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  1. It can be worthwhile to study the deckplan of your ship, because the Pinnacle does not always have windows to enjoy the sail away.
  2. 2020 is not yet published on the IJmuiden cruise calender, but here it is what you would like to know: https://www.ptamsterdam.nl/nl/cruises-portal May 20th Norwegian Star . If I interprete the information right, it will dock at PTA and that means right in front of the center of Amsterdam. Otherwise it would be a dock at the outskirts of Amsterdam, but that seems not to be the case. And I confirm the necessity of reserving an buying tickets beforehand; it makes a difference if you do no have to wait in long lines. Happy for you that it seems 100% sure that it will not be IJmuiden.
  3. With my daughter I did that tour on m.s. Rotterdam of Holland America last month. Amsterdam-Portland-Guernsey-Torquay-Ilfracombe (skipped due to very bad weather, extra night in Liverpool)) - Liverpool - Dublin-Sky-Kirkwall-Invergordon-Edinburgh (leaving after 00:00 because of Tattoo)-Amsterdam. With DH this September/October I repeat some of the English and Irish ports on m.s. Rotterdam and am looking forward to it. I proposed DH to join me next year on ms Rotterdam for again (but slightly different) a cruise around UK, Ireland, Scotland or the trip to Iceland etc because some ports in the Schottish Highlands are included. (But maybe it will be Japan ๐Ÿ˜‰).
  4. In the meantime I received an e-mail in which he let me know that he is available on the 18th or 19th of September. He stated that it is dependent on your interests and wishes whether he is the right person as your guide. As the Operation Market Garden was 75 years ago many events take place in september. If you send me a message I will send you his e-mail address and telephone number, so you will be able to contact him. My address is (without spaces of course) iperenjl at box dot nl I hope this will reach you in time and lead to a succesfull excursion to Arnhem. Greetings, Lenny
  5. We were on m.s. Rotterdam of Holland America Line. Shuttle to Merrion Square US$ 20 and passengers could use it as many time as they wished. The free shuttle (very very short trip) was offered by the port authority or alike.
  6. In addition to the above: This August the port provided a free shuttle to a gate halfway to the exit; about 1,5 kms walking distance to "The Point" where the Red Line of LUAS tram has its beginning/end. Daycard about GBP 7. End of the day we drove in a taxi from "The Point" to gangway of ship: GBP 7.
  7. Of course. It is not mentioned yet in the list on CC. I made a note to ask on board as from next Saturday. You could send me your e-mail address and I will do my utmost to answer earlier than the date of my disembarkation. My address (without the spaces) is iperen jl at box dot nl Thanks for your good wishes.
  8. Did you already find a good guide? A friend and his wife, with whom we spend the day and dinner today, mentioned as a very good possibility someone we both know. Was a surprise to me. He told me that the man concerned wrote a book about the battle of Arnhem and that he participated in the realisation of a statue that will be unveiled this september during the commemoration of the battle. He is living in my village near Rotterdam and a retired teacher and artist. A trustworthy person. If you did not find a guide yet, I will gladly ask him whether he is available and will "do the job". Please notice that I will leave next Saturday on the m.s. Rotterdam. I hope you will read this message. Lenny
  9. Husband needed one (5 yrs agoโ€ฆ..). They have wheel chairs for urgent cases. Rent is the same for a few days as whole cruise (if I remember well). But I understood that you can reserve a wheel chair in advance. In that case you can be sure that one is available. Ask your TA or HAL. Maybe you have to send a Special Needs Request (see file). HAL Engels SRI.doc
  10. I would; we (up to now) never had a bad experience. And what can go wrong when you enter a (official) taxi with another couple for transportation to a hotel or town?
  11. Exactly! or Gouda, Dordrecht, Leiden, Breda, Haarlem etc; those towns have good connections by train to Rotterdam and are worth a visit too ๐Ÿ™‚. And if really in trouble HAL passengers could always ask for assistance or a bed on cruise critic. Who knows.
  12. To offer a few more possibilities to your plethora: A week in Singapore precruise is a perfect idea. Do not forget to have at least a lunch in one of the two one star Michelin hawker stalls ๐Ÿ™‚. Try to be among the first in row (before f.e. the chickens are all sold ๐Ÿ™‚ ). Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken and Noodle 335 Smith St | #02-127 Chinatown Food Complex and/or Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodle (#01-12 Blk 466, Tai Hwa Eating House, Crawford Lane - 190465 Singapore) Koh Samui: temples, temples and temples, but quite interesting. Cambodja: if you like cooking: buy best quality Kampot pepper you can get. Buy the logest HAL excursion you can afford and look, look and listen. Laem Chabang: Think about visiting The Sanctuary of Truth (Google and you will be surprised). We visited in 2017 (Volendam February-april) and 2019 (Maasdam February-March), marvelous woodwork of hundreds of artists that still continues. Taxi from Laem Chabang to temple and back. We used www.JOETAXITHAI.com Good alternative if you already know Bangkok or for the 2nd day. Hue: 1 day Hoi An, 1 day Hue Halong Bay: Boattrip (we did this in 2017) an absolute "must do". If not: 2 days Hanoi is a very interesting alternative (we in 2019; pity and interesting because the meeting Kim/Trump was on one of our 2 daysโ€ฆ.). Shanghai: pity that ship will not dock at the Bund, but see as much as you can: fascinating town. Nagasaki: Book a very early excursion in the hope you will pass the border police in timeโ€ฆ. Especially for dutch guests: walk to Decima for a visit. Very interesting. Tokyo: if you leave Tokyo by plane from Narita airport in the morning: carefully check the possibilities to be there in time if you stay in a hotel in the center of town. Suggestion: book the Nikko Narita hotel for the last night. Nikko is very close to the airport and railway station(shuttle bus from the hotel, 600 meters). Rooms twice the size as in center Tokyo. Or book an extra night and visit the village of Narita itself. Enjoy
  13. On ms Rotterdam this month: Oceanview cabins: 2 outlets (EU 230V USA 110V) and 2 USB ports (new).
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