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  1. I’d love if there was longer cruises on the bigger ships in Europe too.
  2. That I can relate to. Once a year is enough for me. The ‘trimmings’ and Ham make it. Op - I can understand your disappointment but I think the gap is between what you expected and reality, rather than what was promised and reality.
  3. I’m Irish so traditional Christmas is much the same as the UK (although in Ireland only hotels are open on Christmas Day - no restaurants, bars, takeaways). From a US perspective is Thanksgiving a bigger deal?
  4. This would make we think twice about a family cruise. Our 7 year old would not like to be in a group with 12 year olds. There’s a big physical and mental difference in those ages. To me it makes no sense to spend millions on water slides, bumping cars, etc and scrimp on the kids club. Hopefully this is only on Oasis.
  5. If this is category 1K, we use these rooms regularly. They’re not suites and have no perks. Just regular rooms but with windows looking out the front of the ship. On lower desks you can sometimes hear the theatre’s later show but we only know that from having young kids. We are a family of 5 and it’s comfortable.
  6. Don’t give up on cruising just because you have kids. We have 3 children and the two youngest have been on cruises since they were 1. It can be a challenge but always fun and any holiday is what you make it. Our youngest is almost 5 and she looks forward to the kids club, swimming pools, the pizza, the shows, etc, etc. There’s also the satisfaction of knowing that you’re bugging the small number of people out there who don’t think children should be on cruises 😎
  7. Just what I was looking for. Thank you. Shame about Quantum class.
  8. I was hoping there was a quicker way but if it’s the only way ....
  9. I’m hoping some of the knowledgeable people here can help. We are a family of five and usually book the ultra spacious oceanview or ultra spacious balcony cabins that sleep 6. It looks like some of the newer ships don’t have this category. Anyone know where’s there’s a full list of ships with 1K or 1A please?
  10. What’s purpose of this thread? If it’s to pay respects then it should be limited to that and tightly moderated. Anything else is tasteless conjecture by amateur (uninformed) lawyers. Other commentary is on a par with rubber necking a road accident. Some people have suffered horrific injuries. Thoughts and prayers to those. Others have lost their lives. RIP.
  11. Having been on both Indy and Navigator in bad weather, we found Indy more crowded.
  12. Maybe trade her in for a younger model that likes to hit the bottle 😎
  13. IMO the baltic itineraries aren’t suited to Indy. Not enough public indoor space for the number of people onboard. We did the Baltic route in June a few years ago and only one day was warm enough to use the pool and a lot of the days you wouldn’t sit outside.
  14. Seems strange. I’d imagine lots of people don’t use TAs so how are they going to know this? ( that’s a rhetorical question since I know you’re just the messenger).
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