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  1. From May 2021-December 2021, NCL has 58 cruises listed, Carnival has 147 listed, and Royal Caribbean has 188 listed. Using the word "all," was a bit dramatic . Especially since theoretically a cruise line can add itineraries whenever they want to. So we may not know that all have been released at any given time. Along with maybe Carnival and Royal Caribbean are bigger cruise lines and may have more listed for that reason. But I guess I tend to overdue it when it comes to planning trips. I plan on paper three years in advance with regions of the world with possible cruises, train trips, road trips, bus trips, and guided land tours. Though I may not be able to book that far in advance, I do like to have a plan A, B, C, and D. I really need to relax. I'm driving myself crazy.
  2. What possible reason would NCL have for not releasing all of 2021 yet when Carnival and Royal Caribbean already released theirs? If the competition puts their itineraries out first, they potentially will get the reservations first. Anyone else annoyed or frustrated?
  3. I don't think it has to do with when you booked the cruise. I think it is based on whether you were an existing latitudes member before the change went into effect. The same thing happened to me and I book last minute cruises. Based on my points I should be gold but after my last CRUISE that I booked last minute I was elevated to Platinum.
  4. I've been on a number of NCL excursions. Most of them I enjoyed. But there was one excursion I believe was for Cozumel where most of us were extremely dissatisfied. The lives of about 150 of us taking the ferry were put in danger. When we were trying to disembark the ferry at the dock the hurricane in the region produced 15 ft waves resulting in the ferry crashing into the dock. Eventually after 50 of us got off and an employee almost getting crushed they decided to use a different dock. So those of us that made it off traveled with all the buses to meet up with the other passengers. We went on our excursions which we enjoyed. When we returned to our ship and staterooms there was a letter from NCL that they were aware of the safety issue that happened earlier. They refunded us the cost of the excursion. So I'm not surprised you didn't get a refund. Our safety and lives were at risk to get a refund.
  5. DON'T USE A DEBIT CARD! The cruise line warns passengers not to use a debit card. There was another string about this 2 weeks ago. Another passenger used his debit card and it caused him issues. PLEASE take my advice. I use to run a Visa program at a credit union. For everyday you swipe your room key a minimum $250+ is held on your debit card. If you have checks or ACH payments trying to clear your checking account and you don't have the funds available because of the holds, your transactions will be returned as NSF and you may incur fees from your bank. It takes approximately 7-10 business days for the holds to fall off even if you settled your folio with NCL.
  6. I'm only guessing, but the delay may be the large number of refunds they have to process. Between the transatlantic cruise being cut short, Cuba, normal refunds etc. they probably don't have the manpower to process all the claims efficiently. The long wait times on phone calls is a combination of what's going on with refunds, problems with the website when they did that update resulting in packages on booked cruises disappearing, obc disappearing, and sheer number of disgruntled customers.
  7. I use to work as an Operations Manager for Visa (credit and debit). First, never use your debit card on a cruise unless you have thousands of extra dollars in your account because of the holds. Second, NCL places the holds, but the length of the hold is regulated by your financial institution. It's a parameter that is setup in the system based on the transaction code. Third, the hold ONLY falls off automatically in two ways: 1) the hold itself expired usually after 7-10 business days 2) the actual amount debited from your account matches to the penny of the hold. So, if the amount actually debited is $556, if none of the holds on your account equal $556 individually the holds will stay on. Again if NCL places a hold on your account for $500 on one day and $500 on another day, but your actual bill is only $556 the holds will stay on until either they expire or someone at the bank manually deletes the holds. The holds are designed to protect the bank. If NCL places a total of $2000 in holds on your account, but for some reason they only put through $100 as your final bill when it should have been $1000, chances are if the $2000 in holds fell off of your account when the $100 posted you would spend the rest of the money that is now available. Then when NCL figures out the accounting mistake and puts through the additional $900, now your bank account is negative and the bank has to then go after you for the money. Unless they offer a line of credit.
  8. I believe it’s 300 lbs. But, they will weigh you on the slide where the bottom drops out from underneath you. There’s also a minimum weight limit as well. I weighed enough but not enough to make it through the loop. Gravity stopped me at the bottom of the loop and there’s an opening that you climb out of and walk out.
  9. So your cabin steward confirmed they do get a portion of the funds from the Daily Service Charges. There have been conversations on CC about stewards and dining staff stating they don’t get anything and NCL is keeping 100% of it. I heard it myself when a guest asked a dining staff personnel cleaning tables about it and he said he gets nothing. Maybe your cabin steward has sinked to this level to make up for the guests who line up at the end of the cruise complaining about bad service and want their DSC refunded. It’s economics. The less money there is in the pot, the less each individual will potentially receive.
  10. Factory sealed items in general are allowed off. Nothing from the cruise ship buffets are allowed off. Please be careful as some ports have Customs Dogs that will sniff people at the port checking for food. I experienced that on my Western Caribbean cruise.
  11. If you’re talking about spin class it’s likely in a separate room within the fitness center. I remember seeing them there on the Escape.
  12. I saw the title configuration, and said to myself sid_9169 just got back from a cruise and he’s on another one. 😂
  13. I wonder if people are being grandfathered in as long as you sailed with NCL before and not necessarily when they booked the cruise itself. I booked a last minute cruise when I was silver and after completing the cruise I should have still been silver but was bumped up to gold. I’m not complaining.
  14. https://www.usa.gov/passport#item-34927 Here is the link for the government website that provides you with the information that you need. It looks like you qualify for expedited processing . Of course for a fee. But based on where you live you’ll likely have to go in person to an approved site. Good luck!
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