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  1. Ouch! That truly sucks (for lack of a better term). Insurance companies seem to love when the airlines give a credit voucher because that gets them off the hook. My only suggest, and it is a long shot, is to try and get a terrific travel advocate working on your behalf. I think one of the best is Christopher Elliott and your story might get their interest. Take a look at his web site (www.elliott.org) and there is a form you can access (upper right side of his web page) where you seek their advice and help. If all else fails try to find a way to use that Air Canada credit.
  2. I somewhat disagree on your comments regarding the discussions/forums while I do have much less faith in the ship/review section. While I do agree with you that many posts are biased that does not mean they are inaccurate. The trick is to try and ferret out the accurate info while ignoring some of the really biased info. What I love about these forums is that if somebody posts something that is inaccurate or horribly biased there are usually others that will take them to task. Most of the time the truth does come out 🙂 I will add that it takes a thick online skin to post negative opinion
  3. Just wanted to post an observation made this morning. I went out to pick up some bagels and noticed that our local traffic had returned to normal (pre COVID). When I got to Panera I noticed that there was a normal crowd inside having their coffee, pasties, etc. At the shopping center the parking lot seemed to have a normal amount of cars with folks moving in and out of the stores. So here is my point. The People have decided to return to a relatively normal life despite the dictates of the CDC and some other government agencies. I think the People have spoken and are willing to live thei
  4. Of course a very simple alternative is to require that all the passengers (and crew) be fully vaccinated. Then the issue of gangplanks is not a big deal. And by the way, the entire CDC about embarking/disembarking folks needing separation just shows the complete ignorance of the CDC officials who wrote the document. They obviously have no clue as to how cruises work and the CBP (another Federal Agency) rules about "zeroing out" vessels. Bottom line is that all the disembarking passengers are required to be off the vessel before the ship is cleared and any embarkation is permitted. And
  5. We have cruises extensively for over forty years on 16 different cruise lines. And with all that personal experience we always look to Cruise Critic for guidance when we are considering another line or even one with which we have not cruised in a few years. While I will look at the ship/review area and read the CC review and many cruiser reviews, I take the latter with grain of sea salt. IMHO, most folks who write formatted detailed reviews are either cheerleaders (their line can do little wrong) or are whiners that have an ax to grind...often over a relatively minor issue. We find that b
  6. I am going to jump in for the simple reason that between Jan 3 and Mar 12, DW and I dined out 71 times over 70 days. We did this in Puerto Vallarta and ate out at over 20 different restaurants. DW and I are both in a COVID high risk group, were not vaccinated at the time, and Puerto Vallarta was having a significant COVID problem. So, you might ask how we survived 10 weeks living a "nest of COVID" where restaurants were open (inside and out) without getting COVID (or any other ailment). I think much is simply using common sense (mixed with a little luck). Most restaurants operated with r
  7. So this seems to be a situation where Seabourn does not have their act together. There are no prices online so I called my favorite cruise agency who also shows nothing on their own system and said they would need to telephone Seabourn. So I telephoned Seabourn and their rep said he could only see where they were selling the July 24, 31 cruises. When I pushed him for some kind of pricing for 14 days he talked about approximately $10,000 PP for a low category which would be a little over $700 Per passenger day. When I mentioned that Greece is not even open to Americans he had no clue. He a
  8. This seems to be a Republican position (around the country) to oppose any kind of vaccination passport. While I can understand that attitude when it comes to a government requirement, it makes less sense to me when it comes to a private business. If a business wants to deny service to anyone who is unvaccinated, I do not see why it is even a government issue. Just paint me a libertarian but I do think a business should be able to set their own standards as long as it does not run afoul of our discrimination laws. Hank
  9. NCL has had a nasty habit of cutting their port times to offer more ports. The Patmos thing is weird since sunset will be by 7:30. But a 6:30 PM arrival makes little sense. It is too late for daylight stuff and too early for nightlife (Greek nightlife tends to be somewhat later). I guess one could go ashore to eat dinner but most on NCL would likely opt to eat on board. Hank
  10. I will ignore the COVID issue (there will not likely be any cruises out of American ports in July) and focus on the two ships (we have cruised on both). As much as I do like Princess (we are Elite for many years) the Caribbean Princess is one of my least favorite Princess ships. Princess took the great Grand Princess design and added an additional passenger deck without any major increase in public space. To me the Caribbean Princess felt crowded. As to the Equinox, we love all the Solstice Class ships which we think is one of the best large ship layouts. My major complaint about Celebrit
  11. I think you are being optimistic. I would suggest substituting "millennia" for "century." Hank
  12. I would not count on any communal steam or sauna rooms in the near future. They are considered (by the CDC) a big No-No in terms of COVID mitigation. I imagine the hot tubs will also be a problem and could be closed when cruising resumes. Hank
  13. What makes you think the CDC will approve the idea of three meals a day! Since they think they are now running the cruise lines we might well seek CDC imposing maximum meals, maximum calories, etc. all in the name of Public Health. Come to think of it we might also have nightly bedtimes since the CDC certainly would not trust the public to make such a difficult decision. And we could see a new requirement that partners must sleep at least 3 feet apart (or maybe 6 feet). Hank
  14. Lets take issues one at a time. Governor Desantis's order is meaningless (in terms of cruises) since there are no cruises and the CDC has given no indication if and when there will ever be cruises out of US ports. As to the Governor's no "vaccine passport order" there will likely be some legal issues as to whether he even has the authority to unilaterally impose his views on the private sector. As to buying a fake CDC vaccination form, it would likely be viewed as a felony under Federal Law. And consider that the vaccines are Free but using a fraudulent Federal Form will cost
  15. Absolutely makes sense :). The thing about Venice (a city that DW and I have oft enjoyed) is that the transportation problems (and there are many) can be overcome with money. It truly is one of those cases where throwing a lot of Euros at the problem makes the problem not only disappear, but can turn it into fun. In your case the easiest (and most expensive) solution will be to book a water taxi from the airport to whatever hotel is chosen. Private water taxis are an amazing experience and lots of fun. One other possible option (we emphasize "possible") is using the Alilaguna Line (they a
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