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  1. And, if HAL goes bankrupt and/or out of business (hopefully neither) we currently have our full refunds.
  2. HAL cancelled the cruise. Our TA received a different answer each time she called with regards to refund for cruise and air fare. I called after 45 days and was told it could be another 60-90 days for refund or longer. Contacted my credit card company - FULL refund received on my credit card in 24 hours. Was offered either to simply use the credit up over time or they would send me a check for the credited amount.
  3. Would indeed be fun. Did the Society Island cruise out of Tahiti on the Windstar Spirit. When anchored in lagoons, we could swim, snorkel, kayak, and even water ski behind zodiac watercraft, launched by the crew, right off the back of the ship. Highly recommend Windstar. Oh, and on this sailing ship the total number of passengers was 148!
  4. If the ships actually sail: 12/2020, 02/2021, 03/2021.
  5. We likewise had to cancel two private tours we had booked for our June Alaskan cruise. We notified both companies. Both assured us that we would not be charged their 10% cancellation fee and our credit card was credited by both companies within 4 days. I assured both companies that we will rebook with them in 2021. We have also received our full cruise fare and air refund one day after filing a dispute with our credit card company. I was planning on waiting on HAL until I simply called to make sure our cancellation had been received, after NO communication from HAL after 40 days, and was told it MIGHT BE another 90 days for our refund.
  6. Excellent point! Even when a vaccine is developed and available, there are plenty of people, unfortunately, that don't believe in vaccines. There is currently a strong come back of measles in this country for that very reason and immigration here.
  7. Congrats on your money saving score! Checked our 2/20 cruise and price is up pp. Checked our 3/08 cruise and the price is $1100 higher pp !
  8. Have been reading this thread for quite sometime. I certainly understand the situation that HAL is faced with as well as all cruise lines. However, with the complete lack of communication from HAL, I decided to take some self preservation action. Like others, our Alaskan cruise was cancelled and we filed for 100% refund immediately after the announcement. Filed the online form with HAL for cancellation but never heard a word from HAL. Our TA was the one who spent time on the phone, just recently, to establish the fact that our cancellation/refund had been received. Our TA was told that refund would now PROBABLY come in another 60-90 days. So, on Friday (5/15) I called CapitalOne to file a dispute. The representative was delightful and explained the whole process with no question left unanswered. Yesterday (5/16) the full refund amount due from HAL appeared on my credit card statement as Purchase Adjustment. Of course it is not spendable yet until HAL has time to challenge (kind of hard to do since we paid in full and they cancelled the cruise) or, as the credit card representative stated, they will probably not respond at all. After the given time, Capital One will notify me that the amount is indeed a spendable credit. If nothing else, I feel secure now even if HAL goes bankrupt or out of business. Hopefully I won't have to do this again with regards to our 12/5/2020 cruise with HAL but, if I do, I will.
  9. You can add us to the never again with Allianz and our TA too. Purchased insurance with them for a cruise. Cancelled that cruise but switch to another cruise line with same identical dates, same length and departure/return ports. Our TA contacted Allianz to simply switch the coverage to the new cruise. NO - they would only allow a change if it was the same cruise line and NO they would NOT refund our paid fee. Don't use Allianz! They also lost our TA's business who said she had never run into this situation with any insurance company before and would certainly never them again.
  10. Having read all the doom and gloom, I think I'll wait and make decisions regarding our 12/2020, 02/2021 & 03/2021 cruises until actual plans are laid out by the cruise lines, if the cruises actually take place and not just opinions and ideas. Guess that still is my right especially having spent 30+ years as an ER/Trauma RN and having survived: HIV epidemic, Zika epidemic, Ebola epidemic, annual flu epidemic and H1N1 pandemic which seems to have been forgotten. I am glad, however, that in 2020 the ongoing importance of serious hand washing seems to been discovered by many. Be safe!
  11. For what its worth, I'll be flying domestically on 5/27. Just received notice from American Airlines that starting 5/11, masks will be required for all passengers as provided by the airline along with hand sanitizer.
  12. Well, per our TA, Celebrity just announced today (4/29/20) to TA's, that a medical clearance note from physician will no longer be required for those over any age!
  13. Indeed, and A is the one that causes pandemics. However, the flu shot does not give one immunity to the flu in any given year. It is only an attempt to possibly giving one some protection. Take care, hope we can cruise sooner as opposed to much later. 🤗😊
  14. My apology since I meant to say - no vaccine against influenza A, B, C, D viruses.
  15. Hopeful that our December cruise might go but still feel it is doubtful. As far as a vaccine is concerned, we currently have NO vaccines against any virus. Flu shots yes, that might help lessen ones chances or if they get the flu it might be less severe but no vaccine. The death rate during the usual flu season doesn't seem to bother anyone.
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