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  1. Jan, your daughter sounds amazing! Good for her losing those 30#, and I know she'll continue on to her goal. Best wishes for her and her hubbie-to-be!! I just got online to plug in my food from last night - had friends over - play date for our dogs, wine and cheese for us. I did my best to only put out low-carb options with lots of veggies (plus some plain crackers which I tried to avoid). We had a nice picnic-style dinner while the dogs played. My friends recently got engaged so it was nice to catch up and hear the proposal story. Back to my normal eating plan today, starting off with some scrambled eggs (with a tiny bit of salami from last night) and avocado!
  2. Wow, so much good news this week! JasonMom, congratulations on the 6-pound loss! I think you're right to scale back that goal of 199 by the cruise - don't put that pressure on yourself. 4+ pound loss in a week is not the norm, I find. Just enjoy your success, and enjoy that cruise! Jan, any loss is a great loss - congrats on your 46th anniversary! I'm sure that pasta was a treat, and we all deserve that once in a while. Bolt and Cruises42, great losses! And Cruises42, have a wonderful time on your cruise! Robincruiser, Melmar, Nyer, JessandLevi - don't sweat the scale this week - those NSV's are fantastic! Well, my 4-pound loss didn't last long - back up 1.5 this morning (the downside of weighing every day is seeing all the little "adjustments" your body makes). I'm going to chalk it up to excess sodium, as that's the only thing I can see from my food log that would contribute. Not discouraged, though - I am really feeling better these days, sleeping better, more energy. The weight will follow. I really don't have a plan in place to get exercise back in my routine. But I have the BeachBody subscription so I have access to all their stuff. 21-day fix looks like a good place to start. I just need to get myself moving. For me, cardio is most important as I'm concerned with heart health. Body-weight strength moves will be good too. IT'S FRIDAY !!!!! And I don't know why I'm excited, 'cause I have to work much of the weekend, but hope you all have a great one!!
  3. Awww, Belle, that was a cute one! My meetings don't start until later this morning so I had some time to sit down and fill in my tracking spreadsheet (because tracking in MFP isn't enough, I must have a spreadsheet! :-)). I'm down 4 pounds this week! Maybe things are starting to click. I have to say I didn't get back on an exercise routine as planned, but I'm not going to worry about it. I will get there when I can. @JennyB1977 High five, you! We're on a roll this week! Feeling good heading into the weekend (we can say that on Thursday, right?)!
  4. Hi, Belle, and everybody - hope everyone's weekend is going well. I went a little overboard on calories yesterday, but not too bad - at least kept the carbs in check. On track today so far, and pre-tracked through dinner (that usually helps me). Sunday is often my cooking day. Today I made a pot of cauliflower soup, but otherwise just prepped things for the week. Got smoothie ingredients together and ready for mornings, made some tahini sauce for my veggies, made some peanut butter. Ready for the week. I have not been exercising lately, beyond getting my steps/miles in. I aim for 60 active minutes a day on Fitbit, and it's all walking. I know I need to do more cardio and strength, but since I'm just getting back into an eating plan I want to focus on that first, as that gives more of a boost to the weight loss. And I'm still trying to figure out how to work the gym into my new job schedule. I am going to try the 21 day fix workouts this week in the mornings before work. Hopefully I'll have a few under my belt to report on Thursday! Andrea
  5. Jasonmom, I can't believe you would round up from .1 to the next pound, LOL! My scale shows half pounds and I used to round those up, but not any more. A half pound may be the margin of error, but it's still motivating! Melmar02, high five for losing after Mexican food! Pacruise804, sounds like you had a long week, so a "maintain" is a WIN! I'm trying to get my macro percentages back to 65% fat, 20% protein, 15% carb. It sure is tough for me - even making a concerted effort today to up the fat, I'm still only at 60%. Oh well, either I'll slowly get there, or will decide 60% is enough. I don't really care about getting into ketosis, but this range does seem to work to keep my blood sugar down where it should be. And to lose weight. Equal goals for me.
  6. Hi, Ladies, I'm still trying to get on track. I had gained 5 pounds of (mostly) water weight after posting here a couple weeks ago, but since Monday I'm down 4. 211.5 this morning. Sigh. But, got my sister doing it with me, and we both always do better when encouraging each other. Tracking everything religiously in MFP. Oh, and found a great use for my air fryer oven - it does a great job on salmon filets without much fuss. And keeps the fishy smell contained. My new go-to quick meal! @JennyB1977 thanks for opening the thread! @CarolinaGirl2010 I've just recently got a BeachBody workout subscription and one of the workouts is called 21 Day Fix. Is that what you have done? I haven't tried it yet (the subscription doesn't come with the meal plans, but I think I've got that side covered). I haven't tried it yet - been messing around with the Country Heat workouts. @retiring soon at least you showed up to report your .4 gain - rather than just staying away like I've been doing when I don't have something good to report! @JessandLevi that's a great goal! I don't really have a hard target for my next cruise in December (111 days, but who's counting?) except that I want to be more comfortable on the plane (9 hour flight). But for next June's graduation cruise for my son, I want to be below 150. @Jasonmom congrats on your loss, and don't sweat enjoying yourself! @RobinCruiser 6 pounds is a lot to be proud of! Congratulations! @Jan_In_Maine steady-as-she-goes!! Have a great week, everyone!!! Andrea
  7. Belle, thank you for those words of encouragement. I ask myself those questions all the time. I have struggled all summer to maintain any kind of routine. But I will keep at it.
  8. Good luck with those outings, Diana. I find it easier to deal with restaurants than eating at someone's house. The restaurant doesn't get its feelings hurt if you don't eat everything, LOL. But I bet if you plan around those days and just do the best you can on those outings (and enjoy them!) you might still come out with a loss. Pulling for you! Andrea
  9. Hello, all, I missed posting Thursday, but I did face the music and weigh in. So my August journey begins at - ugh - 210.5 pounds. Mid-week I'm up from that based on a couple of really bad nights, but I'm back to plan today and I will be down by Thursday! Belle, you cracked me up (no pun intended!) with the thong reference! I've got a quiet weekend planned, housework, meal planning, gym. And some catching up for work - with all the meetings I have during the workdays, I need a few extra hours in the week to catch up and pull it all together, or I get behind. And maybe give the dog a bath (a workout in itself). Sounds like most had a good week - congratulations! JennyB1977, I'll send you a friend request on MFP. I'm andreab861, if anyone who tracks there wants to share. My daily goal is 1,500 calories and macros at 50% fat, 30% protein, 20% carb (ish). That mix seems to work for me, keeps me satisfied and with enough energy to work out a little. I don't factor in the exercise or track the calorie deficit but I have a separate goal on Fitbit of 7 miles per day, 3,000 calories burned and 60 active minutes. Hope everyone has a great weekend!!! Andrea
  10. Checking in here just to be inspired by you all! I'm still off the rails, but reining it in today. Heading to the grocery store to stock up on the things I know work for me. I will be back for weigh-in Thursday, starting over again in August. Someone mentioned tracking to avoid those "Oh, #$%!" moments. That is the only thing that keeps me on track. For the past 3 weeks I've just been logging 2,000 calories as a Quick Add in MFP. Starting tomorrow I'm back to logging everything diligently. Hope everyone has a great week!
  11. Jan, your comments really hit home for me. I've also struggled to stick to my weight loss goals. Lately it has been really hard for me to be motivated. More than once I've had those "just give it up and stay fat" thoughts. But coming here and sharing in others' successes and struggle helps. Reminds us all we're not alone, and we can all do this! Shootr, those pics are awesome. Glad you had a great time at the game. Andrea
  12. Hi, everybody, I've been MIA for a couple of weeks - just started a new job, and whoo boy, I've been busy! Still figuring out new schedule, and lucky me, I've been assigned to an Asia project, which means lots of night-time meetings - never good for my sleep and my weight loss efforts. So I don't have any loss to report, just wanted to check in and try to get myself back on track. Jasonmom, welcome, I just read your story. You've sure gone through a lot. But it says a lot about you that you are determined to take your health back - keep checking in here, this is a really supportive group! Here's hoping everyone has a great weekend and we all have something good to report next Thursday! Andrea
  13. Hi, all, Sorry I missed Thursday's weigh-in. And I REALLY missed it, not just forgot to report back on it. I came crashing off my eating plan about a week ago, and I am struggling to get back on track. Company in over this holiday weekend, and I'm not even thinking about diet or exercise (although we are trying to muster the strength to play some golf today, if we can get over the humidity). One small saving grace is that when I overindulge nowadays, it's much less than in the past. That goes for food and drink. I know I will turn it back around. Belle, thanks as always for the words of inspiration! Sounds like folks had a pretty good week. (and I'll come back each day to check in - that's a great idea) Diana, at least no loss also means no gain! Jo, great loss of one pound, and Ombud, inches off are sometimes even better (don't you love fitting back into something?)! Rose, congrats on being so close to goal. You sound very determined to lose before your cruise - I'm sure you'll make it! Jan, glad you had fun on your vacations - a wedding is great motivation to get back on track! Cruises42, congrats on 1#!!! Hope everyone has a great week! Andrea
  14. Great news, Ombud! Well, it's the last day of the month, and although I undid some of my progress last week, I ended the month 3 pounds lighter. I will take it. Try to more in July. I'm doing a thing called Race at Your Pace, where you commit to walking a certain number of miles each month. I commit to 200 per month - happy to say I made it for June, just barely. For some reason working for the little medal they send really motivates me to keep moving. Quiet weekend for me. I had a houseguest for a couple of weeks who just left Thursday, so I'm enjoying having the house to myself. My DS and BIL are coming next weekend. Short week at work, thank goodness. Hope everyone's having a great weekend!
  15. Hi, all, Crazy week at work with folks in from out of town. Nighttime eating and drinking, totally out of control. I was up a pound Thursday (plus another 2 today!). But, overall down 3 for the month - hope to drop another one or two before the actual end of month, start July off on the right foot. I will just get right back to it. So Jan and Jenny, I'm right there with you for the week. We can come back from it! I'm doing this for permanent change, not just for the cruise. Have to keep reminding myself that. Hope everyone has a great weekend!! Andrea
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