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  1. I wish is were true that NCL is too busy giving refunds. I got the double points for the cruise they cancelled, and would willingly give the points up in exchange for the thousands of dollars they owe me.
  2. Last September I booked two cruises, one for April 2020 and the other for October 2020. At this time I have only paid the deposit on my October cruise. My PCC at NCL said I can use the FCC from this month's canceled cruise to pay the balance on my October cruise. After consideration I decided to request a refund for the cruise I should have been on now as it is unsure if the October cruise will take place. It is also unclear what the rules might be for the over 70s. Both cruises are transatlantics (Dawn and Escape). Might have to wait until 2021 before I can cruise again when I have a cruise booked to Greenland, that one is not with NCL.
  3. I should have been on a cruise right now but it was of course cancelled. On April 13 I requested a refund. Prior to requesting the refund I spoke to my PCC and he said he would apply the FCC to a transatlantic cruise I booked last year for October of this year. But I decided against that, not only because the October cruise may not happen, but also because being over 70 it is unknown what restrictions there might be for us seniors.
  4. Fortunately I am not cash strapped because I don't have a job to lose as I am retired and on social security. But that is totally irrelevant to the way NCL operate.
  5. Wrong. This is what it says on NCL's website: Guests who prefer to not take advantage of a future cruise credit can elect to receive a lesser refund to the original form of payment 90 days after submitting the Refund Form below. So AFTER, not UP TO.
  6. Both Celebrity and Royal have the option of freestyle dining. When doing online bookings, if freestyle (called Select dining on Celebrity, MyTime dining on Royal) is showing as already booked up, I do not complete my online booking but call an agent and tell them my cruise reservation is contingent upon getting freestyle dining at the time of making the cruise reservation and of course they always find space in the freestyle option. Once when making a cruise reservation on Royal and the freestyle spots were no longer available, I was told to speak to the maître d once on board the ship to get moved to freestyle. I did speak to him on day one and he said he waitlisted me but never moved me so I learned my lesson and now only will accept freestyle as part of my original booking.
  7. I agree with paulajj. We have been on both Breakaway and Equinox several times and would be happy to go on either. We enjoy Syd Norman's on the Breakaway but the food on the Equinox is far superior to the MDR on Breakaway. Usually Equinox is more expensive than Breakaway so because for the cruises you are looking at the Equinox is cheaper I would in this instance choose the Equinox.
  8. NCL shouldn't have given anyone a choice between FCC or a refund. Just refund everyone in 7-10 business days for cancelled cruises. That is the appropriate thing to do. It pees me off having to wait three months for the refund I requested yesterday for the cruise I was booked on that they were forced to cancel. NCL is very wrong to not have the ability to pay us back within 7-10 business days.
  9. Just tried to request a refund for my Dawn April 19 cruise. Tried both directly on NCL's website and using the link in the letter. Was able to complete all fields except the dates after April 11 are grayed out.
  10. I had no idea about this clause. NCL cancelled my April 19 cruise and I am debating whether to take the FCC or refund. I paid for standard NCL insurance. Are you saying that both FCC or refund are protected by NCL insurance if NCL go belly up?
  11. LMAO (but not sure most in the US will understand your comment)
  12. We have a cruise booked for October for which we have only so far paid the deposit. Can we use our FCCs to pay the balance of that cruise or is the FCC only for new bookings? If only for new bookings, then we will request refund instead of taking the FCC for our cruise for this month that was cancelled.
  13. My April 19 cruise (Dawn TA) was also booked directly thru NCL. Today at 4:29pm CST I received the cancellation email from them.
  14. Not UP to 90 days, on NCL's website it says AFTER 90 days!!! Guests who do not prefer to take advantage of a future cruise credit will receive a refund to be payable after 90 days from completion of the Refund Form below. Refund requests must be submitted by April 27, 2020 for all suspended sailings.
  15. Or perhaps condense two cruises with similar dates/itineraries/departure ports into one cruise, i.e. seven day cruises from Miami and Port Canaveral, cancel one of them and move the people from both ships who don't cancel onto one ship. Same for the transatlantic cruises leaving NY in April.
  16. It was on TV on CNN. The governor of Florida and leaders from the cruise industry were stood with him when he made the statement.
  17. Mike Pence just made an announcement on TV that changes are coming in 72 hours to how cruise lines handle cruises for the American public. We currently have three cruises booked so wondering what changes are in the pipeline.
  18. Agreed. For a beach day on St Thomas we prefer Sapphire Beach to Magen's Bay.
  19. Yes, NCL charges you the tax while sailing down the Mississippi until out in the Gulf.
  20. It depends on the cruise line whether or not local sales tax is passed on to the customer while in US ports. For example, Celebrity does not charge customers tax on drinks while in US ports, NCL charges customers.
  21. Anthem of the Seas Updates February 8th, 2020 at 5:00 PM EST We'll share our next updates tomorrow, February 9th at 9:00 AM EST. Thank you for your patience and understanding throughout this situation, that is so challenging for all of us. As we previously shared, we received an update from the CDC. Unfortunately, due to the volume of tests they are conducting for Coronavirus, they will need the next 24-48 hours to complete the test. Given the timing, we are going to push the departure date to Monday in order to have conclusive results before sailing. Our goal is to now set sail from Cape Liberty, New Jersey on Monday, February 10th at 3:00 PM EST. Boarding will begin at 11:00 AM EST and all guests must be onboard by 2:00 PM EST. Please see our revised itinerary. DATES DAY ORIGINAL ITINERARY REVISED ITINERARY 2/7 Friday Cape Liberty, New Jersey - 2/8 Saturday Cruising - 2/9 Sunday Cruising - 2/10 Monday Orlando (Port Canaveral), Florida Cape Liberty, New Jersey 2/11 Tuesday Perfect Day at CocoCay Cruising 2/12 Wednesday Nassau, Bahamas King's Wharf, Bermuda 2/13 Thursday Cruising King's Wharf, Bermuda 2/14 Friday Cruising Cruising 2/15 Saturday Cape Liberty, New Jersey Cape Liberty, New Jersey You may be wondering why our itinerary changed from a Bahamas cruise to a Bermuda cruise. With a Monday afternoon departure, we wouldn’t arrive into Nassau until around 3:00 PM and would need to depart later that evening to make our way back to Cape Liberty – not a great experience. Given that our goal is to provide you with the best vacation possible, we made the decision to sail to Bermuda, where you’ll have more than a day and a half in port to explore. Plus, the weather forecast is looking favorable in Bermuda during our visit. We know how much you were looking forward to beginning your vacation, and we cannot apologize enough for the impact this situation has caused. But we can try to make up for it. Should you chose to join us, our updated compensation is: • A 50 % refund, which will be added to your Onboard Account as a refundable onboard credit. • And, because we know that this is not how any of us wanted this to go, and we want you to give us another shot, we will be also provide you with a 50% future cruise credit. • In addition, if you purchased an internet or beverage package, unlimited dining package, or pre-paid your gratuities, you’ll receive a prorated refund as a credit for the 3 days your cruise was shortened by to your Onboard Account. • Any pre-purchased Royal Caribbean International shore excursions for the impacted ports will also be refunded to your Onboard Account. All credits applied to your Onboard Account can be used anywhere onboard, and any unused credits will be refunded back to your credit card on file about 3 – 5 business days after the sailing ends. If you choose not to sail, we completely understand and you may cancel and receive a full refund. You do not need to do anything to cancel, no need to call or contact us for this, as we want to make it as easy for you as possible. If you do not show up to the pier, we will understand that you decided not join us and we will automatically process your refund. You should see it on your account 3-5 days after our updated departure. If you decide to sail and are local, we ask that you please relax at home and make your way to the cruise terminal on Monday. If you flew in, we’ll assist you with hotel accommodations up to $200 USD per stateroom, per night. If you decide to cancel, and flew in, we will assist you with air change fees to get you back home. We will cover $200 USD per person for domestic flights or $400 USD per person for international flights. Please send your receipts to RoyalGuestRelations@rccl.com for reimbursement. And lastly, if you booked your airfare with us and choose to cancel, we will help you reschedule your return flights home. As promised, we will continue to keep you informed and will share an update with you tomorrow at 9:00 AM EST, even if there is no new news. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we ensure your safety and wellbeing.
  22. Two years ago while on a cruise on the Star we took a NCL excursion to the rain forest in Costa Rica. I was also concerned about bugs but wore shorts and used bug spray and fortunately no bites. I found crossing the rope bridges more scary than the bugs!
  23. Thank you for the info mking. Yes, ncl. We had thought about going back to LGA on the Sunday morning to get a shuttle to the cruise port but instead will opt for a ride directly from hotel to cruise terminal.
  24. We are arriving at LGA on a Saturday evening (flight is already booked) for a cruise from the Manhattan cruise terminal on the Sunday. We intend staying at the Hampton Inn near LGA on the Saturday night. To get to the cruise terminal on Sunday morning we would like to take a shared shuttle van as we have done from EWR in the past, but we are wondering how realistic this idea is because of all the construction at LGA. If we have to we will use Uber but not keen, definitely don't want to use public transport like a train or bus (we are 70 year olds). Any advice on which shuttle services offer transport to the cruise terminal would be appreciated.
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