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  1. I just came back from the Southern Australia cruise, which was supposed to stop at Kangaroo Island, but they decided to go straight to Port Lincoln instead and have extra time there.
  2. Yup, we're still doing this one we've already booked (too much hassle to change it now) but the next one we'll be doing Cunard.
  3. Probably not enough to make a difference, no.... but I'm not switching my next cruise to make a difference to Princess, I'm switching to make a difference to my ladies. The decision was a few things, but the chair was the final deciding factor. I've got a 100+ group booked in for an 8 day Princess cruise next year and I was going to book us in for a Princess 13 day NZ cruise in 2022 - but because of this thread I'm moving us to Cunard instead. My ladies are all older (60s+), and judging by the cabins booked for our 2020 cruise, they will be mostly interior and window cabins (so no option for a balcony chair to be brought in). For some of the ladies having a chair in the cabin will be very important. The other factors were that in 2022 we'll be on Majestic, which I don't like as much as Golden, and I'd been wanting to try the Queen Elizabeth for the old fashioned look - but hadn't had a good reason to pay the higher price. Now I do. Personally I don't need the chair, but I feel bad for those who do. I'm planning another NZ cruise with just DH and I, and we'll probably go Princess because it's cheaper and the chair situation won't be an issue for us (we'd also have a balcony)... We'd have to fly to go Celebrity, so not interested in that. Since I don't feel my booking will make any difference to the overall numbers or the decision to put the chairs back, I don't think a personal boycott would change anything. But the chair issue has absolutely influenced my decision to book my group in.
  4. I think you'll find that food prepared for service in the MDR will be done efficiently on a sort of production line sort of thing. They don't make one meal at a time, they will be making several of the same dish at the same time - which is more efficient. There will be a steady stream of orders during the service times, and people are prepared to wait a bit for their food. Whereas people can order room service at various times during the day, which is an inefficient way to manage food production. The expectation also will be that it is delivered quickly. So it's not just about the amount of time it takes someone to walk to your cabin with your food.
  5. Yup. In 2022 I'll be running a 14 day cruise for a social club I'm in (we're doing one next year too, but it's too late to change that one) - mostly older ladies.... and this chair situation makes me think I'll have to go to Cunard instead (they have not only the second chair with arms, but also a table large enough to dine on!) - which is a shame because I like Princess and it's definitely the atmosphere I'd prefer over the other 2 lines..... but the chair will be an important factor for my ladies.
  6. But passengers moving chairs elsewhere aren't doing it because the chair that was in their cabin has been taken out. If they claim chairs are being removed for "safety" (which we know isn't the case), it's a lot safer leaving the chair in a cabin than having a passenger drag an outdoor chair in, where they might trip over and injure themselves, or "do their back".
  7. Actually that is a good point. Someone should pointedly ask Princess what would happen if a passenger injured their back moving seating from the balcony because the inside chair has been removed.....
  8. As the chairs get older they will need steam cleaning and either replacing or reupholstering (cheaper to replace). So the barrel chairs would have some degree of ongoing upkeep and replacement costs, and more than the desk chair because of the construction. They also need to make sure replacement ones are made from the same fabric and the same style to keep the uniformity - so it's not like they can replace one with any old thing. Removing them is definitely cost saving in that regard. I think it's likely that they had some complaints that the chairs were unnecessary and took up valuable space, so they felt that removing them would not only give more space but also save on maintenance costs and costs of buying new ones for new ships.... and the added bonus that anyone wanting to sit would then have to do that elsewhere where they might feel tempted/obligated to also buy a drink.... So they probably felt it was win win (for them mostly, but also more space for the passenger). But I assume/hope nobody thought about the issue of people not being able to sit on beds comfortably. If they did consider that and still decided to remove the chairs, then I think that's disgraceful.
  9. I thought that would be the case.
  10. Normally at home I wouldn't dream of drinking soda or sugary drinks every day. But I figure on a cruise I also eat dessert which I normally don't - because it's a treat. I've also only done 6-7 day cruises so far, so maybe I'd change my habits for a longer cruise... So it's only 2 mocktails or a mocktail and a soda a day needed to break even, which I find easily doable. Especially if I'm getting them half strength. I'm not sure if soda water (I think it's known as club soda in the US - carbonated water with nothing added) is free onboard or not?, but I drink a lot of that when I want something refreshing but not sugary.
  11. While they call it an "app" it's actually just the Princess website that auto connects when you're using the ship (free) wifi. So maybe it was still there but not as easy to find? It really is a shame they don't consider ease of communication for larger groups. Every time I've brought this up to them and asked if they can offer any suggestions, they keep saying just use the princess@sea app. I've then had to explain why having 100+ (non-tech savvy older age) people all find and share their IDs with each other - which you can only do onboard - to then only be able to individually message each other..... is not an efficient way to manage getting messages out to a group. And what if not everyone has a smartphone or wants to keep it with them all day.... and calling multiple staterooms to leave a "we're meeting at 8pm for drinks" type message is also not efficient... since I'm trying to have a vacation too, not be a cruising secretary :P Someone at Princess needs to design a group feature for the messenger - where a group ID is generated when the group bookings are created. Because the group leader will then know their unique group ID code, they can pass that on to their group members ahead of time, so everyone knows it and can be prepared (rather than having to swap individual numbers onboard). Then when anyone sends a message to that group ID all people who have that group code can access it. Would be so much easier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and surely not that hard to set up into their existing messenger system. Ultimately the "post-it on the door" option is what we're going to have to go with. Although given the size of my group and that we're spread out in different sections of the ship, I'm going to nominate a couple of people to have the messages on their door as well as put them on my door - so I'll only need to communicate with those 2 people, and then everyone else will be responsible for checking the doors for messages.
  12. That's why the ones I had from the inside bars were much better than the ones in the outdoor bars - in the outdoor ones I saw them pouring the syrup from unlabelled white containers - which I assume are prepared mixes of the syrups. So they were more sugary tasting and less defined flavours. Whereas the ones I had inside they were pouring from glass bottles of individual syrups. The Key West Cooler for example prepared inside you could taste the watermelon flavour. The ones prepared outside you couldn't. Although that said, the taste was slightly different for the same mocktail all over the ship - as they don't bother measuring for a mocktail, so the taste depends on how much of each syrup they add. They were all nice, just slightly different.
  13. Ok great thanks. The metal on the lanyard option would be fine even if it wasn't enclosed as I'd be wearing it over clothing, but good to know there would be no metal touching skin. I wonder if they found the lanyard option to be cheaper to produce and are doing those instead of the wristbands.
  14. I don't drink alcohol, so the soda package lets me feel fancy by having unlimited mocktails 😄 I didn't know until reading it here that you can order any virgin cocktail, so next time I cruise I'll be testing them all out!!!!!!
  15. I also find them too sweet (I don't like any sugar in my tea/coffee - although weirdly I find normal softdrink is ok) - So what I normally do is ask them to make the mocktails up half strength and use extra soda water. I find them perfect that way. (I'm the same with milkshakes on land - I always ask for those with half the syrup) I've found they do differ greatly depending on where you get them though. The outdoor bars I found are extra sweet and make them with premade mixtures of syrup. While the indoor bars seem to use more individual bottles of syrups and those IMHO taste much better (more depth of flavour) and don't seem as sickeningly sweet.
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