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  1. Thanks Kazu! It gives many Rotterdammers and Friends of HAL the shivers, every time the two ships meet. 🙂
  2. Reason must have been the name 🙂 or the departure on a weekday (people do work in Rotterdam 😉 )
  3. If, yes if, Fred Olsen and HAL do what many people in the Netherlands asked for, they will let the m.s. Rotterdam cruise along the passenger terminal and the Brienenoord bridge in August before sailing to the dockyard. I bet "quite a few" dutchies will be alongside the river banks too for a goodbye to the ship...... 😪
  4. Of course I cannot answer for "the people in Holland"; so, just for myself: reason 1: Rotterdam is the town where I visited often (as from the fourtees) my grandparents, living on the other side of the river Maas from the head office of Holland Amerika Lijn. I admired many many years the Holland Amerika passenger ships and freighters docked at their quays. And if I remember well: reason 2 HAL ships are registered in Rotterdam. reason 3: I loved the ss Rotterdam V from visits in the sixties and later the m.s. Rotterdam VI as a passenger..... Reason 4: I like the city of Rotterdam and its inhabitants (special characters). 🙂
  5. So, we are "lucky"(?) ones too in The Netherlands: free (but of course in the end not for taxpayers....).
  6. AH-To go stores in the Centraal Station and Metro. Larger one at the Prins Hendrikkade. All quite in the neighbourhood of de Cuise terminal (PTA). But please check the berth of your river cruise boat here: https://www.ptamsterdam.com/river-cruise/ or here: https://myport.portofamsterdam.com/arrivals/ because it is not sure you will be near the Central Station and PTA cruise terminal. and for the shops in Amsterdam: https://www.ah.nl/winkels
  7. Excellent program of the Nieuw Statendam You will wish to go to the North Cape another year and visit Alesund, Trondheim, Tromso, Hammerfest and a few other ports (very nice to visit some of them for the second time). In addition to the suggestions above: Molde: Travel like the locals: book a bus trip with them: Molde-Atlantic Road - Molde Stavanger: short walk through the street with the white houses next to the cruise terminal and do not forget to visit the canning museum somewhere in the middle at the right hand side of the street (do not forget to ask for the guide; he is very good!). Interesting story and display of the fishing industry. Oslo: take the public bus nearby to the Museum Island and visit one or more of the musea over there. A must see for young and old IMO: Viking museum. Enjoy your cruise.
  8. And spend another day in interesting Singapore. Absolutely worthwhile. (After todays world problem).
  9. Yes, I tried with Chrome: all I get is the page to select the number of passengers in the stateroom etc and after that: a blank page. Other dates: the same.
  10. You better send your claim to COVID-19 in Wuhan. That's the one that actually "screwed" you.
  11. Hello VMAx. You are right (of course). All major events are called off untill September 1st. So that includes f.e. Sail Amsterdam and Uitmarkt, attracting lots of visitors. Maybe Mövenpick is still fully booked because not all guests are aware of the cancellations of those and other bog events? Just a few minutes ago prices at the website of the hotel itself started at € 513 for a twin 2 nights as from August 30th. That's already € 300 less....So, in another 24hrs the price could be down to € 250 for 2 nights. Wishfull thinking? (Maybe passengers for Celebrity and Royal Caribbean, leaving September 2nd and 3rd booked Mövenpick? If any cruise takes place by that date......)
  12. https://www.sail.nl/en/general/sail-amsterdam-2020-cancelled/ In addition to Ine's reply. 5 years is a long time, hélas.
  13. If your flight is an intercontental one, check in time is 3 hours. If in Europe: 2 hours. My guess is that you will not make it in time, because an arrival time of f.e. 7 AM and 2 hrs check in time will give you 50 minutes to walk off, collect your luggage etc. looking for and entering your cab and about 30 minutes drive to the airport, short walk to check-in counters etc..... I agree with all above: take the later flight. Put your luggage in a locker at the Central Station and enjoy the morning in Amsterdam and travel at ease by train from the central station to the airport in about 17 minutes.
  14. https://www.volkskrant.nl/kijkverder/2020/tijdelijkgesloten/#/museums/stedelijk-museum-amsterdam/kunstwerk-1 I hope sincerely that it works outside our country too. Quite interesting digital presentation of 5 dutch musea. For all happy cruisers who will not be able to visit our country this spring.
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