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  1. SOOOO looking forward to my sea days (only 2 😞) on our upcoming Alaska cruise! Morning walk around the track top-side, breakfast on the balcony, second breakfast outside the OVC, bloody mary-fueled trivia or other morning activities, spend a little time in the solarium, Aspen coffee drink either top-side looking at glaciers or in Cafe al Bacio, attending Brent Nixon presentations, post-day-drinking nap on the balcony, then enjoy dinner and the evening activities! 95 days til we leave!!!!
  2. I posted a review of my December cruise on AmaWaterways Iconic Christmas Markets cruise on AmaLea (Budapest to Nuremberg). What a wonderful trip! Happy to answer any questions (as so many on these boards have done for me)! https://www.cruisecritic.com/memberreviews/memberreview.cfm?EntryID=673665
  3. Looking for info from anyone who has used the Ama Waterways app to send e-postcards. The app says to load in all your email addresses before departing. So far, so good. My question is, once you're on board, can you choose to send a postcard to only one person on your list, or does the app always send to the entire list? I realize this seems like a dumb question, but there are people who have told me, "send me a picture!" who I know don't want to see one from every port! I don't want to add people to my list only to have them flag my emails as spam. Ah, first world problems. B
  4. Arriving one day prior to cruise departing Budapest (transfers already purchased). Departure day and following day are Budapest excursions. Should $100 worth be enough, assuming purchases by credit card wherever possible? The remainder of the cruise is in Euroland, also assuming purchases by card whenever possible - thinking $300 worth. Does that sound reasonable? Thanks for any feedback - I'm 20 days away from my cruise - so excited!!
  5. Hi, everyone! I cannot believe it's October already - sure doesn't feel like it here in NC. 99 degrees yesterday. 99 - what the heck?! I am still at my recent high of 215. I don't know what to say, but, I am determined to get myself back on track! I've not been tracking on MFP, so got back to that today. And I've started back on checking my blood sugar daily. Constant struggle. But I've still got two months till my cruise, and that should be enough time to drop a few pounds. Online check-in is done. Now just need to plan for what to wear, and what I'm going to pack it all
  6. Hi, everyone, opening the thread for us this week, minus Belle's fun poem! Hope everyone is having a great week! Andrea
  7. Great info on this thread - thanks, thunter1224, for starting it! I'll be on AmaLea a couple months after you, so my research is a little behind yours. I'm in "aquarium class" too (avoiding a single supplement), and I was prepared to just consider it an inside cabin. Good to know there may be some sort of view.
  8. Hey, everybody, Sorry I missed Thursday's weigh-in. I was same as last week (which had a gain). And today I'm up still from that. Back to where I was back when I started a month ago. I have lost and gained the same ten pounds about 4 times this year, I think! Anyway, I don't want to bring everybody down with my frustration. Just really having trouble sticking with anything. Work has me so busy and stressed I just don't have motivation for anything else. I just don't know what to do to get my head right. I took a tumble in the yard Friday night - got tangled up
  9. @Belle, I love these weekly threads, and all the support and friendship I find here! I bet many of us just go through some cycles of checking in more often, then get busy with life and don't come on as much. I always like to hear what is working for others, even if I'm not following the same plan. (I go by Andrea, but I'll certainly answer to Andy here, since that's my screen name - I set it up a long time ago when I was more vigilant about protecting my identity online - nowadays I don't worry so much about it.) @winewanderer, wow, Diana, that Panama Canal cruise sou
  10. @Belle, wow, 2 month-long cruises before the end of the year! My longest has been 12 days. I fantasize about having enough time off to be able to do longer ones. That's a few years away for me. Have a great time! I've got my Christmas Markets cruise in early December, and I'll be away about 10 days for that (7 on the cruise itself). But before that I have a business trip to India scheduled for the week before Thanksgiving. That should be pretty exciting too! It's going to be a busy holiday season!
  11. Hi, everybody, sorry I didn't make it on Thursday. I had a horrible week, up FIVE pounds. And I can't say I don't know how it happened, I know exactly how it did. Still on a bit of a spiral and trying to turn it around this weekend. No, not trying. I WILL turn it around! Congrats, Jan, winewanderer, pacruise804 and JennyB - great losses, all. Belle and bolt, we're all in it for the long haul, so be happy your gains were small compared to some! 😳 My 14-week (now 13-week) goals get me to my cruise on December 4, and I think my goal for the rest of the se
  12. Wanted to share my little weekend project - sprucing up the patio - new plants, re-painted the furniture, added some lighting. Let's see if I can get the picture to load:
  13. @Belle, Happy Birthday!! I'm not going to say "belated" as I presume we're celebrating all month! Bring on the dancing men! Jo, congrats on your loss (not "only" .8 pounds - .8 pounds!!!!!!). I bet you could easily lose 5-6 pounds before your cruise. 7 weeks to go! Well, it's Monday, and time for my next weekly focus (13 weeks to go for my cruise) - this week it's "up the Cardio". My aim is to get 30-45 minutes of cardio at least 5 days this week. And I'd better get on it, because I was bad this weekend! Scale is way up from last Thursday's weigh-in. Hopefully I
  14. @Jasonmom, wow, 5.6 is awesome! @CarolinaGirl2010, I'd call no gain a win for sure, especially while your foot is hurting. @Jan_In_Maine, sometimes that scale has a mind of its own - you've got the right mindset, though, not to beat yourself up over a few pounds when you know you're in a healthy range. @JennyB1977, I saw your 90 days on MFP - that's awesome! @winewanderer, welcome back! 4 pounds on a 2-week cruise is not bad at all. Hope you had a great time! @RobinCruiser, great loss! I know what you mean about travel challenges. @pacruise804, great job!
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