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  1. If it is something you really want to see, get there early and grab the seat of your choice. Some shows can be popular and seating at a premium. Have a great cruise
  2. We are considering doing the transatlantic on the Epic next April - price is really good, especially with the reduced air of $250pp. Is this airfare round-trip (Boston to Miami, Barcelona to Boston)? Tried looking on the website, but the information is non-existent. Any advice/help/clarification would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. Be a typical first-timer: Walking tour of Old Havana, learning about it's history and marveling at the architecture. Lunch at one of the many fabulous restaurants in and around the squares. Follow it up with a driving tour in a classic car. Day one complete. If you have energy, go see a show - so many to choose from. Next day, visit El Morro and tour the old fort. Go back and delve deeper into Old Havana. I will be back again in July - can't wait to explore some more. Doing a 6 hour walking/driving tour and seeing the show at Café Taberna.
  4. Sorry in advance if this has been asked before, but the search has not been kind to me. We went to Cuba on Majesty of the Seas (RCCL) in February - it was fabulous. A friend now wants me to go with her on Norwegian Sky in July - so excited to go back and do more exploring. Question - in February, we did the paperwork and had our passports stamped in Cuba - my recollection was that the visa was good for 5 years. I have a copy of the paperwork (visa application) from RCCL - do I need to do the application again or will the copy be good? Do I need to pay the $75 again? Is there anything else I would need? RCCL did it through the ship - my friend says we need to apply for visa on our own (?) Thanks for any help/recommendations/advice
  5. I always bring a copy of my passport when I leave the ship, along with my ship card and license (photo ID). Have never needed it, but just in case the worst case scenario happens...…………………………….
  6. They will be included in your documents - I got mine for my 4/26/19 cruise about a month ago
  7. Thanks for the replies - we are actually in our second year as snowbirds, so we have been very warm all winter. We are on the Serenade and just love this ship (been on her about 5 times). Will plan for warm and cool climates and bring my raincoat. If it is sunny and 60, that is shorts weather, maybe with a sweater. Hearty New Englander always.
  8. I know that Mother Nature can be fickle, but what can I expect the weather to be for my April, 2019 transatlantic (Fort Lauderdale, Azores, Cork, Bruge, Amsterdam, and Copenhagen). Will the first 6 days at sea be warm enough for the pool? I assume it will be jeans and shirts for the other ports and I will be bringing a rain coat, maybe a light jacket. Any suggestions or past experience would be very helpful Thanks
  9. I leave Thursday on Majesty - don't think it will make it in time...….. But thanks for the reminder - will put a note on my mirror to cash out my million dollar casino ticket - lol! How did you find the Majesty? Did you do Cuba?
  10. Thanks so much for the review. We are going on the Majesty Thursday, stopping in Havana on Friday and have booked the tour with FerTours - can't wait. Couple of questions: How much did lunch cost? We will probably want a few drinks with our meal - we don't want anything too fancy, but good local Cuban food. Do you remember the name of the restaurant you went to? Any other things that we need to see? How much (if you don't mind my asking) did you tip the guide and driver - the boards are not very helpful there. We are actually thinking about going to some sort of show at night - was there anything else offered or had you already done your homework? Need to bring home some rum (we live in Florida, so no dealing with TSA) - did they have "regular" size bottles or smaller ones (I'm not much of a rum drinker, but would like to try some so the smaller bottles would be better). Thanks again for any information/helpful hints
  11. Have used Blue Water Safaris twice and they are amazing. Great company, a lot cheaper than RCCL, and a fun day. Love Nevis. Have fun not matter what you decide
  12. Grand Cayman is beautiful - plenty to do in town or beyond. Only this I dislike is the tendering...………….sometimes it can be a nightmare
  13. Just did this in November after our Serenade repo. Took an Uber or Lyft (can't remember which one) and they dropped us off inside the garage. Had to walk through one garage (where most people drop their cars off) and into the one where you pick up. Left the ship at around 8am (picked up bags and went through customs) and were on the road in the rental by 9am - not too bad
  14. Royal app will show on-board activities and your calendar - download the app and sign in with your Royal ID and password.
  15. Dress like you are going to dinner - hopefully that means nice. We did the Chef's Table for my birthday last month on Serenade - it was fantastic. Don't eat much before and watch the wine pouring - it is liberal. Enjoy!
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