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  1. For what it’s worth, I agree that there should be more education around obesity but it’s too late for this epidemic. Hopefully people will be better educated for the next one. I think you’re conveniently ignoring all the other things that would make someone vulnerable. It’s a long list. https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/people-at-higher-risk/whos-at-higher-risk-from-coronavirus/ Do you think it’s possible to put all these people in a bubble?
  2. And what would the total number of vulnerable people be? In Ireland, it’s estimated at 1m people. Around 20% of the population. It’s not possible to put all those in a bubble. They are our work colleagues, our brothers, sisters, children.
  3. And what of those people? From what I’ve seen the list of conditions and criteria that makes someone vulnerable is sizeable. Prominent among those is obesity. Do we write those people off? Or diabetics? Or people on immunosuppressants to treat other conditions. I agree that cancer services need to continue but that’s the challenge that need to be overcome. Not just abandoning swaths of the population who are vulnerable to coronavirus.
  4. Irrespective of the numbers, you can’t compare different cultural norms. Even if Sweden does have low numbers (and I don’t believe they do) they have a very different culture to the Mediterranean countries for example. A good friend of mine lives in Sweden and we talk regularly. During the initial surge in Spring I asked him how the ‘advised’ changes had impacted them. He said they didn’t really. People rarely socialise in each other’s houses. At weekends they go to their country cabin. People are courteous and friendly but more distant than in Ireland. Compare that to France or Italy where people greet each other with a cheek kiss or hug. During the early spread they struggled to get people to stop doing this, especially older people. Since we have to live with Covid for some time, I believe each country has to adopt whatever suits them best, to balance the needs of their vulnerable and their economy.
  5. As a paying customer, I’ll take the reality over the spin thank you.
  6. I’m surprised no one has jumped in to tell you that’s the suggested amount and you should top it up. Never fails to amaze me how some people grab the opportunity to regale others with their tipping prowess 🤔
  7. When cruising resumes isn’t really a big concerns for me. I’m more concerned about people reaching the Spring with their physical and mental health intact and their finances in some kinda decent shape. When I do cruise, I want it to be like it was before. No masks, no limit on social interaction, buffets open, etc. Unfortunately I think that will be late 2022 or 2023.
  8. Agree. I can’t see a situation where there won’t be cases onboard when they resume sailing. They still haven’t addressed what will happen in those cases. Until that’s clear and I’ve seen evidence that they will follow it when it happens, I’ll be spending my money elsewhere.
  9. I’m glad to see this thread. The old thread has gone flat and it’s probably the most valid topic - should people place deposits that they may lose. With regard to people complaining that it’s a duplicate thread, as far as I can see every thread is a duplicate since cruising stopped. Even recently there were two threads about the itinerary changes for 2021, L&S, COVID testing, etc.
  10. CWC will be a big loss to markets outside the US where refunds are not usually available. There’s no incentive to book a cruise which may or may not happen. Or even if they are sailing, could have safety protocols which make cruising unattractive.
  11. We are in a similar boat (no pun intended). Did a L&S from Sept 2020 to Sept 2021. That cruise is now cancelled. ‘Cheated’ is probably too strong a term to describe how we feel. I recognise they felt they needed to make changes. I don’t understand why. I can’t see us getting a similar price for 2021 at this stage and I was disappointed that they didn’t recognise that and offer something to compensate. We’ll probably spend the money on a land based vacation instead.
  12. Yes. We got ours straight away. We were sailing on Jewel out of Barcelona. We’ll now be staying at home 😎
  13. I agree it’s in the fine print but in the current climate they can ill afford to alienate people who are cruise ‘fans’. Casual cruisers will be few and far between in 2021 and possibly longer.
  14. While I agree changes are likely, I don’t believe that frees RC from their obligations to provide the vacation that was paid for. Changes should involve proper compensation. People are paying for a specific product, not a generic one of RCs choosing.
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