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  1. Today our TA notified the four of us the she still has not received a return call from her HAL BDM with regards to the two perks that were revoked from our 4/4 - 3/11/ 2020 cruise that initially was suppose to go to Cuba. So, we told her to simply cancel our two cabins with HAL on this cruise and tell HAL exactly why! Rebooked with Celebrity, upgraded balcony cabins, good itinerary and pre-paid gratuities and $150 OBC pp, very good price and friendly and responsive X representatives took care of our TA and therefore ourselves too.
  2. Interesting; The four of us were scheduled on the Veendam Cuba itinerary 3/4 - 3/11/2020. Prior to the itinerary change and lowered price announcement yesterday, our TA was assured that the two perks we received with the original booking would be retained. Today, however, HAL says NO perks just the $100 OBC and lower cruise price, however we are welcome to add the two perks, therefore basically wiping out the lower price savings. Our solution is simple - cancel with HAL and rebook similar cruise with X at a similar price plus two perks and OBC from our TA.I suspect this particular cruise will have plenty of cabins available, including our two!
  3. Agree - OBC from my TA has always been refunded if not used. OBC as a perk is not.
  4. Glad to know that things went smoothly as I assumed they would with HAL. The four of us will wait and see what ports are added but I'm pretty such I could guess. I have no complaints if we decide to go ahead and take this cruise while maintaining our two perks plus the additional OBC per passenger. I see HAL as handling this situation very well.
  5. Our TA has already informed us of what CCLis doing by just adding another different Caribbean port and giving $100 OBC. With HAL making their decision known tomorrow, I'm sure it will be similar. The four of us will just cancel the cruise. Will probably rebook with Celebrity on a better itinerary. It is what it is!
  6. Have cruised on both the Allure and the Equinox. With your children involved, best choice would be the Allure.
  7. Darcy you are so correct. Mostly I have found age restrictions on snorkeling/diving and some long hiking tours. Likewise, although I'm age 73, I do CrossFit Wellness three days a week and walk 1-2 miles per day. Doesn't mean I couldn't keel over at anytime but, I'm most likely in better physical shape than MANY I see on cruises that are 30 yrs younger than myself. It is all about insurance company contentment which is also why I most often always take private tours: less expensive, much smaller groups, few restrictions.
  8. Something here doesn't sound right, maybe just because I'm a man. If you "already paid for the wedding portion" how could an increase in prices be pasted on to you now? I'd be making many more calls to Celebrity, working my way up the pecking order until I got some explicit answers and I wouldn't be paying more for what has already been purchased. Good luck.
  9. Just had Holland America notify us that our (party of 4) 3/18/20 cruise to Cuba is now chartered. We could rebook or cancel. We were able to rebook an earlier same cruise in March, got the same cabins and perks. They gave us $25 OBC per person for the inconvenience. Nothing to write home about but cancellations/charters can probably happen on any cruise.
  10. Used Red October in St. Petersburg for two day private tour for just the two of us. NO LiNES to wait in, basic itinerary was added onto by us with additional suggestions made by our guide as we actually toured. Best money ever spent. Deposit and total balance due (paid in St. Petersburg) all done on my CapitalOne Visa card. No problems, no extra charges. Simply notified CapitalOne prior to leaving.
  11. Well, it has been interesting reading all the different opinions and experiences. We're headed to Cuba with Holland America on March 4, 2020. We intend to book private tours with Havanacar.net who we have already contacted. We will be marking our HAL Guest Affidavit For Travel To Cuba, which secures our visas through HAL, as Support for the Cuban people. When contacting HAL they naturally acted like they didn't know anything about private tours and we should book HAL tours and mark the affidavit as People-to-people. I'm beginning to think I could mark it either way, or both, and still be fine!
  12. Just received notice, yesterday, from our TA that our 3/18/2020 Cuba cruise on the Veendam is now chartered. Actually after 34 previous cruises with no problems, it's not a great surprise but just a little disappointing. However, after multiple hours on the phone with HAL, our TA has the four of us on an earlier date in March, same cabins, same perks (yea!!) and HAL is throwing in an additional $25 OBC per person. So, a big thank you to our TA - exactly why I use her - and thanks to HAL too. Life is sometimes full of adjustments!
  13. Take a look at the Celebrity Equinox - probably my favorite Celebrity ship!
  14. Thanks for taking your time to answer - very much appreciated. We'll be there December 4th and went ahead and booked all three adventures. Hope we survive!!
  15. Do you have to call for a taxi or are there taxi's there waiting for ship passengers wanting a ride back to the ship?
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