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  1. Thank you to everyone that answered. I was asking for a friend who booked the cabin thinking that it still had the French Doors, he'll be very happy. 😃
  2. I"m getting conflicting information. That's why I was hoping someone that has recently sailed on the Miracle could set me straight.
  3. Trust me, I tried to search for it before making my post and could not find anything. I tried all different configurations in the search field because I understand people get annoyed when a post is discussed over and over again.
  4. Any recent cruisers on the Miracle that can tell me if the French Door cabins on Deck 4 have been converted to floor to ceiling glass or if they are still French Doors? I have search extensively but can't find the answer. Thank You. 😃
  5. There is a new water park in Cabo San Lucas close to Medano Beach. Here is some info: https://www.aquaworldcabo.com/home/
  6. No problem. I took a taxi by myself in Puerta Vallarta in October because I wanted to buy boots. They took me straight to the store and then I got another taxi back to the port. I walk the streets of Cabo San Lucas by myself all the time. The cruise ships would not be stopping at these ports if there were issues.
  7. O.K. thank you everyone for your response. I subscribe to an efax service but I usually just receive. Guess it's time to learn to send. Happy Sailing everyone!
  8. Hi all, I searched extensively both on this site and on Holland America's site and can't find the answer, so sorry if this has been discussed previously. I am a shareholder in Carnival Cruise Lines and would like to submit for my benefit on Holland. I have a phone number and a fax number but who does faxing anymore? Does anyone have an email address? Thank you in advance.
  9. If you have lots of time and want some exercise, you can walk to the beach from the tender pier. It's a pleasant walk along the marina, takes 30-45 minutes depending on your walking speed.
  10. Someone mentioned taking a water taxi to Medano Beach. Heads up that when you dismount the taxi, the water could be knee deep. There are usually people there to help, but if your mom has mobility issues, something to consider. If you take a glass bottom boat to Los Arcos, they will drop you at Medano Beach at the end of the tour if you wish. Otherwise you can take a land taxi or a pedicab to the beach. Pedicab is fun because he takes you through town and gives you a little tour.
  11. It was the angle of the ship. If you were coming from the north, you would have seen it when you sailed in, if you were coming from the south, you would see it when you head north. I live part time in Cabo, I saw it on the way home from Costco on the 4 lane road. The last direct hit from a hurricane was 2014. It withstood some pretty awesome wave action in that hurricane. There have been a couple of tropical storms since then, but the arch is alive and well.
  12. The pirate ship is going to be a family attraction, so if you want to do a more adult one, I would go with the Chileno Bay sail and snorkel. Cabo is not the Caribbean but the snorkeling is pretty decent. April is Spring Break season so I would not worry about the little kids as much as I would the college kids!
  13. Hey! I'm in the video! And the time that you were there and I wasn't and Margo took the selfie! I'll let her know you promoted her.
  14. As with everywhere, climates are changing. The last two Thanksgiving's have been mid to high 80's. Warmer than usual but the humidity is not as high as August, September & October and it cools off at night. Mornings are gorgeous.
  15. People have reported that once it was discovered they were cruise ship passengers, they were cancelled and not able to do the dolphin swim. Cabo Adventures and the cruise line exchange list to be sure all cruise ship passengers are booked through the cruise line. You may want to let Cabo Adventures know you are cruise ship passengers and see what they say. If you have your heart set on doing this, I wouldn't want you to be disappointed.
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