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  1. FYI - We were on Symphony last month and the Suite Sun Deck was closed due to wind. This was on a sea day. Sorry, can't answer about the other days.
  2. Yes, you do get three free drinks per Diamond member on your seapass card. Be advised that the 3 free drinks are during Happy Hour only. Typically around 5:00 until 8:00. Times vary a little depending on the ship.
  3. This is just my opinion, others may have a different perspective. For us, I would have to say no. We don't drink enough to warrant purchasing the drink package. Also, we really enjoy the Diamond Lounge. It's a nice chance to meet up with old friends and to make new ones. Once you reach Diamond level and have the lounge experience you may change your mind about it. We've not really had issues with overcrowding in the lounges.
  4. Great review Cathi! (Hi Cathi and J) We loved Maya Chan and thought the service, drinks and food were amazing! We had no issues at all with the transportation going or coming back to the ship. We enjoyed it so much that we booked it again for our December cruise as soon as we got home.
  5. I agree about the Martini Class in Wonderland. I'm pretty sure we were both in the same class. I loved it and so glad I went. Thanks for helping me re-live this cruise. It's really making me want to go on another much sooner than my December bookings. Enjoying your review!
  6. I just looked at their website but was trying to understand the cruise ship pricing. It's showing 4 passengers for $750! I'm not sure I interpreted their site correctly. Can you tell me the cost of your excursion and did you have a group? There are only two of us and it looks perfect but the price seems a bit high. Thanks.
  7. We were on Symphony a couple weeks ago. They came around and asked people if they wanted to sign up for $20 per person, I think the regular price was around $30 per person. Maybe wait until you board to see if you can get it at a discounted price? We did not take the tour as we had done it several years ago on Adventure.
  8. Do both! If you have to pick just 1 then go with Woodwind. The snorkeling in Bonaire is fantastic. But then again, Curacao has good snorkeling too! Sorry, I'm no help. 🙂
  9. We are doing a Back2Back in December and will be in Costa Maya two weeks in a row. We have reservations to return to Maya Chan for one of the weeks. Thought we would try one of the other spots for the second week. Can't decide which one. Are there pro and cons to each? Thanks.
  10. Thanks for the review. Looking to book for March 2020. My only question is in regards to snorkeling. Was there decent snorkeling from the beach? Thank you.
  11. Loving your review. Doug and I were on with you on the cruise. Enjoyed meeting you and Jellybean. Here's suggestion for dinner that you can add to your Word Document for next time in Miami. (I totally agree about eating local and No Chain Restaurants!) Anyway we went to a delicious Thai place in Little Havana, kind of crazy I know. A lady I was sitting on the plane next to suggested it as she was a local. It was called Lung Yai Thai Tapas be prepared to wait as it's a small place and very busy. I'm ready to go back 🙂
  12. I totally agree and would never do this. However, I think several would use it as an excuse to do so. Therefore short changing the staff.
  13. Unfortunately, I see the poor waitstaff being stiffed. This gives people even more reason to withhold their gratuities as they may end up at the buffet instead. 😞
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