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  1. Thanks for sending the link
  2. My family wants to book a cruise in 2022 leaving from Hamburg going to Ireland and Scotland (United Kingdom) which is offered this year but nothing is available in 2022 for Northern Europe. I find it strange that nothing is available at this time for Northern Europe, a large territory that isn't being offer by MSC. I don't feel comfortable booking a 2021 cruise because of the covid situation and hoping things improve for 2022. I don't understand why MSC is holding off on making available 2022 cruises for Northern Europe knowing that other cruise lines are. Anyone have an idea why MSC is d
  3. You for sure have to cancel the existing booking and rebook, transfer you deposits from the "old" to "new"
  4. Just last week I called in to change my booking because the rates were lower then when I booked. I had no problem except I had to paid additional deposit from $97.00 per person to the current $197.00 per person. No additional taxes were charged other then the rebooking because the original booking was canceled in full.
  5. You have to remember that docking at 8am in Santorini doesn't mean you get off at that time. Priority goes to the people who have booked tours through the ship-first ones off. The other people have to get tender tickets, first come first serve as far as getting off. Leaving at 2pm means you have to be back on the ship no later then 1:30pm, you do the math, doesn't give much time. PLUS , you need to check how many other ships will be in Santorini the same day, traffic jam taking the lift if all the ships arrive close to the same time. We were lucky, one other ship in port the day we were t
  6. The ship was fine, always people cleaning, polishing,etc. The only big thing that we disliked was the disembarking on the last day. They herded everyone into the theatre at different times which caused overcrowding and people standing around waiting for the "letter" to be called so that they could leave. Most of the people standing were in the way creating traffic jams for people trying to leave with carryons, once you cleared that then you had to deal with people trying to get off for their tours. Utter chaos! We had the aurea package with anytime dining which was nice.
  7. We just got off the Opera on the 26th May and there were two "elegant" nights, of course not everyone participated. Hopefully Venice athourities will have release the ship by the time you board.
  8. nealjr

    MSC Opera ??

    Were are leaving and coming back to Venice with stops in Kotor, Mykonus, Santorini, Corfu, Bari, Italy. Port intense
  9. nealjr

    MSC Opera ??

    Please do a review when you return. We are going on her in May starting with Venice and then the Greek Islands so any information will be helpful
  10. Thank you so much, will check when on board.
  11. We will be on the Opera in May with my family of which we have the aurea package. I know about the dine anytime experience for dinner but my family was wondering if the breakfast as well as lunch is offer in the dining experience as well or will we have to go "buffet" style for those meals? Thanks
  12. I just checked the U.S. website and it still states you have the option of disputing if you wish.
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