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  1. Recently booked this itinerary and am wondering if anyone has done this particular cruise in the past. I believe it must be a repositioning cruise crossing the Atlantic and currently with the weather forecast in the Atlantic, I'm wondering if this was a smart move on our part. Hurricanes in the Atlantic, one possibly approaching the Azores (which is a stop) and then crossing the ocean for four days. Any feedback or input but fellow cruisers who have done this itinerary, or similar, will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  2. No, the wine/beer included with lunch/dinner does not have a gratuity component. The waiters will just come around to your table and show you the wine that they are serving that day (red and white) and will ask you if you would like a glass and then pour it for you. They will continue to come around and ask if you would like a refill throughout the meal. We have never paid for a drinks package on Viking but on our last river cruise we had an Explorer suite and could order drinks at any time and each day there were two bottles of wine in our stateroom that were pretty good. All I remember is that they had a label on them with a big V (I'm assuming for Viking). My husband ordered beer with some lunches when we ate outside and they, too, were pretty good. I think that there were a few choices of beer.
  3. Oh my, after reading the posts about the Navigator, I'm wondering if I made a mistake booking a cruise on her for 2020. Creaks, rattles, etc.--a little concerning. How does one sleep if this is a problem. I thought that I read about one of Regent's ships having problems with the balcony doors making noise but that people figured out how to turn the handles at a certain angle which fixed the problem. If creaks and rattles are so problematic, why would anyone want to sail her and why wouldn't Regent do something to alleviate the problem? Believe me, I have been on Silversea and dealt with plumbing rattling in the walls every time some one below me flushed their toilet. It was awful and eventually, we were moved to a different cabin. On Seabourn the vibration from being in a cabin in the front of the ship was so bad that I had to get sleeping pills from the ship's doctor and was charged $100 for the visit. On a river cruise, we had one of two largest cabins and the noise and rattling was quite bad, but we muddled through and thought that the benefits of what we received for paying for it outweighed the annoyance. So, my dear Cruise Critic posters, I'm hoping that you can reassure me that I didn't make a mistake by booking a cruise on the Navigator. We have sailed twice before on Regent, and I'm looking forward to a third but hope that it won't be the last as we are sailing across the Atlantic and I want those days to be relaxing not stressed by noise. Thanks to all who respond. I appreciate your feedback.
  4. We are booked on Buenos Aires to Santiago, this year, so I guess we will be the guinea pigs for this itinerary. I know that many of you planning on booking this cruise have some concerns because of past experiences of those who did a new itinerary with Viking in Alaska. From what I have read the "bad" experience mostly centered on embarkation in Vancouver because there were too many other ships docked there and the Viking ship was anchored which created problems for passengers waiting to embark. Let's hope that this isn't the problem in Buenos Aires.
  5. Thanks, LHT28, but this is the ship we have to take for this itinerary and for the date that is most convenient for us.
  6. Wow, I'm so confused by the negative comments and some positive regarding Sirena. We are holding a cabin until I can do a little more research of the ports, but after reading some of the most recent comments, I am having seriously trepidations about going through with the booking. I have relied heavily, in the past, on my fellow cruise critic posters and, for the most part, the postings have been on target. If anyone has done any trips to India, UAE ports on Sirena, I would be interested in hearing feedback. Thanking you in advance for your responses.
  7. Flatbush: Thank you so much for your response. I realized when I posted that I should have supplied the ports rather than the name of the cruise, but didn't have the info in front of me. However, I am now listing the ports, so any and all feedback will be welcome as we have to make the decision to put a deposit on it by Monday. Again, your feedback was appreciated. The itinerary, minus the sea days and overnights in a few ports are as follows: Dubai, Fujairah, UAE, Muscat Oman, Male Maldives, Cochin, India, Mangalore, India, Goa, India, Mumbai, India.
  8. We are considering this itinerary for next year and would be very appreciative of any feedback regarding anyone having experience with this particular trip. I am reading some discouraging reports from posters who are saying that things are changing on Oceania, and not for the better. The trip will be on the Sirena which is, I believe, one of the R ships which was at one time--Renaissance. We sailed on Renaissance 3 times and did cruise once on Oceania to Central and South America through the Panama Canal. The ship was fine but the itinerary wasn't one of our favorite. We usually cruise on Regent and Seabourn but willing to give Oceania another try. Again, thanks for any feedback!
  9. My only experience with children on board a river cruise was when a grandfather took his 16 year old twin grandsons on a Rhine river cruise. When I saw him at the airport after disembarkation, I asked him how the grandsons did and his one word answer was "Bored." You could tell by the expressions on the boys' faces that they were not thrilled, as they immediately took out their electronic devices and buried their faces in them while they awaited their flight. When you put 16 year olds in an environment with people who on average are in their late 60s, this is what would be expected. Good luck with your plans, but how wonderful that you want to expose your son to international travel!!
  10. Thank you, thank you to all of my fellow cruise critic posters who gave me incredibly informative feedback! Also, thanks, segmentersfloattheboat, for your wonderful pictures!!
  11. Dear Segmentersfloattheboat: Thank you for your response and all of the invaluable information that you provided. You have certainly given us food for thought. I think that you are right about getting a group together and maybe doing the wineries. Were you able to learn whether or not there was a luggage holding area at the airport? I went online to the airport's website and it looks as if they have a new international terminal, so I can't imagine them not having lockers or a luggage holding area, but after looking at the map of the terminal, I didn't see any indication of one. Thanks for the lovely pictures and, again, for your feedback!
  12. Cocopico: Thanks for your response. Apparently my TA was under the impression that Viking would have some place for disembarking passengers to store their luggage at some airport hotel or something similar. What I can't figure out is how 900 passengers (some may have earlier flights, but I was told most flights back to the US are these late night flights) are going to be hanging out in the airport for 10 hours. Like you, we will probably go into Santiago. My husband said that maybe we can book a tour and have them pick us up at the airport. I would imagine many people will be doing this so I'm wondering if some of us can book a tour together or share a taxi. I know that I will feel uncomfortable leaving all of my luggage in an airport locker but I don't want to drag my carry on around Santiago. I guess anything of any value that I would be upset if I lost, will have to be in my shoulder bag. I don't know when you are booked on this cruise, but I look forward to meeting you!
  13. I was wondering if any of my fellow cruisers have had any experience with late night flights after disembarking. Does Viking provide a place for passengers to go while awaiting a late night flight after disembarking at 8 am. I can't imagine being taken to the airport and waiting there for 12 hours. Hoping someone has advice regarding this situation. Thanking you in advance for any feedback.
  14. Phillygirl3

    Air Plus

    Thanks, I did contact my travel agent as I have been told that after three cruises on Viking (and I assume that includes river cruises) that I am entitled to "Concierge Air." Since this will be our 6th cruise with Viking, I am wondering why I would need "Air Plus" which sounds like it's the same thing. In fact on one of my previous cruises, I called Viking to tell them that I was not happy with the flights that they assigned and they did change them to a better schedule as they told me that we were entitled to "Concierge Air." I asked my TA to get back to me on this as I won't mind saving $100. She is excellent, so I'm sure she will figure it out.
  15. Phillygirl3

    Air Plus

    We booked a cruise with Viking and an Air Plus charge was added by our travel agent. We are not even sure what Air Plus involves--would you mind explaining it? Thanks so much, I appreciate your feedback.
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