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  1. Thanks for your suggestions but we prefer to spend Xmas with our children, so it's New Year only option for us. Anywhere warmish would suit us.
  2. You can give a TA your preference of cabin numbers, they usually ask for 4-5 in order of preference. So whilst it's no guarantee you'll get your first one the chances are pretty high for one of those you pick.
  3. PRE-REGISTRATION OPENS - ITINERARIES & FARES RELEASED Mon 14 Oct 2019 8am ON SALE - Exclusively for Caribbean, Baltic & Ligurian Tiers Mon 21 Oct 2019 8am ON GENERAL SALE - March - June 2021 Holidays Wed 23 Oct 2019 8am ON GENERAL SALE - July - October 2021 Holidays Thu 24 Oct 2019 8am ON GENERAL SALE - November 2021 - April 2022 Holidays Fri 25 Oct 2019 8am
  4. The Leonardo Royal does have some excellent deals for cruise parking for certain dates but just a word of warning. I booked their cruise package 2 weeks ago, with free cancellation, for our cruise in June 2020, since then it's gone up £50 for the same date so if anyone's interested don't hang around.
  5. Our upcoming cruise on Arcadia the check in time is 1430 as opposed to 1440 on the timings above, so only a slight adjustment.
  6. I wonder if it's the lunchtime menu Sindhu does at times on a sea day? You have a choice of smaller dishes similar to tapas.
  7. According to the P&O website there is only the one formal night. Attached is a pdf showing dress codes on up coming Arcadia cruises. AC_Dress_Code_2019-3.pdf
  8. I'm sure no matter where you are on a cruise on New Year's eve it will be a good time. We're considering doing the one next year on Ventura, likewise New Year is also a quiet time for us at home.
  9. I keep hoping they will reinstate the New Year's cruise to the Canaries, the one that used to leave Southampton on 28 / 29 December. But it's a few years since P&O did one of these so it looks like that ship has sailed, or not as is the case. Much better to spend New Year's eve somewhere warm so you could be out on deck or on your balcony watching the firework display, and a bonus if that was in Madeira. Plus it meant you can spend Xmas with the family at home.
  10. We are on a 28 day Caribbean cruise on Arcadia in a balcony cabin next month. We booked on release in September 2017 and paid £2600pp after allowing for OBC. Once it started going up it reached £4500 per person, allowing for OBC about a year ago and has since gradually dropped but was still £900pp dearer for a similar grade cabin when the cruise sold out last month. The longer cruises seem to sell well from what I've seen and there are generally only 5 to 6 of them per year.
  11. In our experience there is no consistent magical 2 top time unless you leave it as late as possible. What works one night is no guarantee it will work another night. But generally the wait seems to be anything up to 30 minutes, so enough time to have a relaxing drink first.
  12. What we've found on those long rows of tables for 2 on Ventura is that they seem to wait until just about everyone in the row has finished their dinner and left the table before allocating the empty tables to new diners. You can tell when you're in a bar and multiple pagers go off one after the other. Whilst that may be a more efficient way of taking orders at the same time for multiple tables it's not a good look when you've been waiting with a pager and then walk in to see all the empty seats. Don't get me wrong, we do not mind waiting for a table for two if we have to as we prefer to have a drink in the bar, as long as the wait is not too long. The worst tables for two we've seen are on Arcadia. A number of them are only an inch or two apart and look like a table for four as you approach them. Ok if the other couple want to talk but if they don't it makes for an awkward experience. On Arcadia they do have a number of set apart tables for two that you can request but in our experience the wait for them is way too long, up to 75 minutes one night. I agree with other comments, other lines like Celebrity are so much better with tables for two.
  13. Whilst we prefer the showers with glass doors we've never had a problem with the plastic shower curtains. For us it definitely wouldn't be a dealbreaker for booking a cruise with plastic shower curtains. Mind you we're both under 5ft 5ins so maybe that helps!
  14. We were due to stop at Guernsey in July on Arcadia. The captain made an announcement the day before that it may be in doubt because of weather conditions. The following morning it was decided to go ahead with the tenders as the weather had improved. After a few hours the weather turned again and the swell increased and an announcement was made that there would be no more passengers allowed to disembark and the tender operation for those returning from Guernsey was suspended. There were some unfortunate passengers stuck on a tender which had left the harbour point but not yet reached the ship when the decision was made to suspend the tender operation, they were stuck for 2 hours bobbing about on the tender until conditions improved as they couldn't return to the harbour either. Fortunately they were able eventually to get all passengers who went ashore back on board.
  15. We cruise 2 - 3 times a year, all no fly from Southampton, the majority on P&O but occasionally on RCI or Celebrity if we can get a reasonable deal. As others have said RCI are excellent for families, although we enjoy them in school term time when there are a lot less families.
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