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  1. Limo would be an absolute waste. Its a quick drive. If you don't want to get stuck in someone's 2008 Mazada 3 then order an Uber SUV. They are usually very nice cars, just as nice as any limo. You barely see limos these days, most people prefer a Suburban or Escalade, which is what Uber SUV will give you. Uber Black will give you something like a S-Class, A8 etc..
  2. I mean, what is the point of getting off of 395 to US-1 when the OP would be 2-mins from the tunnel at that point. To the OP. I-95 on a weekend is easy. You can even just cruise in the express lane (if you have sunpass) and makes it even easier. Just stay left and let the cars going fast pass you. I would much rather be on I-95 on a weekend than city streets. And getting into the port is so much easier via the tunnel than the streets.
  3. The last type of food Miami is known for is Asian. So asking for a tappenyaki type place is odd honestly. We have some decent Asian places but not compared to say LA New York or San Fran. We just don't have a huge Asian population here. If you want tappenyaki type I would suggest reserving a BBQ table at Drunkin Dragon that is one of the best Asian places in Miami. But as others have send the options are endless, and of course Miami is best known for its Latin America/Caribbean choices and Seafood. But there is something for anyone on any budget. One place is like to recommend is YardBird given its location close to Lincoln Road and really great modern southern food.
  4. 2-hours is enough to see and have lunch there. Fine to walk around the main street, it is safe. Yes you need to take an Uber way to far to walk.
  5. 2-hours should be enough. I assume you are on an early morning arrival, which is pretty busy given the amount of flights that come in from South America. GE helps a lot and should speed things along. The biggest wait sometimes is bags to clear customs and re-check them. 2-hours is enough, but just there on the limit. You won't have much time to spare potentially.
  6. The shared shuttles are usually about $15/pp. An UberXL will likely be around $50.00
  7. If the "Bay View" are the rooms facing the Northeast, then Intercontinental for sure. It is unobstructed views of the entire port. Of course a higher floor would help too.
  8. Agreed. No hotels with shuttles. Uber should be under $20
  9. Yea in the 70mph zones no one follows the limit. 80-82mph the chances of getting a ticket are really low. Troopers are looking for people going closer to 90 or 100 when there is light traffic especially. \ There were supposed to raise the limits to 75-mph. They should. But that was called off a few years ago.
  10. Hampton Inn Brickell is the most recommended and popular for what you are looking for. Pretty much anything in Brickell will do the trick. Downtown (just north of Brickell) also has good options too. But Brickell is a more lively and dense area at night. Just Uber/Lyft to the port. Hampton has a shuttle for $8/pp an Uber from there would cost less than $10 total.
  11. Flying in the evening before? Hotel seems good for a quick overnight stay. If you want to see Miami at all or have things to walk to then look somewhere else. The reviews after the updates look good, even with a good place to eat on property if you have a flight coming in but still want dinner. Personally, unless it is a late night arrival, the afternoon/evening before a cruise is one of my favorite days, and I try to stay somewhere that gives me lots of choices of things to do that afternoon/evening, places to eat and see. This location is not that. It is an airport hotel.
  12. Taxi. There will be vans and SUV cabs too. Just let the person at the taxi line know. It will cost the same for a van taxi or a sedan. Flat rate + tip.
  13. WAY too far. Stick with what you have now, once you book flights you can reevaluate your hotel needs.
  14. By the airport yes? Fine if all you want is a place to sleep. If you want to actually be able to walk around, see Miami and do something then try to find something in Downtown Miami or Brickell. If you are getting in at night and all you need is a place to sleep it seems like that does the job.
  15. Some rooms you may be able to have a bay view, specifically the rooms facing south. Hotel is fine, location is good, but not nearly as good as the Hampton Inn. Doubletree and Intercontinental provide better options for port views. Same with the Holiday Inn Port Miami. It has Downtown in its name but it is not truly in Downtown Miami the area is a bit empty at night unless there is an event across the street. I prefer something in Brickell or further south in Downtown. Overall though not a bad spot.
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