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  1. and perfect for you each to their own!
  2. and now it doesn't matter as all cups can take the hot water! Does taste different though if milk is in first it's a but creamier as the hot water emulsifies the milk so it's water then milk, if I have it, for me :)
  3. This is right but wrong way around. The fine china could take the hot water so it was "posh" to pour water first. The "lower" classes used clay cups etc so put milk in first to cool the brew
  4. Agreed for normal medical my wife was an A & E matron and gets asked all sorts
  5. My favourite answer to this is gynaecologist stops that convo dead! lol
  6. The Live music thing happened on the Millennium which could have been down to CD who's name I don't remember. Effectively there was live music for 45 mins an hour from about 2pm until 10:45pm moving around various bars including Cafe al Bacio. At 11 everyone was suposed to head for Cosmos lounge
  7. First Equinox in September and really looking forward to it. Entertainment wise we carefully pick our Main Theatre visits and generally avoid production shows but what was great on our Feb cruise on Millennium were the bar entertainers. They were beyond fab. we planned out evenings around which bars had live music on and hope EQ offerings are as good!
  8. We did Mixologu 101 last summer on the Silhouette. We were the only couple there so had the barman all to ourselves. He showed us four different cocktail techniques using top end spirits and we made 4 drinks which we then drank, 3 testers and a full one at the end. It was very enjoyable and that bartender looked after us for the rest of the cruise
  9. Wow @Jim_Iain caught up after a weekend away and New England exponentially racheted up the to do list! Great blog thank you both so much
  10. Great as always @Jim_Iain love following your live reports caught up now and New England is high on our list! Summit looking much like the Millennium including that stupid bedside light! Part Revolutionised Equinox next for us in September followed by a non revolutionised Constellation in Feb!
  11. I booked our first cruise via a Sunday Newspaper advert mwhich was a NYC stay and 7 day NCL cruise. On the cruise a lot of people we spoke to recommended Celebrity as suiting us as did people, including my brother when we got home. Booked Celebrity for next cruise and now on number 7 and we love it
  12. Am really enjoying your review. Having recently done my first live review in February I am well aware with the terror of being compared with luminaries like Jim_Iain and ChicagoPaul! I was lucky the Milie was nly a week out of dry lock so there were lots of questions! I did smile at your Ireland comment and it did make me remember when you mentioned Eddie Jenkins that I was the only one in the theatre to shout out when he said Wales! Keep up the good work please
  13. The confusion with X dress codes can have unfortunate consequences. On a Silhoutte cruise a year chic night i was in Tux DW long dress we were put on a table with another Brit couple who were in shirt and trousers and cocktail dress. No problem at all. We were then joined by 3 Brit gentlemen in full tux. The other couple were immediately uncomfortable, spent the whole meal apologising, the wife could be heard to say several times "I told you" and they rushed off at the earliest opportunity. For various reasons the 3 guys were some of the best table mates we have ever had and we talked late into the evening. We all tried to engage the other couple but they just couldn't relax. We saw them in the Martini Bar after and they were still apologising and were aware it was one of those rare very good tables but hadn't been able to join in fully.
  14. Check if any of them have live guides currently as these are so funny as well as informative as opposed to the preset commentary. Usually the Red buses I think
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