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  1. Debarking the ship is always a reality check no mater what experience you book. My experiences have been similar to yours but I realize it's a very hectic day for the crew.
  2. I've been in OP's situation a few times. MSC will not open up another cabin for the 11 day itinerary until someone else books it. Even when other cabins are available on both of the separate segments I've not been able to get switched. As Hangman115 stated you can often actually come out better booking them as two separate sailings, but yes it requires two deposits.
  3. I'm a bit confused as to what was actually extended in Italy. I do know the holiday travel ban was extended to January 15th but cannot find documentation it was extended beyond that. I found one news article stating the Italian state of emergency enacted in January, 2020 and was to expire at the end of this month was extended until April 30, 2021. But this only keeps the ability of the central government to set travel rules more easily. So far I can't find any information that the Council of Ministers have further extended the actual travel ban, enacted for the holidays, past January 15th.
  4. On the deck plans hull balconies have the balcony shaded grey, MSC also uses the grey for balconies that have partial or full metal design element obstruction. The balconies shaded blue have a metal lower half and sometimes, such as in the forward cabins, also have glass extending to the top.
  5. I don't think any Bella or Fantastica passengers will be able to purchase a pass into the Seashore's Aurea dining room. MSC usually offers a daily rental of loungers on their ship's Aurea private sun decks. It would be hard to prevent those people from using the Aurea bar also.
  6. I underlined the significant part of section three, I didn't want to edit it and kept the entirety of the section. MSC seems to be having trouble with the allotment of YC cabins on those Seaview sailings. They seem to have not made many available for the Barbados embarkations, YC inventory has been almost zero since those sailings were first offered. I wonder if MSC may be making some changes regarding this.
  7. Ship and sail date? It would be pretty harsh if MSC decided to bump you for someone willing to pay that $1800 more. I can understand not being willing to take the cruise in these cabin downgrade situations, I hope you will be given the option to cancel if MSC can't change you back. It seemed that MSC had stopped this practice. I haven't heard of any cases since Seaside's introduction, and lately it's only been when MSC changes the ship. I think MSC charges the current fare for the new cabin and not what that cabin cost when you booked months ago. Perhaps you can get them to agree to a de
  8. It's on deck 15 aft and labelled L'Etoile. The menu should be the same as the ones posted at the top of this forum in the sticky threads.
  9. A January 4th press release announcing special lowered pricing makes me think MSC was/is having trouble getting people to book Grandiosa. But then again the prices are now back up again, even on sailings before February 15th that we know are going to be cancelled. I found the quote by the MSC Managing Director a little questionable. "Restaurants, fitness, wellness center, theater, entertainment, miniclub, swimming pools, entertainment and much more: the cruise experience is not affected by the strict rules of the safety protocol provided on board the ship. It is therefore possibl
  10. I've seen the same with my US booked European sailings. Easy now up to $38, Premium now up to $51 and Premium Plus the same at $62. Perhaps especially for thesnoopster2 they lowered the non-alcoholic to $23, although I don't have a US sailing before November to check if they lowered it for US based sailings. Just so I could try it once before it possibly disappears I decided to upgrade to Premium Plus that is still available on one booking but MSC US stated they are making changes to the packages and cannot let me upgrade at the moment.
  11. I assume you've seen the last couple month's posts in a related thread I started in February, 2019. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2637375-yacht-club-bookings-now-lose-deposit-at-120-days/page/2/ As far as I can tell MSC US is keeping to the Terms & Conditions in effect at the time you booked. Up until recently there were inconsistencies regarding the YC deposit refundability. Those are now gone and it states pretty clearly YC deposits are not refundable, and there have been posters stating their recent YC bookings state this directly. The best thing to do
  12. Thanks, that explains the rate. Just so you know, the Healthcare and Voyagers Club discounts do not affect the cost of purchasing a drinks package separately but the discounts are applied to the cost of these perks when they are included in a promotional rate. So if MSC offers the All In rate on your sailing, say for $25pp per day more, you can switch to that rate and the Voyagers Club and Healthcare discount will apply making the final cost of adding the perks much, much less. If you booked under the no frills "Cruise Only" rate it's a no brainer to switch, but if you booked under the "Spe
  13. Meraviglia? It looks like you booked a discounted rate through a travel agent. It would be next to impossible to change to an inclusive booking rate and save any money in the end. If you decide to spend the $203pp booking the non-alcoholic package before you sail will save you a 15% gratuity once you're on the ship. Recently I've said it may be best to book items like this sooner than later since MSC packages are changing and some prices have been increasing but I think MSC would have a difficult time increasing the cost of that non-alcoholic package.
  14. To me, MSC's non-alcoolic package is way overpriced at $29pp/day. I assume you are looking at a US based sailing. MSC often runs promotional rates, such as the "All In" rate that offers internet, Easy drinks package and sometimes other perks. If you compare the cheaper "Cruise Only" rate to these inclusive rates it often comes out less per day than purchasing a drinks package separately. I've seen the Inclusive rate as low as $17pp/day (averages about $24pp/day) more than the Cruise Only rate, so you can frequently get the Easy package for much less than if you book it separately. Easy in
  15. With the Seaside TransAtlantic now cancelled MSC is probably getting rid of all the oddball short Grand Voyages that were sub parts of the full TA. You April 16th itinerary from Marseille was the last day of the full TA and the first day of the first Med sailing which took you back to Marseille. I think the first planned Seaside Med sailings will be the versions starting April 17th from Genoa.
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