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  1. On our many visits we simply walked (many would probably prefer a taxi) to the cable car station and waited in line for a few minutes to buy tickets. Have never heard of the cable car being “booked.” Our longest wait was probably about 30 min. We also enjoy taking the cable car to the top station and the walking down to the mid station where we later board for the return to town. Hank
  2. We have enjoyed both cities during multiple visits. Overnighting in Lisbon is special for us since we enjoy going out to dinner and Fado. Lisbon is also a great place for a base as there are many decent day trip options such as Sinatra, Cascais, Esteril, etc. Porto also offers some decent regional options such as visiting wineries. Porto has a pretty decent public transit system (so does Lisbon) which can get you across the river to where visiting a few port houses (and tasting) is fun. Portugal is an excellent country for a driving or river boat vacation. Hank
  3. You need to understand that you will not see “everything” on a couple of port days. Private tours with decent companies like TJ Tours or Alla can be customized if you communicate your wants. But many attractions require a lot of walking, and folks with mobility issues need to be realistic. Popular sites like Peterhof can only be explored via lots of walking. Even museums like the Hermitage can involve a half mile (or more) of walking. Mobility limitations mean limiting your options. Hank
  4. It is a long transfer (nearly 2 hours) so you might want to stick with the transfer. A taxi would cost you around $220. Hank
  5. Sounds legit. Do you possibly have an unused future cruise credit that has expired? Hank
  6. One continuing issue is whether a coffee card on a back to back is good for both segments...or closed out after the first cruise. It has proven elusive to get a good answer to this question. Hank
  7. Just curious why you would book a cruise and then immediately decide you don’t not want that cruise. Faux bookings are a big problem for all cruise lines and take cabins out of inventory that might be of interest to those who really are serious about that particular cruise. Our vote is still out on non refundable deposits. We have also been burned when we had to cancel a booking, but if the non refundable are tied the really good deals then we support the concept. Hank
  8. Understand that a 4 week Asian cruise on HAL will attract an older clientele. To quote the comedian on our first HAL cruise, Welcome aboard to the seniors and their parents! Not a bad thing, but it is a consideration for those under 55. Also know that HAL is not a line for those seeking late night entertainment. When we were in our 50s, HAL felt old. Now in our 70s we still feel like the younger folks on some longer cruises. We have some concern about the direction of HAL with entertainment. They recently eliminated production shows and seem to have cut back with live musical entertainment. Perhaps this is temporary or maybe not. But HAL is the only line that considers a documentary film as appropriate evening entertainment in the main theater. Hank
  9. Since the OP is talking about the annual Regal repo cruise from Brooklyn to Ft Lauderdale.....catching u to them ship is not a good option. We do enjoy that itinerary (done it 4 times). Also consider that parking in NYC or EWR is pretty expensive. Flying into LGA is the best option with EWR and JFK not quite as good. Given the number of flights arriving by noon we would b comfy with an early morning flight. Hank
  10. No reason to buy a special transfer to Medina. You could simply take the public bus for about 2.60 Euros. Those buses run about every 10 min from the bus station located not far from the port after you use the elevator to get to the top of the hill that overlooks the port. Some get their fill of Medina in about an hour and others want more time. Hank n simply
  11. You will not avoid the hoards that time of the year. Just go as early as you can and enjoy as much as you can :). Been there a few times and never met anyone who did a private boat tour. We have used the train, our own rental car, and one time did catch a small ferry between a couple of towns. You can also hike between some of the villages...if you have the time. Hank
  12. As we have previously posted, HAL appears to have lost its way! We sure hope this is quickly corrected before irreparable harm is done to the brand. Hank
  13. When we want to cruise we take a cruise. If we want to really enjoy some of Europe or Asia we spend weeks on land. Visiting ports can be fun, but it is not a way to really experience Europe. As an example DW loves visiting Paris but we do not even waste our time going to Paris on a port day from Le Havre. When we want to visit Paris we go there for at least a week...which is still not nearly enough time. It is the same with Rome, Athens or most other major cities. As as to the Greek Islands there are over 200 inhabited islands of which only a few are visited by large cruise ships. A cruise gets you a very brief intro to a handful ,of places, but it is only a tiny glimpse. Hank
  14. Please explain. We have experienced the old format on about 10:ships and the world fresh market on 2 ships. We thought the World Fresh Market concept eliminated the crowding they had with the old system and usually had more food offerings. Hank
  15. There is always the option to swap the various mini bottles for mini bottles of your choice. For example, I once swapped out all the small booze bottles for all cognac. As I posted earlier, life might be better for both Princess and the Elites if we could choose how we wanted the mini-bar stocked...prior to the cruise. As things stand now, the room service folks move around the ship and stock hundreds of mini-bars with exactly the same selection. Then, within the first couple of days they again have to go back to many of those cabins and make "adjustments" based on the passenger preferences. This makes for a lot of extra work. Hard to believe that after spending 10s of millions on all the new OM technology, Princess did not simply have a way for Elites to specify their mini-bar preferences prior to boarding. Come to think of it, they do not have a techy way to make a request after boarding! My goodness, Princess actually expects Elites to use the telephone to make a request. Oh, the horror! Hank
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