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  1. All ships have to have a minimum number of crew on board at all times. Basic maintenance and upkeep, even it is completely shut down. To have a ship without anyone on board would be crazy.
  2. Tigrou.................I'm in the same boat, so to speak. Waiting for the October 17th cruise to be cancelled as I would like to take the 125% FCC and apply it to my April 2021 Equinox (fingers crossed). The price of the April cruise (9 nights) is more than October (12 nights) so I was waiting for them to cancel. I'm ready to close the book on this cruise!!!!!
  3. Where2next10.......................are you able to lift & shift to next year? We did this for our Odyssey cruise that was scheduled for 1/23/21 - now it is 1/23/22. Was super easy to do, and I got a better room and saved a whopping $20pp.
  4. I'm not stressed - already paid in full, final payment was due last week, but I had paid it long before that. Already had one TA cancelled in April, Odyssey of the Seas cancelled for January 2021. Need to get excited for my next cruise, which will hopefully be next April. Thanks for letting me vent
  5. Currently booked on the Summit - Boston to Fort Lauderdale (repositioning) , leaving Boston 10/17/20. We all know that this cruise is not going to happen. All cruises on Summit have been cancelled up until this one (Bermuda and Canada destinations). The "possibility" that the ship will travel from the Bahamas to Boston, pick up whoever is left, and sail to the ABC islands and land in Florida, is getting less and less likely. I am willing to wait to see if this will be cancelled and can get the 125% FCC to put towards our 4/23/21 (fingers crossed) on the Equinox. Not eligible for lift and shift - only repositioning cruise out of Boston in 2021 is 7 nights, Boston to San Juan - grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Can't believe this hasn't been cancelled yet - just want to get on with my life and look forward to 2021. Sorry.....................just had to vent!
  6. Thanks scouseronline and everyone for the input. We are also booked for the repo this October and disappointed that there is not an equitable cruise next year out of Boston. We have not cancelled yet and will look to see what happens. Being from Massachusetts, we have to wait to see if the governor and the powers that be even open up the port - probably not going to happen if they have already cancelled the Boston marathon in September. If Celebrity cancels, we will take the FCC and book something else in the future. If by some chance the cruise does happen, I'm ready to board.
  7. I agree - had a FCC for RCCL (had booked Grandeur but changed to Summit - same itinerary). When on board Infinity in February, wanted to booked another with Celebrity - no go with RCCL FCC. Love both lines, but do prefer Celebrity if I had a choice.
  8. Received the following from Spain Day Tours regarding our upcoming tour from Cadiz to Seville: "I'm writing to you today to let you know that the Alcazar management in Seville has decided to implement a completely new system for issuing tickets to the Palace. The Alcazar management is now requesting that bookings be placed in a new portal and it is mandatory to have the full name, date of birth, passport number and issuing country for each visitor. Entry to the Palace will not be possible if the full name, date of birth, issuing country and passport number of each visitor is not provided in advance." Can't seem to find anything on the Alcazar site about this. Maybe it only applies to tour operators and getting advanced tickets? Anyone familiar with this? A bit apprehensive about sending all my passport information - will bring my passport if necessary. Thanks for any insights
  9. I emailed Spain Day Tours and got a prompt reply. They basically said that the entire tour is made up of Epic passengers and to please get off the ship as soon as possible. They may wait for 5 additional minutes, but then will leave. We will plan on being off as soon as possible and make the tour. Will review when I get back
  10. On our last Celebrity cruise (5 nightery), hubby wore shorts to dinner every night. He only wanted to bring a carry on for luggage and this is what worked. Nice shorts and collared shirts/polo/Hawaiian shirt and no one stopped him, main dining room or specialty restaurants. I have to say, he still looked better than a lot of men we saw. I saw cut off shorts, t-shirts of all kinds and conditions, etc. We had decided before hand that, if he was stopped, we would just go up to buffet .
  11. Thank you so much Pushka…………….. Just changed from a regular balcony to a concierge on a higher deck (Summit repositioning from Boston in October)- saved almost $900 and got an additional $300 OBC. Was not expecting that. Still have all my perks, but now my balance is so much lower. My hubby thanks you very much!!!!!
  12. After lots of research for our upcoming TA on the Norwegian Epic in April, we finally settled on using Spain Day Tours' Cadiz to Seville Tour. It had everything we wanted and the price was fantastic. The only hold back may be the timing. We are set to dock at 10am and the excursion is set to leave at 10:15am. Has anyone done this excursion - should I be worried that I will not make the tour? Thanks for any insights
  13. Have been to the Azores once before and saw the crater lakes and village, etc... We had lunch in town before walking back to the ship. All in all, it was a lovely day. Going back in April and want to know if there are tours available when you get off ship, just in case we want to do more exploring. Are they reliable? Anything to watch our for? Have done this in the Caribbean, usually with no problems at all. Thanks for any suggestions
  14. I did this years ago with my son - it was the highlight of our cruise. It was a distance from the ship, but the tour guide was quick to point our sites and give a commentary of day-to-day life of the island. The river rafting was relatively calm and lots of fun. Not a lot of walking.
  15. Boston is a great walking city, if you are able. Taxi or Uber/Lyft to City Hall, start of the Freedom Trail. Follow trail through Fanueil Hall and North End. You can get a good lobster roll/dinner anywhere. Do your research and you will be able to do this on the cheap. Really no need to do a tour. Fanueil Hall is nice, but very touristy. Skip the Cheers bar, unless you want to overpay for drinks and mementosl. North End is the Italian end - lots of great restaurants, all good. Paul Revere's house and Old North Church. If able, follow from here to Old Ironsides and Bunker Hill. All in all, it is maybe a 2+ mile walk. Doable with stops and, if it is a nice day, very pleasant.
  16. Excellent question - we will be on this cruise also and I had the exact same question. Fairly new to NCL (2nd cruise) but are diamond+ with RCCL and always have some sort of laundry done on longer cruises (either with or without perks). Hate to bring that many clothes, but will if necessary. Will follow your thread with interest.
  17. Thanks for the info. I tried to make reservations at Cagneys, but they only offered a table for 1 at the time/date I wanted. So, I booked it. Will I be able to change it to a table for 2 once on board? If not, looks like hubby will be dining in the main dining room alone...lol
  18. Will be on my second NCL cruise (1st on was on Majesty - 4 days). We will be on the Epic TA and can't wait for this adventure. We got the 3 day specialty dining. I managed to make some reservations on-line. Will NCL know that I am using my specialty dining package or do I need to tell them when we get there? Also, wanted to get a reservation at Cagney's, but nothing was available before 9pm (wait too late for my old body). Will I have any luck once on board? Any other suggestions for making this cruise run smoothly would be greatly appreciated. Anything not to be missed? Anything to avoid? Sorry if this has been covered, but I tried to search and came up with a lot of nothing. Thanks
  19. have never seen them cheaper - either the same or usually more than pre-booking
  20. We also have done this tour - it was fantastic. The "big" bus feel just wasn't there....bus is used to get you to the cemetery, beach, and museum. Had plenty of time at the cemetery to walk around on our own as well as time at the beach. The museum was fantastic - wish we had more time to go through it. Lunch at the museum was ok...……….bottle of wine for every 4 people I believe, salad, chicken entrée, dessert, coffee. It lasted way too long in my opinion because we only had a couple of hours to go through the museum after - again, it was not a lot of time for such an interesting museum. It is a 2 hour trip each way from the port to the beach, so bring something to keep you occupied, although our guide did talk the entire way there to give us some background history. Way back he was quiet the whole time, which was nice and relaxing.
  21. Either call RCCL or do it online under Royal Gifts. You will need their ship, sail date, and reservation number. Pretty easy
  22. you'll be fine. Follow the signs to the Adventure. One terminal per ship - separate drop offs, check ins, etc.... There will probably be 4 or 5 ships sailing that day but as long as you follow the signs to your ship, everything will be fine. Enjoy!
  23. Drink card was offered late in cruise - think it was $70 for 10 drinks (?). Didn't end up buying it, but I might on the next cruise.
  24. Taste is a very subjective topic. When I get dessert, I usually opt for the sugar-free option (that way, in my little mind, I can enjoy an evening cocktail). Some are very good, some are not. But, as my hubby always opts for the sugary options, he states the same - some good, some not. Try everything and you may be pleasantly surprised
  25. Chef's Table is great for a special occasion, but you should look at the menu to make sure it is one that you would enjoy. I have done it twice - once for my birthday. It was fabulous both times. Go hungry (and thirsty as the wine can flow).
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