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  1. Different. The last breakfast will be in the traditional dining room (aft). CC is midship starboard section.
  2. Full suites get off before the first walk off group. The only question is how soon will your bags be ready. Equally important is what day of the week. Sunday at 7am is much different than Monday at 7 around the embarcadero.
  3. Day 9 Victoria. Patters, lunch and dinner. Second formal. And to greenman and the rest. You are all welcome. I appriciate it when others punlish patters for me. It is my way of repaying others before me. And.....the grilled rockfish and pineapple for lunch has got to be one of the best lunch plates I have ever had on a cruise ship. Yum! I almost licked the plate. My wife said she would not eat with me anymore I did. So I resisted the temptation. Yum yum yum......food has been a 7 out of 10. Good and as expected. Some dishes are just so-so and others have been great.
  4. Still doing suite breakfast in the aft dining room on last day.
  5. DW and I have had a great time. We bring our own joy onboard with us. The game shows on board are always entertaining. When playing Yes/No game show on previous sailings I was able to make it the whole 3 minutes. This trip I made it only 22 seconds. Marriage match game show is tonight. Always funny. I wish the crew would host more of these audience participation game shows. We are not ones who like lectures or sounds of the 40's and 50's. We like to laugh, joke and sing along. As much as we like most things Princess, we may be 20 years too early to enjoy their music choices. I am sure Santa Clarita can click a button, determine the average age of the pax for a given voyage and then use that number to spit out a list of avalible entertainers to bring on at a given port. Having fun? You betcha! Cruising is always fun. Anywhere, anytime!
  6. This makes me sad. Enjoyed BVE twice. 😪
  7. Totem demonstration is at 2:30 today. It is scheduled to last 2 hours. I'll check it out but do not plan on staying for the whole thing. The music on this trip is bad. There are basically 3 acts that are rotating. They are just horrible. I'll take drunk karaoke on a 3 day booze cruise over this. Also the comedians have also been terrible. I have seen 3 comedians now. One so so, but the other two are below amateur. I hope those in the next rotation serve the summer sailings better. Last night was the first time I have ever witnessed 1/5 of the audience leave during a set. We stayed but only because my DW said she didn't want to be rude. The guy last night was singing song samples with comedic rewrites. Each one was simply not funny, especially when rewriting songs the audience is not familiar with the original words or melody. I know who Oasis and Green Day are but suspect many last night did not. He came on in Juneau. One of the acts is a Princess employee. Name tag and all when he performs. His music is a bit too eclectic for my taste. The strings group is just too old school for me. Others may enjoy the orchestra more than i. The good. The dancers and singers in the production shows have been good. Enthusiastic and on cue. The only bad is...if your capitan circle status is anything but blue you have seen them before.
  8. Our TV also allows music to be streamed. No wireless video mirroring. Bring an HDMI cord for that. Here is a photo of the back of the TV in F309 on the Grand Princess.
  9. 7:30 - 9:30 Grand Princess Alaska right now.
  10. I brought a number of ducks to hide on this trip. Everyone I have seen is enjoying finding them. This one lasted 30min before found. Even the Cruise director is enjoying the cruising ducks. #cruisingducks Check out the "Crusing Ducks" group on Facebook to learn more. The last cruise and the next cruise also had families hiding ducks. Each duck has a passport hanging around its neck. They read. "You found a cruising duck. Keep it or hide it. The choice is yours. If you hide it, public spaces only. No stores, pools, or hot tubs. Please take a photo of the duck with or without you in it and post it to Cruising ducks of Facebook with the hashtag #cruisingducks." Most will find it all to be silly, but the ships seem to not mind and the finders really like it. I hide many, low where children can find them and the rest in areas older pax congregate. The trick is to hide them where the cleaning crew wont find them. They take them all for themselves.
  11. Welcome to Ketchikan. Here is today's patter and dinner menu.
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