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  1. Thanks! We have been camping for about 20 years and this is our 4th and last RV. Spending time on cape cod and Myrtle Beach this summer. Next year will be Destin, Florida!
  2. No, stay vacation for us, but this is the only thing we'll be cruising in for a while....our new baby
  3. I don't think any sailing on the Legend are posted until mid November.
  4. I know the Legend was doing a 9 day from New York on May 25 and that is showing anymore.
  5. I think the Mardi Gras is being delayed because of construction issues. Maybe with other ships not sailing they are planning as using as hospitals for those who have the virus. I know they had offered the US government use of their ships.
  6. For some reason I think her sailing are going to be canceled. I don't know why only a few of their ships are not showing any availability until later in the year. You would think they all would if this is due to the virus.
  7. Carnival Legend isn't showing any available sailing until November.
  8. We aren't booked until September but I have a feeling that things are not going to be okay by then. I am able to rebook for a different date but I'm hearing of people having to put another deposit down instead of being able to use the money they already have as a deposit. Why would I want to give them any more money at this time? If I wait too much longer to make a decision I'll have to pay my cruise in full. You have to pay in full so far in advance that you risk loosing if the cruise is canceled. They will then let you rebook but you are kind of in a situation where you have to commit to book another cruise. What if things in the cruise industry changes so drastically that a cruise no longer appeals to you? My sister is booked on the Mardi Gras for next February and she said she thinks the sailing is not going to happen, because it's no longer showing it listed on Carnival's site. People are saying it must be sold out, however Carnival's site isn't showing any cruises available on the Mardi Gras until late March 2021. I personally think there is a great possibility that the ship may be delayed again and that is why they aren't showing any available cruises for those dates. I love cruising and I love Carnival, however I don't think cruising is going to be the same after this. There has already been so many cutbacks over the last few years that has had a negative effect on the cruise industry. How many more cutbacks before we are no longer satisfied with cruises.
  9. I had 25% off FCC because I was booked on the Mardi Gras cruise which was canceled by Carnival. I used my credit on another cruise which I may want to change the date because of the Corona Virus. Carnival is allowing us to rebook a different cruise but I'm not sure what happens to the credit. I asked my TA but she doesn't really have an answers because she said she has been unable to get in touch with Carnival.
  10. Ours is also in September, on the Horizon. We are in a Grand Suite. None left on that sailing. I've been checking for the end of May (suites) on the Sunrise and so far no price drops.
  11. Anyone seeing any prices drops on cruises? I've been checking everyday and not seeing anything dropping. I've seen a few rates go up!
  12. I would think that if you are infected in a cabin with your spouse, they remove you from the cabin, wouldn't your spouse have to start their 14 day quarantine all over again. As for the couple from the US, who had posted on Facebook, there seems no common sense. This is what I got out of the whole situation. 1) They had the divider open on the balcony so they could 'hangout' with their friends in the cabin next to them. 2) The wife, posted a video on Facebook of herself walking all over the cabin and balcony bragging about spending time with her friend. 3) Her friend tests positive and is taken off the ship. 4) Shortly after that The US sends 2 planes to bring the Americans home. 5) I see her interviewed on a news station and she said, "they made up a lie, and said their tests came back negative", this was so they could board the plane. 6) A couple of hours into the flight her husband has a high fever. If all of this is true, who allowed it to happen? Her husband tested positive. So, doesn't that mean that all those people they were in contact with on the bus and plane are at very high risk?
  13. We will be flying into FLL and cruising from Miami. We may decide to rent a car. What is the most convenient car rental company to pick up at FLL and return near the Port of Miami? We'll be flying in 3 days before our cruise. Thanks Kathy
  14. I am thinking about staying at the Hampton Inn & Suites in Brickell for a 3 night pre-cruise stay. Is there a lot to do within walking distance or do we need a car? Thanks Kathy
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