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  1. All that privacy sounds like the last 12 months. I’d like to see people 😊
  2. What ages are the kids? We sailed with our three multiple times and have great memories from it. I think RC have a minimum age of 7 to use the top bunks but maybe that information is out of date. We normally use the 1K category of room which some people are referred to. That room is not available on Anthem. It’s not just a matter of having enough beds but also the extra size of the room. We tried staying in a regular room when we were four but it was just too small to do anything other than sleep in it.
  3. Yes, I’m Irish and I’m still waiting on my parents to be vaccinated. Then again, cruising won’t be a problem this year as non-essential travel is ruled out.
  4. We were due to sail on Harmony in June and in the past hour we did a L&S to Allure early July 2022. There was no problem but it took around 45 mins on the phone. You probably just got unlucky with the agent.
  5. If I was a shareholder, I wouldn’t want it any other way. This forum shows that people will still book in the future regardless of this.
  6. I’m surprised they’re even selling the DP. I’ve been on sailings out of Southampton where the DP was fully utilised. Sea days where all inside and outside bars were packed at lunch time. Broken glasses around the royal promenade. People getting supported as they tried to walk (stumble) into lifts in late afternoon. I enjoy a drink but this was a whole other thing.
  7. They’ll charge what people will pay. If people stop paying, the prices will drop.
  8. It’s April 3rd and no sign of cancellations. Do they normally announce it on a weekday?
  9. I was looking at this previously. I don’t think there is a ‘family room’ that will accommodate 5 without getting into very expensive suites. To me it’s a glaring omission. We don’t sail on this class of ship as a result.
  10. There’s been lots of data and plans thrown about over the last few weeks; case rates, lifting restrictions, numbers of vaccinations administered, travel corridors etc etc but you really know there’s light at the end of the tunnel when dress code is a topic on CC 🎉🎊
  11. Maybe book the cruise you want for 2021 and wait for them to cancel and get the L&S you want that way. There’s an element of risk but you could take FCC if the cancellation doesn’t fall your way.
  12. Also, be aware that CWC stops before Summer 2022 sailings so no reprice option. I’ve been looking at using a US based TA to allow reprice and refundable deposits for next year but haven’t found one I like yet.
  13. Looking for speculation? You’re in the right place. Very little else for a lonnnngggg time.
  14. If you equating stability as a bonus for the seas around the U.K., that tells you all you need to know about the weather. I’ve sailed twice from Southampton in Summer. On both days it was a very nice day in the City and around the port. However, 20 minutes out of port on top deck wasn’t a place you’d spend long without a jacket.
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