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  1. I also found it interesting that the cruise lines and/or their representative entities have not filed nor joined. On a separate note, by the professional experience noted within your post, I would not be surprised if our paths have not crossed over the years.
  2. After years in clinical practice, I moved into the world of Medical/Healthcare Quality Analytics. Over the years, I have sat on numerous professional advisory panels at three different Federal Agencies (CDC, CMS and FDA). Overwhelmingly I have found very dedicated Physicians, Scientists and Researchers. I have never witnessed nor encountered this conspiratorial animus you articulate. What I have found are clinicians and researchers who care about the work they are entrusted to do.
  3. After reading the PACER filing, you feel this motion has standing?
  4. Pure political theater. The wacky part about the filing, the motion references the APA yet the plaintiffs failed to seek any relief under the APA.
  5. Pure political theater. The wacky part about the filing, the motion references the APA yet the plaintiffs failed to seek any relief under the APA.
  6. First, I have no political bias whatsoever. When a politician (regardless of party) holds a news conference to threaten an entity, it is theater. There are plenty of avenues open to apply pressure to potential litigants. When in comes to dealing with Federal Agencies, having a news conference (threatening to sue) is not one that I have found with over 30 years of (in this arena) experience tend to be fruitful. Anyone (including yourself) can make application as a litigant and request Injunctive Relief.
  7. As we all know the Districts have been in flux. We will have to wait to see what the new DOJ really wants to pursue and what will die on the vine. I still believe that this was purely political theater.
  8. The Ninth Circuit has always been a very unusual Circuit. Interesting how they rule on behalf of two States not in their Circuit. Additionally in the cases referenced, they were seeking Injunctive Relief (which was granted). This case will see a long and arduous road ahead. I am interested how you see this as precedence in regards to Florida's political theater of threatening to sue the Federal Government circumventing the APA?
  9. Although sounds good, unfortunately it is totally political theater. For a State to have a “Standing” in Federal Court pursuant to any actionable matter set for via Regulations set forth in the CFR, requires an amazing amount of legal expertise. Certainly there are others who can claim “Standing” (ie cruise lines, other States, etc.) yet they have failed to apply for relief from the Federal Judiciary. Should the amazing hurdle be made and “Standing” is granted, you are looking at many years of litigation before this would even be heard.
  10. Although potentially an interesting argument (on an academic level) as to whether a State can have standing as a affirmative action to bring such a matter before the Federal Courts, my gut feeling is this has much more to do with theatrics than legal principle. There are certainly other entities (other States, Cruise Lines and other potential parties) that have explored such an action, and to date have failed to bring action. I retired (from full time employment) over 8 years ago and have been involved as an expert witness in several complex Federal cases (all dealing with standi
  11. As my dad used to say...that is way above my pay grade. I have been a bit out of touch with CC. I did not even realize that Crystal was cruising. One additional tidbit....I recently (along with many other physicians and nurses) volunteered in an inner city drive to get people vaccinated. I had several people tell me that the reason they are refusing the vaccine is that the Government is using this vaccination to implant a 5G chip in people to control them. When this is is a thought process, how to you make sense out of anything.
  12. Another hiccup I have just learned about was that since the mRNA vaccines are being administered under an EUA order, they are not considered approved vaccines by the FDA. It turns out there appears to be both a Federal Law and an International Agreement that unapproved vaccines cannot be mandated as a requirement. As a disclaimer, I heard this while attending a Continuing Medical Education Zoom (to obtain credits required to renew my license). This topic was certainly not part of the purpose of the training, but came up (almost as an aside) as an unexpected consequence of utiliz
  13. Thanks so much for your response. I was able to find your amazingly comprehensive review with accompanying pictures. I was unable to find the video, but I am not the best with the nuances of Cruise Critic. Once again, thanks for answering my question. Howie
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