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  1. As previously stated UK policies tend to be all in covering medical, evac, cancellation, disruption and legal. We always take an annual policy although our credit card covers some and added cruises once we started. We haven't had to use it cruising yet but did after a trip to central France and getting severe disruption for the largest snow dump in the Central Massif in 100 years which made us miss our flight and have to shuffle from France to Switzerland to get another. It was a joy to call the Company next morning to hear "Are you ok don't worry we will sort that" and have the taxi, train and air fares reimbursed plus a per diem for food and drink and the excess waved!
  2. Most arts organisations museums, ballet, opera, dance, music, zoos are run as non profit organisations and rely on public funding to survive. even the major ones like the Royal Ballet and Opera in London. Increasingly they are looking at increasing income and reducing funding which then becomes available to a less well known organisation. I know one ballet company has a partnership with J W Marriott and this ABT one with Celebrity should be applauded it should bring funds into the company whilst exposing more people to the art form!
  3. Have our 5th Celeb (our first was NCL been Celeb since) coming up in 10 days so relative newcomers and very excited. We love everything about it been on 4 different ships all different itineraries. We love speaking to experienced cruisers and hearing their tales. We've experienced the “it’s not as good now brigade” and laugh cos it feels pretty good to us!
  4. Actually AC Stew under UK law 14 days notice have to be given of strike days. Without entering into whether the pilots are right or not it should be noted that other unions represnting over 95% of BA workforce have accepted the current offer. I've been told by Celebrity that my flight is flying and if disrupted they have contingenices and to not owrry! They don't know me lol!
  5. Love this idea would make me chose one cruise over another. Vive la difference! Hope it continues long enough for us to get on a participating cruise
  6. If you go to your account on the Celebrity website and click manage reservation scroll down and you should see a section saying "Upgrade your stateroom". Click this and it should show you any bid you have made and staus like pending, rejected, accepted etc Hope that helps
  7. gWe are on a BA flight mid mornin on 11th so assume cancelled, maybe reinstated, but booked through Celebrity so they are dealing with it we don't get the emails from BA. Of course Bank Holiday in UK meant we have to wait until today for them to deal with it. At present not heard anything but the travel section of my cruise planner is greyed out. I've promised the wife I'll let them have today to sort it though it's killing me!
  8. Jo our 2 booked cruises are showing the 3 Night ackage in sterling at 3101.91 presently. We tend to book the 4 night package at £117.71 as this is £29.42 per meal (the 3 Night is £33.97)
  9. @katie64 You can book via a US TA from the UK most of the big online ones have a box to tick to say you are out of the US. Obviously exchange rates can be an issue and always check for final cost including taxes and fees. We book with Celebrity direct as we get a 10% discount by using a Blue Light Card. If we are sailing from the UK we then transfer to our online TA as they give us port parking. We often book onboard to get some extra OBC and low deposit
  10. Thanks you @Icon901 that's a great guide I've been samplng Maki and Nigiri and really like it
  11. and of course the only shore excursion I want is the only one not reduced at the moment
  12. So I'm a real sushi novice (don't ask) and really looking forward to trying out Sushi on 5! However, I've no real idea what to order to get the best spread any suggestions? what are your favourites?
  13. @Denny01 Thanks Den I thought that would be the case but you never know with the vagaries of Celebrity admin. Concierge isn't worth £500 x 2 to me so whilst the points would be nice unless prices fall I will pass.
  14. Thanks @miched I thought that was probably the case so thanks for confirming
  15. Quesion: got what seems to have been a great deal on my next cruise for various reasons. Say I'm paying £1200 for a Veranda 1B and current cost 60 days out is £1600. However, I could do with 17 more points. The price of concierge is £1700. If I upgrade do I pay the difference between what I paid and now, ie £500 or the price diffeence now £100?
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