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  1. Part of me does wonder if some of the lower tier rewards levels will see things added. If bookings are slow, in the grand scheme of things adding a welcome aboard bottle of wine to the stateroom, a free picture that’s really only an electronic transfer of a pic already taken, or a drink or two to the loyalty level, or items like these may attract bookings.
  2. I think that goes without saying, but I should have specified “price wars across similar lines”. Valid points all around.
  3. It’s mind boggling. If there’s price wars in the near future who’s desperate enough for a few free drinks and a coffee machine to pay more? And the tiers below Diamond are a majority of “bonuses” that could easily be outdone by lower prices elsewhere. If they reduce anything I could see it being ports of call, shuffle more wallets, I mean guests, through the private beaches.
  4. Advice given on these boards over and over and over again: Book your cruise at a price you’re comfortable with and then enjoy it. If you get a price drop, great. If not, enjoy the cruise. This goes for customers regardless of “loyalty level”. If you feel a cruise is cheaper elsewhere even factoring in buying the 3 free drinks and a couple welcome onboard cookies in your stateroom, book it elsewhere. If the feeling of “status” is impossible to put a price on, stick with one line and live with the cost.
  5. I’m expecting more voodoo around fake sales that keep prices about the same for the trip. I’m also betting the booze package will be lowered slightly to look more attractive but then look to see total limits placed and more $1/$2 per drink surcharges for “above package grade” items. Basically we’ll have the appearance of no price increase but they’ll get more out of your pocket on “discretionary” minor charges that will add up, that you don’t necessarily think twice about.
  6. A price point that makes sense might just be cover costs, carry interest and make dividend payouts...... which may result in prices you can’t beat and filling cabins..... probably too optimistic with that thought though.....
  7. December 4, Explorer outta Miami. Completely bummed the dry dock cancelled for now. Still going, still checking for price drops, and if the current conditions still exist I’ll take the FCC bonus when it’s offered. Won’t book flights till very close to sail date however......
  8. I'm not going to pass up a price drop based on your "just in case" scenario........ As far as the current situation is concerned, nobody here is rejoicing at what's going on, they're just making prudent financial decisions. Are you insinuating that you've stopped budgeting in light of the current situation?
  9. Excellent point I hadn't considered. I wonder if they'll do the European season and then bring it back early to drydock it then.
  10. I understand they may not want to spend the money now....... but also feel like if they think they will continue to be a viable business going forward they should be using this time to perform the upgrades so they have something to "sell" going forward when this all clears up.......
  11. I think you're correct. If I'm invested with a "value manager" I'd be expecting him/her to be spending like a drunken sailor right now.
  12. Aruba/Bonaire/Curacao - hands down the best itinerary we've been on. Aruba - beaches that are among the best in Caribbean Bonaire - world class snorkel site Curacao - walkable downtown with heavy cultural experience
  13. Some might argue if RCL didn't have "dynamic pricing" in the first place this wouldn't be available............. and don't think for a second "the right thing" hasn't also been calculated out to put RCL in a better financial position going forward.......
  14. Miami with a Southern itinerary. Better flight schedule/ generally better pricing on flights Extra days on the ship and I believe the extra stop at Labadee. Any other itinerary and all bets are off........ LOL
  15. So you're saying for every fund manager constrained by investment grade rating there isn't an offsetting value manager filling his boots right now?
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