. Need to get excited for my next cruise, which will hopefully be next April. Thanks for letting me vent
  15. Currently booked on the Summit - Boston to Fort Lauderdale (repositioning) , leaving Boston 10/17/20. We all know that this cruise is not going to happen. All cruises on Summit have been cancelled up until this one (Bermuda and Canada destinations). The "possibility" that the ship will travel from the Bahamas to Boston, pick up whoever is left, and sail to the ABC islands and land in Florida, is getting less and less likely. I am willing to wait to see if this will be cancelled and can get the 125% FCC to put towards our 4/23/21 (fingers crossed) on the Equinox. Not
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