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  1. We usually cruise out of Miami in January...but we live in Maine. So for us...waking up on embarkation morning and seeing our ship out our hotel room window is a treat! We also don't get a rental car...so cab/uber to port distance is important. We are tourists when we go down there...so touristy stuff doesn't bother us.
  2. There is so much I love about cruising...Spending time together with my grown kids/grandkids...getting dressed up for formal night for family pictures, the food, the ports, the activities. Not having to go to work...and one of my favorite things...the warm temps in the middle of the winter (We live in Maine...and there is usually at lest one snowstorm while we are gone) We are going to be 10 years between our last cruise and the one we have booked...so really looking forward to every second of it!
  3. My husband and son will be happy that they can keep them again! They got all of the colors last time...and the glasses are different this time!
  4. On our last cruise...you got to keep the shot glasses...can you still do that?
  5. The tour says that they pick you up from your hotel...will they pick you up from the cruise port? How long does the tour last?
  6. Do you know what the premium flavors are? Anything like lemon, raspberry or blueberry?
  7. Thank you...I will look into it
  8. Can someone tell me what the flavor choices are?
  9. Thank you very much!!! This is exactly what she wanted!
  10. Does anyone have the daily schedule for the stingrays and the penguins? My granddaughter wants to see what her and her sister are going to be doing. Thanks in advance!
  11. Christmas ornaments....family pictures....a tote bag with something printed on it about the cruise...
  12. Thanks..I will look into this tour.
  13. Still trying to figure out what to do when we are here....If we were to just book a taxi and ride to see the sites...What are some not miss places? How much is a taxi tour like this? Do they have large taxis...for 8 people? Thanks in advance
  14. Going on the Magic Jan 2021.... Guys burgers Brunch in the dining room Military appreciation Afternoon Tea Lunch in the Italian Restaurant Relax Ropes Course (trying to get over my fear of heights) Formal pics with my family Groove for St. Jude Movies under the stars I'm sure there is more...
  15. This sale didn't help my daughter and her husband....The rest of our family booked a few months ago....when she didn't think she could go. She went to book when they had the $50 deposit a few days ago, it you can't use it on 9 day cruises...She paid $200 PP instead...
  16. I will have to keep my eye out for this...my husband, son, and son in law are all veterans and can participate!
  17. Thank you so much...We are going January 2021...so hopefully it will be open by then!
  18. Does anyone know if Blackbeards castle will be open again? Are they working on repairs...or is it just closed permanently?
  19. Ok...sounds like I don't have to go! Thank you all so much...my granddaughter will be super excited...
  20. Ok thank you...I thought I read you had to buy a coupon book available at the shopping talk...if I don't...YAY me!
  21. So this isn't something that I really care to go to...but I know my 8 year old granddaughter would like to get the free charms/bracelet at Diamond International.....so how long is the shopping talk that we have to go to? How much is the coupon book and what else is included in the coupon book? Is it worth it? Thanks a bunch!
  22. My work email is linked to gmail...can we try that? It is buymaine@sargentre.com Welcome back to Maine next year...it is beautiful here...Bar Harbor is just about in my back yard!
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