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  1. Is it already known that odyssey will be in Europe in 2022?
  2. And to think that seemed like a big deal for RC at the time. They must dream of having problems of that scale now.
  3. That’s some crystal ball 🔮. Tell us whose going to manufacture it so we can buy some stock.
  4. They’re selling different products. It wouldn’t make any sense to divide on a purely geographic basis.
  5. Have you a link to that please? I have two cruises out of Barcelona next year if they are depending on the pandemic being over then I’ll plan some holidays based on land.
  6. There’s already a million threads on this. No exaggeration. It’s a million.
  7. Whats the latest on immunity? The last scientific information (rather than forum chat) I read was that they had concerns over the longevity of natural immunity after recovering. They feared it was months rather than years.
  8. Good point. The first time we sailed out of Rome we had flights with RC. They assigned us to a 6am flight out of Dublin which was delayed. The transfer from FCO to the port was very delayed. We checked in around an hour before sail away - tired and hungry. Day 1 is a day you pay for. After that experience we book our own flights, travel the day before and enjoy day 1.
  9. OK. In my opinion most people travel the day before 🤷‍♂️
  10. +1 I’d say most travel the day before. If you fly to the port on boarding day, you’re one missed/cancelled/late flight from missing the start of the cruise.
  11. Always the same content. All that changes is the length of his hair.
  12. Wow. I’ve never heard of someone been denied boarding mid cruise on medical grounds. What’s new is the possibility of actively screening each day, the likelihood of finding something because they are looking, the uncertainty of what RC would do, the uncertainty of that port allowing you medical care and the possibility of paying $$$ for all of the above 😂
  13. This is good advice. Just to add, Barcelona is easy but personally Rome is special and worth the effort. I’d suggest arriving 3 or 4 days before sailing day. Med cruises can be very port intensive so if you plan on seeing lots during the day then the ship isn’t as important .... you’ll be too tired.
  14. There’s a difference between failing preboarding medical and failing a test when returning from a port visit. As the op says, will they leave people in port. If you were on an excursion will they have to leave all participants in port? What about the people you had breakfast with that morning? Or the rep at guest services when you picked up your tickets? Or your stateroom attendant.......
  15. Just being devils advocate but it could be a way to test whatever processes they’re planning to put in place for cruising. If they’re not in a position to trial paying guests on one ship for a couple of days in port by August then they’re in serious trouble.
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