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  1. I know some people feel strongly about what’s happened and is happening but the political discussion is a lot more tiring than dining room dress commentary, gratuity chats and pool hogs discussions we all miss.
  2. Where have you been all this time??? This forum has been crying out for really expertise. All the armchair epidemiologists can retire now 🙏🏻
  3. Sorry to hear that. I hope he can get the care he needs and makes a full recovery.
  4. It’s the same here. It’s become really difficult to get flour in the shops. The kids always loved baking but it looks like everyone now has taken to it. Hopefully when people have experienced freshly baked bread for breakfast, it’s something they’ll keep up.
  5. Looking for the positive in things ..... I don’t mean to belittle the loss that some people have experienced but the restrictions imposed during the pandemic have led to new ways of behaving, some of which are to be welcomed. It would be great if queuing from now on maintained social distancing. It’s a welcome change to not have a complete stranger breathing on the back of your neck. Also with gyms closed it’s nice to see families exercising together. So often it’s another time when we spend time separate.
  6. All cruise-lines will be bankrupt if a vaccine is a prerequisite to restarting that business.
  7. What shipyard was Explorer due to use for amplification?
  8. Think back to your last cruise and try to imagine the number of people you sat close to in bars, restaurants, tenders. How many people you were in queues with. How many people were on your bus for excursions. Hepa filters wouldn’t help in any of those situations. There is no comparison between a flight, even a long one, and several days on a cruise.
  9. A lot of talk of where the ship would go if cruising was to restart but very little about who would want to work on them. It might not be easy to find crew.
  10. Are you suggesting we should be carrying on every day life with no restrictions? The only panic I see is concern on people for the well-being of themselves and their loved ones. And it’s justified.
  11. If the room isn’t important then try for 2 interior. I know the 1K ultra spacious room you are talking about. We’re a family of five and really like them. I don’t get people’s negativity towards those cabins. I work 48 weeks of the year. I want to spend as much time with my family as possible when I’m on vacation.
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