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  1. You got a great deal. Great location. Only negative is some rooms that overlook the Brickell bridge can be a bit loud with traffic noise. Otherwise awesome hotel and location.
  2. A peach pass is free. Why not just get one? You'll save the $2.50 plus tolls are cheaper with Sunpass on other roads. Also, you won't need to worry about what lane to go into or out of etc.. It will make your drive a bit easier, and it cost $0.00
  3. If you set for by the water Smith and Wollensky's. I would suggest either Yardbird for some good modern southern food (make a reservation) or get some Cuban food. David's Cafe or Havana 1957. There is not a ton of "waterfront' dinning because any building right up on the beach is a condo or hotel. And I would avoid eating on Ocean Drive. For a 5:30pm flight I guess you want to be there at 3:30pm? On a Sunday it should take no more than 30-mins to get to the airport from Miami Beach, maybe 45-mins if you hit some traffic.
  4. Hampton Inn Brickell is in the dead center heart of Miami. Everything you need is a few blocks away. If you think there is a lot of stuff close by to the Doubletree it does not come close to comparing to the amount of shops, restaurants, bars etc.. close by to Hampton Inn. Much better location in terms of walkability than the Doubletree.
  5. Yes, completely safe. Right in the middle of Miami Beach. Lots of things near by. I suggest walking around Lincoln Road and Ocean Drive. Better places to eat by Lincoln Road opposed to Ocean Drive as Ocean Drive is a bit too "touristy" This is the address in the city of Miami Beach. Not City of Miami. So if you use a taxi or uber make sure you see no NE on the address, and its located in Miami Beach.
  6. As someone who has lived and worked in Downtown Miami for over 5-years, and living here my entire life including parking in being in Downtown Miami multiple times a month since 2005, this is not a safety issue IMO. It is that the non-port parking lots for lack of a better word suck. You will be waiting for crowded shuttles in the heat, your car might be moved around, it might not, you are waiting for shuttles to get back to your car etc.. You will spend 2-3 hours dealing with parking to save $10-$12 a day. And your car will be outside and not as secure. Incidents do happen. Or you can park your car and walk to the ship and walk back to your car for $10-$12 a day more.
  7. Yea, Alaska has been flying to South Florida non-stop from Seattle for a while now. First to MIA and for the last few years from FLL. Not sure what OP was looking at. American has had non-stop MIA-SEA flight for a few years now too. So to OP, there are two choices and have been for years. Alaska from SEA to FLL or American from SEA to MIA. Non-stop.
  8. Well summer in Miami is the time when our airports have delays, but 95% of the time the delays are in the afternoon. So you are right everything should go fine.
  9. 90% of people here will tell you to park at the Port. There are not many hotels that offer cruise and stay parking. $22/day while not cheap in a city like Miami is a pretty good price. My office building is $30 for a few hours of parking. The parking lot is right across the street from your terminal walk to and from your car. With a off site parking you are dealing with shuttles, and bags, and where is your car going to be left at etc..
  10. 100% take Brightline. There are simply just not that many taxis these days driving around like the used to with Uber. Uber/Lyft is usually cheaper and much better service too. You likely will see a taxi riding along or waiting at the Brightline Station but its not the way it used to be where in Downtown or Brickell you would see a taxi every few minutes. Most people take Uber/Lyft and I highly suggest when in Miami you take Uber/Lyft it is cheaper and much better than any taxi service.
  11. That time of year is expensive for hotels in Miami. Anything in Downtown Miami or Brickell is a good location and close to the port. Popular ones are Hampton Inn Brickell, Holiday Inn Port Miami and YVE Hotel for lower budget hotels. The Port is in Downtown Miami. So tons of hotels to chose from. Miami Beach is not far from the port as well, so really you have hundreds of hotels to look at. Miami geographically is not a large city.
  12. Party of 5 you'll need an UberXL or an Uber-SUV. But with a stop that is still the best idea than dealing with a taxi. Flying in the day of cruise is rough and never suggested. My best idea would be the Wholefoods Market in Downtown Miami. It will be about a 5-10 min drive from that Wholefoods to the Port. Large win selection there.
  13. Walk off the ship yourself with your bags and grab a taxi, you are fine. Any other way, its is a risk. It should be about 20-30min ride to the airport.
  14. Seems like you stuck with a lot of the touristy spots like Ocean Drive. You won't find many locals eating on Ocean Drive at all. Every city has its "tourist traps" As others have stated adding a tip is not illegal, as almost 50% of our visitors are from overseas many of them don't tip. As for the English. It depends, though I am sure a lot of the non-English you were hearing was from visitors. Next time stay in the mainland and see the local Miami. Great, then you are in the clear. Yardbird is my favorite spot in Miami Beach. You'll see locals recommend places on the mainland a lot more. Miami Beach is certainly much more "touristy" but Yardbird is great spot that locals love as well. I can recommend a few others as well if you wish. But you 100% should take recommendations when dining in Miami Beach as there are some pretty below average and even sometimes scam tourist type places.
  15. Miami/Brickell Downtown.
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