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  1. I too was looking for the schedule for the 2020 season. Its like the Sun and the Sky just disappear for those early months of next year. Hopefully they will be posted soon
  2. It's the balcony that interests me with the lounge chairs. I would love to have that instead of a regular chair.
  3. Yes. 🙂 I have to take everyone's comments and consider the bidding. I have never had the mini suite so it always looks so enticing to get something you have never had. I would think the $ would be worth the aft mini suite but not sure about the regular mini suite. Maybe I'll just lower the bid or cancel it and spend it on something else. I appreciate everyone's input!
  4. This is why I am bidding the Max. To upgrade outright is a crazy amount of money especially for such a short cruise but the mini suites especially the AFT mini suites(which currently are available) are what I would like(I know I cannot pick location on a bid) I cannot afford to upgrade outright because for some reason it is $1150 more. I didn't put in an upgrade request for a MS on the Pearl(my last cruise) just because it wasn't really that different than my balcony room but the MS on the Sun seem so much larger!
  5. Thanks for all the responses. I have checked and my max bid is $400 total to upgrade from a BA to a mini suite. If I called and got the room at the current rate it would be it would be between $920-$1150 more total depending on location so I would rather take a chance and bid. Not sure why the bidding price is so much lower than the booking price. I will keep an eye to see if it drops too and then maybe change with calling directly. I thought the $400 would be great if I could get it and I would save a lot. It's a roll of the dice to get the upgrade but right now way cheaper than booking direct. I'll keep everyone posted if I get it.
  6. Hello All, I am trying to bid on an upgrade on my upcoming cruise on the Sun and was wondering if anyone has ever bid the max and then not actually gotten an upgrade. I realize there are not many upgraded rooms on the Sun but was just wondering as a general rule for all other bidding has anyone ever had that happen? Just curious. I currently have a BA balcony that I won't be disappointed if I stay in but thought the price(even the max) was still good for bidding on and yes there are still rooms available for the category that I am bidding on and we are just over two weeks out. Thanks
  7. Will do. I'll let you all know what the experience was like for sure.
  8. We are in the same position. Already booked and paid before we realized. I did notice on the website for the charter that they are having some of the events in the sports court so it looks like they will be in another area besides the pool area. I am making the best of it too. That is why I booked a pass for the Thermal Suite so that if all hell breaks loose on the ship then to the spa I will go. We got a good price with the package so that is why we had booked it too. I also notice that on the charter website the room that you can get for $279 pp on NCL is around $800 pp so the passengers on this charter paid a pretty penny to go as compared to regular passengers. This is why I am sure that they are moving the festivities to other areas so us lower paying NCL passengers can't sneak in their "entertainment" for free. Suits me fine I have no desire to see any of their shows and the more separate they are from the regular passengers the better. I wouldn't think that NCL would want to piss off up to half (or more) of their regular paying passengers especially when booking on the NCL website it says nothing about being with a large charter group. This is my first cruise with NCL so I hope it doesn't misrepresent what a cruise is like on the line. But like I said we are going to have a good time regardless.
  9. I am on this sailing too. It looks like a "large group" according to the website(I guess the original charter didn't sell well.) On the website of the charter(large group) it states that about 1000 people are part of it. I didn't book this through the charter and I had no idea it was a partial charter before I booked it. Here is the link that shows it isn't a full charter... http://www.trailerparkboyscruise.com/key/
  10. Wow never knew this existed. Very interesting thanks!
  11. I agree with you on this one. Exactly why I hated it so much. I would never go back to Jamaica.
  12. This unfortunately is the only port stop on the cruise so if we miss it there will be no next stop. Hopefully they will substitute it with something. Thanks for the info.
  13. Hello all, I am just wondering what the alternative to Great Stirrup Cay would be. I am cruising on the March 6th sailing of the Pearl from Tampa and that actually is the ONLY stop that the short cruise is making. I don't mind the extra day at sea normally but when there is only one stop that would mean no days in port. There are already several ships in the port in Nassau already the day we are scheduled for GSC so I am not sure we would be diverted to there. Is there an alternative and do they let you know ahead of time so you can book an excursion. I personally would rather go somewhere besides GSC so I won't be disappointed if we miss it for another stop. I know there is no way to predict what will happen just wondering what others experiences are and how it is handled with the shore excursions if the port is changed. I can't imagine that they would not try to make at least one port stop since there are no others on this trip but I could be wrong. Has anyone actually had an entire cruise at sea due to missing ports? Thanks!
  14. Hello I am wondering if anyone has any experience with the Thermal Suite on the Pearl. I am going in March and have used the thermal suite on Celebrity with the loungers and loved it. I know on Celebrity the loungers faced the ocean but think that is not the case on Pearl. I was wondering how many loungers are there? Is there steam and sauna rooms and are they co ed? Is any part of the Thermal Suite co ed I was thinking of convincing my husband to try it but only if we can relax together is he willing to try it. Do you think that it is worth the cost? How clean are the thalasso therapy pools and what exactly is a thalasso therapy pool? Any help would be appreciated. I can book the pass now for $99 for a four night cruise but it states that the price increases once onboard. Wondering if it is a relaxing area that is worth the price. Thanks.
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