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  1. Just FYI, if you opt to take a water taxi or the Alilaguna shared boat to Marco Polo airport the walk + schlepping your luggage from the pier where the boat drops you to the terminal is about 10 minutes. I assume there are most likely porters, although I’ve never used one.
  2. http://www.adr.it/documents/10157/16175834/T3+arrivi_20190306.pdf/5bfce7fa-b982-4de9-93e6-b8495da10f74 I can’t speak to HAL, but if it’s like RCI, it was pretty easy last October. Assuming you have a shared/bus transfer. Here’s a map of FCO terminal 3 arrivals. On the left you’ll see an icon of a guy w/ a hat holding a passport that’s were you’ll go through customs/passport control. After you go through passport control you’ll head to the baggage carousels which are the boxes with suitcases numbers 3-11 on the map. After you’ve collected your luggage head to where it says T3 on the map by the little cafe area where there are people holding signs with your ship’s name. You can’t miss them. You check in with them, they check their list to mark you off & you just go where they direct you. Note, I arrived the day before and stayed at the airport Hilton and just walked back over to the T3 arrivals area, so if you land in one of the other terminals you should be able to find your way over to Terminal 3.
  3. Based on the replies in this thread it sounds like it is the cabin steward’s job to provide these things, but that the email sender stating those items would be in the cabin did not communicate this to the ship. When guest services assured OP those items would be delivered that night either they did not let the steward know, or since the distilled water showed on day 6, they waited a long time to let the cabin steward know and/or s/he waited awhile to meet the request - did guest services send the request via carrier pigeon? On my RCI cruise last Oct. I saw my cabin steward once - on embarkation day. I saw the other cabin stewards pretty regularly - but never him. I did ask one of the other cabin stewards to ask my steward to toss the by then 2 day old embarkation gift chocolate covered strawberries, she said she’d tell him - finally I tossed them on day 4 and carted the plate to the WJ myself. I don’t know whether he never got the message or did but couldn’t be bothered. Why didn’t guest services advise OP to ask their cabin steward for the items if that’s the procedure?
  4. Just got off 12 nights on the Jewel, looking at my photos of the ship, deck 2 windows are pretty small - smaller than the deck 3 & 4 windows. Deck 2 is where we embarked/disembarked at every port except 1, RCI shore excursions used the stairs by the Coral theater to walk down to deck 2 for disembarking most days.
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