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  1. Lois, that sounds awesome. I've never been to Venice. I may have to look for a last-minute deal this summer - I don't care where to! But December is a long way away, and I miss being on a ship!
  2. Wow, Lois, I'm sorry to hear about your issues on Azamara. They've been on my list to try once my son is no longer traveling with me. And he's working now and heading off to college soon, so that time has come. And to all, absolutely not a problem to hijack this thread. I'm still getting a lot out of it. And while the river cruise will be my first solo in about 20 years, it won't be my last - so I'm very interested in learning about how experience solo travelers handle things. Thanks for all the great input. Andrea
  3. Thanks for the responses. I haven't been on any rivers cruises before, so I only mentioned it's a Christmas Markets cruise in case there is a different passenger mix. I absolutely plan to take the included excursions, and it's nice to hear that I won't likely feel the odd one out. Thanks for easing my mind!
  4. Well, we're a quarter of the way through the year, but happy new year! This is my first time checking out this forum. I've booked my first solo cruise for this December (Iconic Christmas Markets on Ama Waterways). Lois, I have followed your posts on Cruise Critic for a while now!
  5. After many years of ocean cruising, I've booked my first river cruise on Ama Waterways, Iconic Christmas Markets this December. I'm a fairly experienced solo traveler, but I gather the experience on a river cruise is unique. In the past I have arranged my own excursions, but this time expect to rely on those planned by Ama. So I think for on-shore activities I'll be fine. More concerned about evenings. I've seen a few reviews mention that many passengers are part of large family or other groups, with not a lot of mingling. I'd hate to be the "lonely single" at dinner every night. I'd appreciate any insights from veterans of river cruising. How do solo travelers fare? Andrea North Carolina
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