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  1. The new TVs on the Grand have the BT transmitter built into the TV. All that is needed is some earbuds and one can then listen to the TV while another sleeps in silence. The new TVs bluetooth can both transmit its audio and also receive audio from another source to act as external speakers. I tested the bluetooth both ways.
  2. I would bet you could jut plug a chrome cast into the tv and cast wireless to the tv. easy to setup at home prior to sail. May require a pocket wifi box. As for streaming.. ? I needed to use a vpn to use hbogo. Hbogo was blocked otherwise. Streaming was hit and miss on my last voyage using a non-medalion.net network. For other movies I just hardwired HDMI from laptop to TV with no issues. Also bluetooth headset works great and allowed tv for me while DW slept in a quiet cabin.
  3. I do not understand how it is possible one could get cellular voice or data charges from a phone in airplane mode. The cellular transmitter and receiver within the phone are disabled and do not communicate with cellular network equipment. . Possibilities. 1) phone is broken 2) you are mistaken as to the condition to the phones airplane mode while within range of the ships cellular system. The only way to data roam on a cruise ship in the middle of the pacific is to connect to the ships cellular network. The system used for cellular on the ship is an entirely separate system than the princess@sea local area network system. Sounds like your internet access came through the ships cellular system (cellular) vs the ships local area network (wifi).
  4. The piano bar was the biggest disappointment on this last voyage for us. Hardly cruise ship worthy. More like drunken karaoke. Huge disappointment. .
  5. Born to dance was on the last cruise. As for the others 😞 the stage is all new. Each game show while the same has new props and stages. The back of the grand princess theater stage is one continuing video screen. While the same show they are on all new sets. Having seen past shows the 2019 Alaska shows felt new and much better. There were 8 dancers along with 4 singers and 6 member orchestra. FWIW.
  6. I went on deck 14 during sail away. I did not visit deck 14 again for the entire trip. I would check the patters to learn more. Sorry I am no more help.
  7. Final patters and menus. Day 10. Sea day.
  8. I have finally asked. No. Bring your own cross stitch, or knitting stuff. Nothing is provided.
  9. Different. The last breakfast will be in the traditional dining room (aft). CC is midship starboard section.
  10. Full suites get off before the first walk off group. The only question is how soon will your bags be ready. Equally important is what day of the week. Sunday at 7am is much different than Monday at 7 around the embarcadero.
  11. Day 9 Victoria. Patters, lunch and dinner. Second formal. And to greenman and the rest. You are all welcome. I appriciate it when others punlish patters for me. It is my way of repaying others before me. And.....the grilled rockfish and pineapple for lunch has got to be one of the best lunch plates I have ever had on a cruise ship. Yum! I almost licked the plate. My wife said she would not eat with me anymore I did. So I resisted the temptation. Yum yum yum......food has been a 7 out of 10. Good and as expected. Some dishes are just so-so and others have been great.
  12. Still doing suite breakfast in the aft dining room on last day.
  13. Suite debarcation breakfast letter.
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